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11 Best WordPress page builder plugins Compared (2022)

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Your website’s bounce rate and enjoyable user experience will not boost without a good design website. Making a site more lucrative than a readymade WordPress theme, you need a good WordPress page builder!

So far, you are looking for the list of the best WordPress page builder plugins to know more about?

You cannot decide which one is the best for yourself? You are in the best place to get all the answers.

In this compared post I will discuss the best page builder plugins that will help you choose the best one. Also, I will suggest to you which should you use?

Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Top WordPress Page Builder

So let’s known about page builders.

(1) Divi Page Builder

Divi Page Builder

Elegant themes is a prominent name in the WordPress themes world and Divi Page Builder is one of their proud additions. If you are a webmaster of a WordPress website, then you are familiar with the ‘No Coding’ Platform. 

Divi is a revolutionary web page editor plugin for WordPress websites. It not only allows you to edit your web content, but also reorganizes the content blocks in your existing themes. 

Yes, you heard me right! So, you don’t have to change it anymore. Just install the plugin and start playing with your imagination. 

It uses Divi builder modules, these are basically content blocks. You can easily Insert those on your page and resize, and customize them at the same time. It’s very efficient and buttery smooth. 

Anyone can easily decorate their webpage using Divi, and they not need any type of coding knowledge. The Divi builder has a library where there are 40 exciting content modules pre-installed just to make the deal easier. 

You can also save your preferences and designs in the library. You can also copy the formats and paste them on other websites. And all these are fully free if you are an ‘Elegant Themes Developer’ subscriber.

Get started with Divi builder today.

(2) WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder

You can literally flip the coin of your fortune by making your boring website fun and happening one which will attract huge traffic. To make a website attractive yet efficient, you need a page builder, which is indeed phenomenal. And that brings me to introduce you to WPbakery Page Builder. 

WPBakery Page builder is arguably a good page builder plugin. It has simple drag-and-drop content block features that magically help to design your website. 

Webmasters often find it difficult to design their own websites, as many of the builders are very complex and not so smooth. But comparing with the other builder plugins, WPBakery successfully eliminates the hustle behind the designing process. 

You can easily drag and drop the content blocks quickly, and when I say it’s hustle-free, I really mean it. You don’t need codes! WPBakery Page Builder will cost you some money, but the money is worth it, dude! 

This page builder is the talk of the town, and it has over 3,94,000 happy customers around the world. If you have a WordPress website and are familiar with designing and building websites, then you know the name for sure!

Get started with WPBakery today.

(3) Elementor

Elementor page builder

If you are looking for a wide range of pre-built templates and elements which will suit your needs, then Elementor page builder is right for you. 

It offers many features to its users and I must tell you, you won’t be disappointed. The exciting part about this page builder is that it has a theme builder and WooCommerce builder all in one unit. 

Your jaws might have dropped by now, but I will suggest you hold your nerves for the upcoming information. This works with all the WordPress starter themes!

They allow the integration of tons of 3rd party essential Elementor add-on plugins. The developers behind this builder are working seamlessly hard to bring new and exciting features day by day. 

So, you can get yourself fully satisfied. Moreover, you won’t be bored as well because the functionality is very user friendly, but some users criticize it as being limited in terms of the user interface. 

But simplistic personalities will love this builder as it provides a wide range of solutions. WooCommerce plugins can be a little dodgy sometimes. Many page builders face difficulties while working with WooCommerce, but Elementor doesn’t!

Get started with Elementor today.

(4) Beaver builder

Beaver Builder

Some web wizards look more modernistic designs. Modern designs and interactive interface attracts more traffic rather than a dull or backdated website. 

If you are the same guy, then you will love Beaver Builder. Beaver Builder is mainly known for its fast front end page building skills. Ease of access is another checkbox where you can put a tick mark. It is simple and user friendly. 

Besides, it has an enormous range of pre-designed templates and content blocks in its library. So it will pay the pennies you are spending behind it off with a flair! 

If you want to be naughty with the designs; want to use modernistic gradients and drop shadows, Beaver Builder is the ideal weapon for you. Agencies prefer this builder over others for its versatility and ease of access. 

On the higher price tags, it will grant you the privilege to enjoy the White label option as well. Since the start of its journey in 2014, Beaver Builder is top-notch for its features and is praised all over the development arena for its amazing support. 

So, what are you waiting for, hit the dashboard, install the plugin and start designing!

Get started with Beaver Builder today.

(5) Themify Builder

Themify Builder

This builder is a self-oriented page builder in the arena. So if you want to stick to the themes of a specific builder and play along with it on your website, then Themify builder is the best pick for you. 

Themify Builder is considered as the most affordable web page builder in the WordPress theme builder world. As it is affordable, it comes with some restrictions. But come on! Let’s face it, short and sweet builders can be of great use right! 

Themify is a small page builder where you can start a design with drag-and-drop features. It allows you to work with both the front end and the back end editor. It has fairly reasonable support and you can avail of multi-site support as well. 

Minimalistic users are satisfied with this builder. It has a library of pre-designed layouts and sections which are up for grabs. You will find some issues reported online about the site builder, but the support team is pretty good to respond to those issues and meet up with proper solutions accordingly. 

So, I would recommend this builder to users who are comfortable with simplistic yet effective layouts and sections.

Get started with Themify builder today.

(6) Thrive Architecture

Thrive Architecture

After the ancestor, Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Architecture is the next generation web page builder that has been launched by Thrive Themes Team. This builder is the ultimate budget buster! at only $67/year, but you will have the privilege to have a lifetime update! 

