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In the “Beginners Guide” section of WP Basic Pro, you’ll find articles that address common challenges and questions related to WordPress. This collection covers topics like missing pages from Google Search and inserting images in the Gutenberg Editor.


The articles also delve into technical aspects, such as Googlebot issues with Cloudflare and adding Schema Markup without a plugin. Additionally, there are guides on hiding a page or using maintenance mode.


Many articles tackle challenges like the “403 Forbidden” error or making a site private. There are also pieces guiding through processes like exporting URLs or ensuring SEO-friendly headlines. As you explore, you’ll gain insights into various aspects of WordPress, enhancing your understanding and management of your site.

Is WordPress Good for E-commerce

Is WordPress Good for E-commerce? Top Reasons!

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wordpress admin bar not showing

How to Fix WordPress Admin Bar Not Showing?

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