Gravity Form Review

Gravity Form Review: Your Ultimate Form Builder Plugin

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Are you looking for a new form builder plugin? Gravity Form is the most powerful and popular WordPress form builder. It is packed with features that make everyday life easier, more entertaining, and more productive.

Building a form is one of the most important things which is required to build a website. You need your client’s data, orders, schedules, and many things in order to run your business.

A lot of people love the gravity form plugin because it pretty much has everything that is needed to have. This is one of the premium form maker plugins for WordPress and there are many features that are not available with its competitor plugins.

Gravity Form Review: Your Ultimate Form Builder Plugin 1

Today, I am now going to tell you all about a leading plug-in for creating dynamic forms, and it is nothing other than the gravity form. It is a plugin that is used for creating any basic to advanced level forms for WordPress websites using easy drag and drop features.

Let’s start to know everything about the Gravity form plugin

Gravity Form Plans & Pricing

Gravity form offers you three amazing packages. Their basic license starts from 59$. It contains all the basic addons. They have two more packages. The pro package is of 159$ where the elite package with all the elite addons comes with 259$.

You can buy all their products from their Official Website.

Gravity form price

Gravity Form Review: Core Features

Gravity form comes with all these below amazing features.

Easy user interface

From the very beginning, gravity form has been recognized for its easy user interface and easy-to-understand features. The main form page is built with a simple drag and drop feature, with which you will easily drag any fields and drop them in your editing section.

You can’t find any kind of form that you can’t create. You can create user registration forms, surveys, online orders, customer service tickets, surveys, polls, and many more. The easy user interface will let you understand all these in a very short time and help you to implement these easily on your website. It also lets you control the user experience for you.

Dynamic Ready to Use Form Fields

It has 30+ amazing fields to make you a perfect form. The fields are:

Gravity form fields
  • Standard fields: Here you will find a single-line text field, paragraph text field, drop-down field, number field, and so on. You can change the field label, descriptions, appearances from the field settings
  • Advanced fields: Here you can add the name field ( which contains both first name and last name option), date, time, your phone number, any kinds of websites, email address, and many more. The most interesting part of this section is you can use a ReCaptcha section from here, but to do that you will have to sign up for an API key from there. With its help, you will be able to fight all the spam, bot attacks, and so on.
  • Post fields: From here, you can use the title field, body, category, and also add an image field
  • Pricing fields: This is another interesting section in the field sector. You can do all the billing and pricing work done from here. You can ask for product quantity, product name, shipping, and total cost information with the help of this field.

Save and continue

Gravity form provides you with the Save and Continues feature. With its help, you can elaborate multi-page forms. If you don’t want to finish the form now, you can use this feature and come later to complete your job.

Conditional Logic

This is one of the most interesting features of this form. You can show or hide options according to the user’s opinion. Suppose you want to buy a pet. In the form, you will find both dog and cat options. 

In conditional logic, if you select cat, it will only show you all the details about the cat and hide the details about the dog.

Email Notification

Gravity form always keeps you up to date with your client’s details. Whenever someone fill-ups a form, it automatically sends you a notification to your Email address.

Gravity form Email Notification

It can also send your client notifications. For this, you have to configure simple notification settings and insert the admin email, to which all the information of the form will be delivered. You can also set automated email replies for your clients on the website.

File Uploads

Gravity form File Uploads

Gravity form has versatile features and file upload is one of them. You can use this feature from the advanced field. You just simply have to drag the file upload feature from the box and drop it. You can change the field label. You can also set the maximum size of the uploaded file here with different file formats. 

Import and export

gravity form has an import and export feature. If you want to import any layout or export from here, you can easily use gravity form. If you make one form for a website, you can easily export or import that to all the other websites.

Limit & Schedule Forms

Limit & Schedule Forms

Gravity forms are famous for their many features and the Limit and schedule form is one of them. If you want to add a schedule to your form, you have to go to the advanced fields, drag the time and date fields and do all the scheduling features you need to add to your form.

Third-Party Integrations

One of the best features of gravity form is the integration they provide. You can integrate your membership websites with Paypal, stipe, mail chimp and one of the very cool things is Zapier, which is an automation-type software that you can use with gravity forms.

Gravity form Integrations

For example, somebody feels up a form and you will see that via Zapier in your google sheets. If you want to take quizzes to your client, you can do it from here. You can also take surveys and so on.

CSS Ready Classes

One of the cool things they provide is CSS-ready classes which allow you to do a number of different things in the area of class setup. All you need to do is to copy and paste the codes in the box named CSS class in order to override the default styles

Css Ready Classes

Alternatives Of Gravity Form: 

There are many alternatives to Gravity Form WordPress Plugin like Ninja form, Jot form, WP form, call rail, form stack, but gravity Form always stands ahead of others.

You can read WPForms Vs Gravity Forms

In Conclusion

Gravity form is the form in which you will get everything. It will provide you with tons of options, which will take your form-building experience to a whole new level. I would highly recommend you to use this form builder plugin on your WordPress site. 

However, in this review post, I have discussed some of the beautiful features offered by gravity forms and also talked a bit about their pricing, which has surely left an impression on me. So what are you waiting for? Get started using form building today with Gravity Form!


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