So, if you are looking for a complete one-time pay builder, then this is the one you need. Now, you will scratch your heads and think about how we can possibly get at this limited price point. But rest assure folks, Thrive architecture offers over 100 Page templates. 

It has cool features like pre-designed section templates, global colors for easy customization, and a lot more. It has some advanced marketing features which are very useful for marketers who are looking for an out-of-the-box solution. 

Popup engine is perhaps the most exciting feature. Thrive Architect is famous for its constant updates and improvements. It also works with any themes available in the market. With a ‘fun to work with’ experience, Thrive Architect is no doubt one of the best WordPress page builder plugins.

It allows you to make some exciting designs with the templates, and content sections offered.

Get started with Thrive Architecture today.

(7) Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Enough talking about the paid builders, now let us focus on the underdog; the Page builder which will cost you nothing. Yes, folks, you heard it right! Page Builder by SiteOrigin is considered as a good WordPress page builder plugin, which is completely free. 

We know many of us to have second thoughts about it. The general question will be ‘how can a free page builder compete and run at the same pace with the paid ones?’ 

Hold on to your breath guys, because you are going to have a shock when you read about the awesome features this little dude offers on the table. Exciting features like custom grid-based responsive page layouts, drag and drop interface, and a wide range of content modules make this the likable one. And when you get all these cool features for free, only a fool will be declining the facts! 

It is smart and sleek and is a time saver in critical encounters. So if you are a last-minute rock star or looking for design inspiration, you should have this page builder. Page Builder by SiteOrigin allows you to edit the pre-built layouts and sections. So have fun guys!

Get started with SiteOrigin today.

8. Visual Composer

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is another easy-to-use drag-and-drop WordPress editor. You can create a custom website layout smoothly with a pretty fast work interface. It offers simple drag-and-drop options with unique content elements, premium, and professional templates, and hosts outstanding features to create a website.

Like Beaver Builder and Divi, this theme offers real-time or live front-end editable options. There are lots of options available in this theme/builder to explore. You can easily edit your logo, menus, headers, footers, sidebars, etc, which is not offered by other themes entirely. Therefore, Visual Composer is a website builder rather than just a page builder.

For customizing every element of a web page, there are powerful design options available like different stylish backgrounds, parallax, gradient, slide-show, carousel, video, zooming option, and more. For creating grid layouts on the site, you will get flexible rows and columns, which is useful.

Every free and premium WordPress theme works fine with Visual Composer. You can design unlimited layouts and can save them for future use. Also, you can switch from one theme to another without losing previously saved layouts on Visual Composer.

Besides, the new Gutenberg editor, Google fonts, and Yoast SEO plugin perfectly work with this theme builder.

For professional WordPress users, Visual Composer is one of the wonderful choices to explore. The color, design, and specific elements allow us to use without changing it again and again. By remembering your previous choice, it suggests the previous choices that you made while selecting an element.

Get started with Visual Composer today.

9. Monstroid2

Monstroid2 drag and drop theme

Monstroid2 is another drag-and-drop theme that is modern and highly flexible for building various types of websites. You can build websites related to business, commercial purpose, education, eCommerce, online magazine, creative, construction, agency, etc.

The plugin offers several home layouts, some customizable header styles, and some blog layouts. You can create a unique website for your taste.

Monstroid2 theme has a powerful set of plugins that supports creating a perfect website of your choice. The plugin works as a drag-and-drop page builder, WooCommerce hotel booking, mega menus, appointment booking, forums, and an event calendar.

If you purchase the full version, you get to use the documentation, which will take you to a whole new level of creation and regular support for issue solving. You can use the same project several times and edit whenever it is necessary.

Get started with Monstroid2 today.

10. Live Composer Site Builder

Live Composer Site Builder

Live Composer Site Builder is another page builder of WordPress, which comes with 30+ content modules. It’s a free page builder with modules like accordion post boxes, sliders, galleries, etc. You can create a stunning custom page design of your choice.

There are ten pre-built templates with so many content modules and two themes available. You can save and import your custom templates from the built-in template library. 

Besides, it offers a live composer, so you can easily use the front-end editor. Creating -and customizing the template is easy with this page builder. You can extend live Composer with the paid version of adding bundles.

This page builder does not require any professional experience to create a website. It is the best tool for web designers, digital marketers, and freelancers.

Get started with Live Composer Site Builder today.

 11. Brizy

Brizy theme builder

Another super intuitive and easy-to-use page builder is Brizy. You need to select the layout, then drag-and-drop the elements on the editor. Brizy offers a fair amount of draggable and customizable elements, including buttons, text, lines, counters, tab, etc.

With Brizy, you can customize your page differently. You don’t need to use the sidebar or popup like other page builders. You get a newer experience of editing by controlling the elements in line.

The simplicity of this page builder is noticeable because you don’t get to see any complicated elements of any kind. The plugin gives you what it claims.

You can meet your expectations through 150 pre-made blocks. You can design individual blocks by setting up global styles, including colors and typography.

Brizy offers device friendly views. You can optimize the view and design for different devices. Just like the other popular builders, this page builder offers many design elements to stylize your page. Your design and saved data won’t be lost due to the cloud auto-save option.

Get started with Brizy today.

Conclusion + Page Builder recommendation

I cannot talk about which plugin individually is the best. Because the best quality plugin depends on features and customers’ satisfaction, even price per year. So if you think one of those plugins has fulfilled your all requirements, you can go with them. 

However, I personally recommend using Divi, and Elementor. These WordPress page builders are most popular among WordPress lovers worldwide.


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