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11 Ways to Generate More Leads On WordPress

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An online business is nothing without customers. There is very little chance to repeatedly get back the same customers which website owners receive from organic search. If you want your visitor to come back again, you need to follow some ways to generate more leads on your WordPress site.

Lead generation allows a website owner to bring the audience repeatedly to their site. It is the way to create a path of communication or channel with the audience. But making that path is difficult. You need to maintain some strategic ways to be successful. 

This article is to inform the 11 ways to generate more leads on WordPress. So without delay, let’s get into the topic!

wordpress lead generation

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What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of generating audience interest in a website by website owners. This process involves influencing visitors to take action to fulfill registration details and becoming a lead.

The lead generation method creates a channel between visitors and the website. Once the channel is created, you can send exciting offers, updates, or giveaways to your leads.

11 Ways to Generate Leads in WordPress

(1) Optimize WordPress Website

When you want to know about something, what do you do first? Nowadays, everyone does the same. People go to search engines. 

To grab visitors to a website, owners need to optimize the website for search engines. Websites that rank on the first page of SERPs are most likely to be clicked by visitors. So try to optimize your site for search engines to rank higher in the result pages to draw organic traffic. Read our top WordPress SEO plugin to get a faster rank on search engines.

(2) Use A Clean Theme

The impression of a website creates an impact on visitors. Suppose you have a website that is easy to navigate and has organized content, then audiences are more likely to go through other related content and share the sites with various media channels. 

WordPress themes that have an Intuitive user interface make a seamless user experience for visitors.

On the contrary, if any website’s interface is hard to understand and visitors cannot find out where to navigate the next steps, they will leave the site.

So website UX design creates an impact on lead conversion. Choose a clean theme convenient for users. Check the most rated WordPress theme for a blog.

(3) Speed Up Website

Will you spend time on a website that takes a longer time to load? Well, I am sure your answer is no. Everyone does the same thing. Visitors will not hold patience for loading the content. They are going to leave the site at the very moment if your site load over 4 seconds.

To create a positive impression on your visitors, optimize website’s content and speed up the website. Boost site speed by using plugins in WordPress, reduce file size, and switch to a faster server. I use perfmatters plugin to boost site speed with WP Rocket caching plugin. So you can try both.

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(4) Add Related Content and Products 

You may want your visitors to explore more of your site content. For this purpose, you need to give visitors a reason to spend more time. Keep them engaged, suggest relevant content or products.

Engaging the audience may end up converting them into a sale, or maybe they will add themselves to the email subscription list.

(5) Add Email Subscription Forms

Not all of your website visitors are potential buyers. Some audiences come to the site to search for information or gather knowledge about a specific topic. But you can convert them to an actual customer later.

Offer your visitors to fill up the email subscription to stay updated about exciting offers and updates.

There are various tools available to add an email subscription form to your website. Different forms create distinct impressions. You can use the MailerLite email marketing tool that has all solutions to add any subscription form like popup, slide, full windows, email automation, etc.

However, you can follow two email subscription methods/forms to get more leads from your WordPress site.

  • Dynamic Opt-in Forms: 

Add a high converting visually attractive email subscription form to the website. It works better than a straightforward email form. There are various plugins to make different forms for different pages. These plugins allow customization of the form based on the traffic source of location.

  • Exit Intent Popup for Email sign-ups 

Usually, people feel disturbed when pop-ups come around when they are going through the contents. If they get distracted from the content, they might leave the site. So it is better to offer them to subscribe to the form when they are about to leave. Some tools work with the visitor’s intentions of leaving the site based on mouse movement and show them popup when they are about to leave.

To get more leads from your WordPress site, I highly recommend using OptinMonster lead generation plugin.

(6) Social Share Options and Social Media Marketing Strategy 

Approximately every kind of audience or customer is active on social media. Is not it wise to grab them? Decide which social media platform will be an excellent source of lead for your online business. Follow different strategies to grab the audience’s attraction. You can also create your own social media community.

Keep a social media share button on the website so that people who find it useful can share with friends or others. I use Social Warfare plugin to add social media share buttons to our every post and page.

(7) Host a Webinar

Showing expertise in front of audiences creates an opportunity to generate leads and boost conversions. Be a leader in the field you are working in.

Add value and give audiences a reason to join your webinar. Let audiences go through a registration process that will allow you to create a list of leads!

(8) Keep Social Proof

Keeping social proof is convincing enough for visitors to take action. When people find trustworthy feedback from their peers, they are more likely to convert into sales. Keep testimonials, user-generated content, reviews, certification badges, and other evidence on your site.

(9) Create Engaging Content

Blogging is the best way to bring traffic to the website, even making money online. But you need to create engaging content to keep your audience engaged and add value for your audiences.

Other engaging content types are videos, info-graphic, images, researched articles, case studies, eBooks, and more. So try to write engaging content for your site to get more leads.

(10) Create Effective Landing Page

To boost conversions, create a dedicated landing page to one call to action. A single call to action works excellent, as there are no other options to divert your visitors. For creating an effective landing page, you can use a WordPress page builder plugin like Elementor or Divi. If you dislike creating a landing page using a plugin, you can use the Leadpages tool.

(11) A/B Test

Evaluating your progress based on different applied strategies helps to grab more audiences. 

A/B split testing allows you to judge the channel where you had higher or lower conversions. Some common aspects to consider during split testings are – CTA copy, CTA colors, Website Copy images, and others.

Final Verdict

Optimizing a website for lead generation helps to be more successful and expand the revenue generation. Lead generation and taking further actions convert your potential customer to an actual customer. If you want more leads on your website, follow these practices mentioned earlier to generate WordPress leads. 

You don’t need to code for generating leads in WordPress. All you need is to maintain strategic ways. So without thinking, start working on generating leads on your website.


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