Saeed Khosravi: Internet Marketer, Founder & CEO of Nexunom

Brands Founded by Saeed Khosravi: Saeed has founded several successful brands, including Nexunom, Review Tool, Tavata, and Allintitle.

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Saeed Khosravi – Nexunom’s CEO
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About Saeed Khosravi

Hello, I am Saeed Khosravi, the owner, founder and CEO of Nexunom. I’m an experienced Internet marketer based in Montreal, QC. I hold a master’s degree in International Business with a focus on Marketing from HEC Montreal and have worked in online marketing since 2008. While I personally add new posts and updates to this site, my website’s assistant, Palash, will also contribute to it, albeit more behind the scenes. I am also the founder of, a full-fledged keyword research tool, Review Tool, one of the best review management software as well as, a text-based web chat software. You can also find and read my posts in the Nexunom Digital Marketing Guides section. If you wish to connect with me, LinkedIn is the ideal platform. Over the past few years, I have been very busy building the aforementioned SAAS platforms and our parent company, Nexunom Inc., leaving me with limited time to engage on social media sites. However, I have recently begun using other social media platforms and posting content on them. You can follow me on these platforms using the following links:

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