How to add Email Subscription Form

How To Add Free Email Subscription Form To Your WordPress Blog?

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Do you want to add a professional-looking email subscription form to your WordPress blog? A good-looking subscription form can help you to get more email subscribers in a very short time.

Nowadays, email communication is being more popular. You will get more visitors to your blog if you have more email lists. You can send a daily email newsletter or weekly post digest directly to the email subscriber’s inbox. Even you can send them a custom email to promote your brand or product with just one click. 

How to add Email Subscription Form

So when you start WordPress blogging, probably you are very wondering about how to add a good-looking email subscription form on your blog and how to send the email newsletters to readers daily or weekly based?

Collecting the reader’s email from the blog is not an easy task. In this case, you have to update high-quality blog posts regularly and have to the best-design email option form.

However, in this blog post, we are going to share the best guide about how to add an elegant email subscription form in a WordPress blog with a step by step guides. 

Note: Here we will only cover the top 2 email subscription plugins and services. So stay with us.

Best Way To Add Email Subscriptions To Your WordPress Blog

You can many ways add email subscription forms to a WordPress blog. But if you have no coding skills, you should use an email subscription from a plugin that we will recommend to you.

There are many email subscription plugins in the WordPress plugin respiratory but all are not good for the email opt-in form. 

Sometimes you may face problems with form design, color combination, button position, form alignment, etc. So before going to install an email subscription form, you should know about what features they offer. 

So let’s start to add an email subscription form to a WordPress site with step-by-step guides.

Using Email Subscribers & Newsletters’ plugin

If you are a beginner and want to add an email subscription form free of cost on your site, firstly we will recommend using Email Subscribers & Newsletters plugin. This is the best plugin for many useful features. This free plugin will give you premium support to send an email newsletter and collect email lists from your blog.

Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Why will you use it?

  • You can add good looking email subscription form.
  • You can send daily new post email newsletter freely.
  • A/B testing features.
  • Email opening report.
  • You can send a custom broadcasting email.
  • Spam protection and more.

(1) Using Email Subscribers & Newsletters Plugin?

First login to your WordPress site then go to plugin>add new and search plugin named Email Subscribers & Newsletters by Icegram. 

After getting it, install and activate it on your blog.

Now go to Email Subscripbers>Forms. 

Email Subscribers Forms

Here you will get a default email form and shortcode. You can use this or you can customize this default form.

So for the one form, you never need to create one again. You can just customize it yourself.

Put the mouse cursor on the form name and click on the Edit text. Your default form will be opened for customization.

Now type your form name that will not be visual in the live view it is just to remember the form name in the backend only. The description is the same.

Next, you have to focus on the form fields section which will be visible in live view. Here you will get Email, Name, and Button options.

So decide which options you want to add to your subscription form. Also, you can add level text and edit placeholder text here.

Form fields section

Next, under the Forms fields section, you can see a list option. By default, you can see a list named ‘Main’. When someone subscribes through this form, his/her email will be added to this list. This feature is pretty much good. We like it.

email list

So if you want to sort your list, the option is perfect. Now the question is how to create more lists?

Well, to create more lists go to Plugin’s Audience then click on the Manage List.

Manage List

Now click on the ‘Ad New‘ and enter your list name and finally click on the Save List button. You are done.

how to create new list

Now again go to Form and click Edit form and select the form list that you want to use in this form.

Note: here you must enable Allow contact to choose list(s) option otherwise it will not work for the form.

Next, you can secure your form and avoid spam signups with form Captcha. But this feature is premium. So you cannot access it free. Another option is the GDPR checkbox. If you enable the GDPR checkbox, your GDPR massage will be shown under the form. Subscribers must check this option, otherwise, they cannot subscribe to your blog.

Enable GDPR

Finally, click on the Save Changes button.

Now the time is to implement your form’s shortcode on your blog’s post page, widget, or whatever you want where possible.

How to get form’s shortcode?

Just simply go again Email Subscribers plugin then click Forms. You will get the form’s shortcode here.

