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New WordPress Speculative Loading Plugin Boosts Site Speed, Lacks Environmental Benefits

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On April 5, a new tool entered the WordPress arena: the Speculative Loading WordPress plugin by the WordPress Performance Team. In less than a week, it saw over 2,000 installations, which shows that many WordPress users would like to optimize their website speed and have found this new plugin a good addition to their performance optimization arsenal.

Let’s see what makes this plugin a great tool for enhancing the performance of WordPress sites.

The Core of Speculative Loading

Speculative Loading leverages a proactive approach by loading resources before they are explicitly requested by the user. This strategy decreases waiting time significantly, which is crucial since a fast-loading site retains users better and ranks higher on search engines.

Implementing Speculative Loading

The setup is simple. Install the WordPress Speculative Loading plugin like any plugin, activate it, and it runs in the background, subtly improving your site’s responsiveness. It’s a minor change with major impacts—akin to switching from standard to premium fuel in your car. You can find the settings for this plugin under the WordPress Settings and then the reading tab.

New WordPress Speculative Loading Plugin Boosts Site Speed, Lacks Environmental Benefits 1

As you can see, there are only two options you can change

  • Mode: You can select between the prefetching and the prerendering modes.
  • Eagerness: You can change the eagerness from less sensitive conservative to highly sensitive Eager. The latter will start loading the subsequent page by guessing which link the user will next click on.

Environmental Effect

With WordPress powering over 835 million websites, even a slight reduction in load time per site can significantly lower overall energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions generated by these websites. However, it’s important to note that the Speculative Loading plugin may not contribute to these environmental savings. This plugin operates by preloading resources from the next page a user might navigate to, rather than reducing the resources required to load a site. Therefore, it does not directly decrease the energy used by the site nor does it reduce CO2 emissions. In essence, while the plugin improves user experience by speeding up site interaction, it does not have a direct positive environmental impact by lowering resource use.

Quick Wins for Your Website

Google recently (March 2024) said that core web vitals are now part of the ranking factors, which makes the release of the Speculative Loading plugin a timely enhancement for WordPress users aiming to optimize their site performance and boost their search engine rankings.

  1. Instantaneous Improvements: Activate the plugin and notice immediate speed gains.
  2. Enhanced User Engagement: Less waiting means more browsing, which often leads to increased page views per user.
  3. SEO Edge: Google favors fast-loading sites. This plugin helps place your site ahead in the competitive race for top SERP positions.

Concluding Thoughts

The Speculative Loading plugin represents a critical advancement in WordPress technology, providing an essential tool for any site owner serious about improving their website speed. As someone who has pushed through numerous digital challenges, I see this plugin as a straightforward fix to a complex problem—slow site speeds.

Drawing from years of crafting optimized web solutions, I’ve seen that enhancing site performance translates directly to increased user satisfaction and engagement. Implementing Speculative Loading doesn’t just deliver content faster; it creates a seamless experience that can subtly but significantly boost your site’s engagement and retention rates.

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