Saeed Khosravi: SEO Consultant, Nexunom’s Founder,’s Creator.

Brands Founded by Saeed Khosravi: Saeed has founded several successful brands, including Nexunom, Review Tool, Tavata, and Allintitle.

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Saeed Khosravi – SEO Consultant Montreal, QC
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Saeed Khosravi: SEO Consultant in Montreal, QC, Nexunom’s CEO, and’s Founder

Hello and welcome to my website. I am the founder and CEO of Nexunom, a digital marketing firm based in Montreal, QC, specializing in dental and orthodontic marketing. I am a senior SEO Consultant based in Montreal, QC, and hold a master’s degree in International Business specializing in Marketing from HEC Montreal. I have many years of experience working as an internet marketer, SAAS developer, and marketing innovations. I am also the creator of, a full-fledged SEO and keyword research tool, Review Tool, one of the best review management software as well as, a text-based web chat software.

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