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About Saeed Khosravi

Saeed Khosravi
Saeed Khosravi – Canada Winter 2023

About Saeed Khosravi

With over 15 years of experience in the field of digital marketing, Saeed Khosravi has been a prominent figure since 2008. He is the founder of Nexunom, an online marketing firm based in Montreal. Saeed holds a master’s degree from HEC Montréal, specializing in International Business with a focus on marketing.

Saeed is also the founder of several successful SAAS products, including Review Tool, Tavata Webchat, and In July 2023, Saeed took over WP Basic Pro and transformed it into his personal branding website (this website) with the vision of making it the ultimate hub for SEOs and WordPress users alike. Assisted by his Nexunom team, he is currently enhancing the site’s usability, user-friendliness, and overall user experience while also giving the content a refreshing update.

Founder of Several SAAS Products

Saeed is the founder of several SAAS products and online ventures, including Allintitle, Review Tool and Tavata. Saeed is also creator of which we recently merged into Allintitle platform. Here are three of the noteworthy online ventures created by Saeed:



A full-fledged SEO suite of tools with numerous keyword research tools and functionality. Trusted by more than 13K users.

Category: SEO & Keyword Research
Starting Price: $49/Mo
Founding Year: 2019
Founder: Saeed Khosravi

Review Tool

Review Tool

Review Tool is a great review generation and reputation management tool used by thousands of local businesses.

Category: Review & Reputation Management
Regular Price: $69/M
Founding Year: 2015
Founder: Saeed Khosravi



Tavata is a text-based website chat software that helps site owners communicate with their site visitors via text messages.

Category: Website Chat Software
Regular Price: $19/Mo
Founding Year: 2023
Founder: Saeed Khosravi

About This Site

Welcome to Saeed Khosravi‘s website. This site serves as my personal branding platform as well as a free Marketing, SEO, and WordPress resource blog for beginner and professional SEOs and WordPress users.

The primary purpose of this site is to share my professional life journey, challenges, and achievements as a 15-year marketing veteran and founder of several successful SAAS platforms. In addition, I aim to offer my audience valuable insights into SEO, marketing, and WordPress through tips, tricks, guides, tutorials, product reviews, and other relevant content. The goal is to help users improve their online presence and their WordPress website visibility, functionality, performance, design, and conversion.

Our articles on this website currently focus on the following topics:

  • WordPress guides, how-tos, and tutorials.
  • SEO and marketing guides, tips, how-tos, and tutorials.
  • SEO and marketing tools reviews and recommendations.
  • WordPress themes-plugins reviews.
  • Web hosting reviews and recommendations.

Regardless of your professional level, there is something of value for you here! Please note that I personally vet each blog post on this site to guarantee its accuracy and insightfulness, drawing on the expertise of seasoned professionals in each field (myself included). This rigorous approach ensures that the information you receive here is both dependable and authoritative.

Saeed Khosravi HEC Graduation
Saeed Khosravi – Graduation Ceremony – Winter 2019 – Montreal, QC

Master’s Degree From HEC Montreal

Saeed graduated in 2018 with a master’s degree in International Business (marketing specialization) from HEC Montreal, a prestigious business school in Montreal, QC, Canada. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Saeed is a self-taught programmer with solid proficiency in several programming languages.

Saeed possesses a very sharp analytical mind. Mathematics was his favorite subject. His profound background in engineering and mathematics has given him the necessary foundation to become a successful creator of several online ventures.

Why So Much Focus on WordPress?

Many users looking to build a new website or enhance their non-WordPress existing ones often turn to WordPress, and that’s for good reasons. Known for its ease of use, WordPress is favored due to its open-source nature, inviting a vast community of users and developers who continually contribute to its improvement and expansion. This thriving community means that you have access to an extensive range of plugins for almost any functionality imaginable, making the platform exceptionally adaptable.

Moreover, WordPress doesn’t compromise on security. Regular updates and the availability of numerous security plugins help safeguard your website from various threats. Even for those with no technical expertise, WordPress remains a top choice because of its user-friendly interface, SEO-friendly features, and the strong support community offering guidance on almost any imaginable topic.

In short, WordPress’s flexibility, security, and community-driven environment make it a standout choice for individuals and professionals alike seeking to create a robust online presence.

About Saeed Khosravi 1
Software Suggest Easy Usability Award – Winter 2024 –

My Awards

Saeed and his team at Nexunom have won several awards over the past 15 years. Here is a list of the awards Saeed has won for the several tools and software solutions Nexunom provides:

  • Consecutive G2 Leader awards for (From Fall 2022 to Spring 2023.)
  • Finances Online Premium Usability and Rising Star and Software Suggest Best Support 2021 and Customer Choice 2022 for Review Tool.
  • Great User Experience and Rising Start Awards for Local Galex.
  • Software Suggest Best Usability Award 2020, Expert’s Choice Award 2021, Trending Award 2021, and Easy Usability 2024 for

Who Else Is Behind This Site Apart From Saeed?

  • Palash Talukder (Managing Editor) is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He earned a BSS (Hons) degree in political science and started writing and blogging in 2014. He’s been using WordPress since 2017. He’s married and has a young daughter. In his spare time, he likes surfing the web, writing, and making websites with WordPress.

    He started his blog at WP Basic Pro in April 2020 because he loves learning and talking about WordPress and blogging. Since 2017, he’s also been really interested in digital marketing and Amazon affiliate marketing.

    Palash has built and changed up more than 200 WordPress sites with free and paid themes and plugins. These sites are for his Amazon affiliate work and for other people. He knows a lot about WordPress, but he also knows HTML, CSS, and PHP. He spends lots of time looking up information online to learn more about WordPress, SEO, blogging, and digital marketing in general. That’s Palash Talukder’s story!
  • Sonya Sultana (Assistant Editor) is the Co-founder of WP Basic Pro. She handles many important jobs, especially putting together and setting up content and posts. Before she started working with WP BASIC PRO, Sonya was a freelance writer who wrote about WordPress topics. Now, she puts most of her effort into this blog, doing different tasks and sharing what she knows with the people who read it.
Saeed Khosravi