How To Find Other Dropshipping Stores

8 Ways To Find Other Dropshipping Stores

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If you are into dropshipping or run your own dropshipping store, the chances are that you might need to find or keep an eye on other dropshipping stores for your niche. Here are the top 8 methods to find other dropshipping stores:

To find other stores that sell the same product, you can search one of the images of that product on Google using reverse image search. To find other dropshipping stores that sell the same or similar product using Google reverse image search, go to Google Images Search, click the “search by image” icon, and then upload the product image. After that click on a link that says “Find Image Sources” to see Exact Matches. Here is an example search for one of the products in the baby toys category:

Google Reverse Image Search To Find Dropshipping Stores

2. Using a Product Research Tool such as FindNiche

FindNiche is a product research tool that comes with many features, one of which is a Shopify Database, which helps you find other drop shipping Shopify stores. You can filter by the product name or keyword or search by the store name. You can search for any keyword and find only those stores that sell the product with that keyword. Other than great filtering options, you can also see their Facebook ads, weekly orders, revenue, etc. Here is an example of stores that sell products filtered for the “baby” keyword:

8 Ways To Find Other Dropshipping Stores 1

EtsyHunt is just like FindNiche, but for Etsy stores, a lot of drop shippers use Etsy as their shopping platform; if you use Etsy as well, you might want to try EasyHunt to find other similar dropshipping stores rather than FindNiche.

3. Using is a great website domain database using which you can find different Shopify stores that might be dropshipping the same product that you want to dropship. To find other dropshipping stores using, you can go to and then filter results by selecting the host as “Shopify, Inc.” You can refine the results by filtering for stores that have a certain keyword in their domain name. Here is an example:

Sse to find dropshipping stores

4. Using Google Advanced Search Operators

Using Google Advanced Search Operators, you can find other dropshipping stores in your category or niche. To do so, you need to search on Google using the “site” operator. For example, to find other stores that sell baby products, you can search like this site:* “baby.” Here is an example of the returned results for this search on Google:

Find Dropshipping Sites Using Google Search Operators

Another way to use Google to find other dropshipping products is by searching Powered by Shopify in quotation marks followed by your niche name or a keyword related to your niche. For example you can Google this: “Powered by Shopify” Women dress.

Powered by Shopify Google Search

You can also simply search  “Shopify stores in [fill in your niche here]” or “Shopify stores selling [fill in the product you sell here].” With this kind of search, you will see results that usually list the top or best Shopify stores in that niche, which can be good if you only want to find out about the top players in your niche.

5. Using Facebook Ads

In order to find other dropshipping stores using Facebook Ads, you can simply open your Facebook account and type in 50% off or free shipping in the search box and then browse through the video or image results, and then follow the link to their page and find their website link from their Facebook page. You can also narrow results by including a keyword from your niche. For example, you can search “50% off hair products,” and this is the result that comes up:

8 Ways To Find Other Dropshipping Stores 2

You can also use the Facebook Ads Library for this purpose; go to Facebook Ads Library, select a country, and search for your niche or one of its related keywords.

8 Ways To Find Other Dropshipping Stores 3

6. Using Technology Lookup Sites

Builwith is a technology archive and lookup database. You can search for any web technology name and find a list of sites that use that technology. To find other dropshipping stores using BuiltWith, simply go to the BuiltWith website and search for the e-commerce technologies that drop shippers usually use. Most often, drop shippers use e-commerce store providers such as Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Wix Stores, and Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento.) You can similarly use Hunter TechLookup to download a list of drop shipping stores by searching the name of the e-commerce technology they use. Some other technology lookup sites you can use for this purpose are Hunter TechLookup, Wappalyzer, and NerdyData.

8 Ways To Find Other Dropshipping Stores 4

7. Using an E-commerce Store Directory like

CartInsight provides valuable e-commerce data, including a list of sites using different e-com platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. Another similar store directory provider is StoreLeads, which also provides a comprehensive list of websites using Shopify as well as many other e-commerce platforms. Store Lead lets you segment e-commerce stores based on their vertical, platform, etc. SellerCenter is another great solution that provides a list of sites using Shopify and other e-commerce platforms; what is great about is that it is completely free.


8. Using A Source Code Archive Site ( is a Source Code search engine, meaning that you can search for any keyword that appears anywhere in the HTML source code of a webpage. This lets you search for specific keywords that happen in the source code of almost all the Shopify stores or Etsy stores (or any other e-commerce platforms) to compile a list of these sites. For example, to find all Shopify sites, you can search for a unique piece of code that Shopify websites commonly have, such as “” or “shopify-analytics.”

8 Ways To Find Other Dropshipping Stores 5

These were 8 of the most used and, at the same time, simple ways to find dropshipping stores. Finding other dropshipping stores can be useful for many reasons, including finding retail pricing, seeing how other stores are advertising similar products, and seeing how successful they have been with the products you want to dropship.

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