Form shortcode

Pro Tips: There is a technique to copy the shortcode. If you follow this technic your form’s alignment will be center. Otherwise, it will not be the center. Select this shortcode by pressing the left mouse button quickly then copy. Do not only drag and copy it.

(2) Using WP Subscription Forms Plugin

Another best email subscription form plugin is the WP Subscription form which is better than Jetpack form. You can create unlimited subscription forms with drag and drop features. 

Although it is a premium plugin, but its free version is enough for creating a good design subscription form. You will get 10 pre-built layouts that have a very intuitive interface.

WP Subscription Forms

You can collect unlimited subscribers from your blog to use this plugin but you cannot send daily or weekly newsletters or custom messages to your subscribers. But there is an option to download all contacts with CSV format and you can use those contacts in your Email marketing tools later.

Pro Tips: We will recommend using Constant Contact or Mailpoet both are good for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

However, back to the guide.

Let’s see step by step guide on how to add an email subscription form using WP Subscription form plugin.

First, go to the plugin section and click add new plugin and search this then install and activate.

Upon activation, Go to WP Subscription Plugin then click on the Add Subscription Form

Now you will see some features which are for customizing form.

WP Subscription Forms setting

In General Setting, you can see some features that you have to enable and configure.

So enable form status to get actual data about form then type your Form title which will be visible for the backend only.

Now if you want to enable double opt-in features in your subscription form, you have to enable this feature. Double opt-in means when someone subscribes to their email address using your form they need to confirm their email address.

The plugin automatically will send a confirmation link directly to their email inbox. When they confirm this subscription using the confirmation link, their email automatically will be added to your contact list. 

Note: Double opt-in is the best for preventing spam email subscriptions. So if you want, you can use this feature.

The next step is to add Form Success Message, Form Required Error Message, and Form Error Message. So carefully add the message in these boxes whatever you like.

After configuring the General section, now go to the next setting called ‘Form Setting’.

Here you will get some options that you have to configure. Each option will be open after clicking on the options text. 

Form setting

So configure all settings according to your needs.

  • Heading: Enable it and enter your heading text.
  • Subheading: Enable it and enter your sub-heading text about your subscription.
  • Name: Enable both shows and required options then type-level text that will show in the name box of the form.
  • Email: Input your level text that will show in the email box of from.
  • Terms & Agreements: if you have terms & agreement, enable it, and enter the text of your term in the box. (it is not necessary, but you can use it).
  • Subscribe button: Enter your Subscribe button text.
  • Footer: You can enable footer text. We will recommend using this feature because it will increase your subscribers’ trust.

The next, step is the layout setting of the subscription form. Here you will get 10 pre-design layouts. So choose one that you like.

Layout settings

Then fixed your form wide with pixel or percentage format. And finally, choose the display type of form.

Now the final step is Email Setting. Here enter ‘from email address and ‘from the name’ and finally click the SAVE button which is located in the right corner of the top.

Email Setting

Your all settings and configuration process are complete and your subscription form is ready to use.

How to use Subscription form?

Go to the ‘Subscription form’ which has under the WP Subscription Form option.

How To Add Free Email Subscription Form To Your Wordpress Blog? 1

Then copy the shortcode and implement them on your blog post, page, widget, or whatever you want. You can also edit forms, copy, delete and preview from here.

How to export email contacts with CSV format?

If you would like to export all emails, you can do this easily. Just simply go to WP Subscription Form>Subscribers.

Export contact list

Here you can see all subscribed emails. Click on the Export to CSV button, the downloading/exporting process will be automatically started.

Pro Tips: It is an excellent WP subscriber from plugin. But the features of the free version are limited. So if you want more features, you can use its pro version which costs only $10. The plugin is available in a trusted marketplace named Codecanyon so you can ensure its quality and support.

We hope you will like these two WordPress email subscription plugins. If you want only to use a form for collecting subscribers’ emails from your blog, we will recommend using WP Subscription Forms Plugin. Also, it is good for integrating with the marketing automation tools Mailchimp and MailPoit.

On the other hand if you need to send a daily email newsletter, you can use the 1st one free.

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