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WP Rocket Review 2023 (Updated): A Speed Booster Plugin!

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Looking to supercharge your WordPress website’s performance? Look no further than WP Rocket, the leading WordPress caching plugin. With WP Rocket, you can optimize your website’s loading speed and improve user experience in just a few clicks.

Say goodbye to slow loading times and hello to a blazing-fast website that keeps visitors engaged and coming back for more.

WP Rocket’s intuitive interface and powerful features, including page caching, browser caching, and minification, make it the go-to choice for webmasters and developers looking to take their WordPress site to the next level.

This review will tell you all about WP Rocket—what it is, its features, how much it costs, and the good and not-so-good things about it. It will also help new bloggers decide if WP Rocket is right for them and their WordPress blog.

Real Performance Data Using WP Rocket Plugin

Before I write about WP Rocket, I wanted to see how fast my website was with and without the WP Rocket plugin.

I put my website on Hostinger and used a Kadence theme. I also had a few other important plugins installed, and I had around 45 blog posts.

To check how fast my website loaded, I used Google PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom speed test tools. They are good at measuring how long it takes for a website to load.

After I installed the WP Rocket plugin on my website, I got a score for how fast it loaded on Google PageSpeed Insights. Here’s a picture of the score.

page speed on google insights

It only takes 1.4 seconds to fully load on the Pingdom speed test tool. Look at the picture below.

speed test on pingdom

These speed test results are great for a WordPress website that’s already set up. We want to thank the WP Rocket team for creating this plugin that helps make websites faster.

WP Rocket Before And After Compared

To help you understand the changes, here’s a summary of what happened when we tested the site with WP Rocket.

Below I have summarized a report of the changes on the test site before and after optimizing with WP Rocket.

Before WP RocketAfter WP Rocket
Google Page Speed Insights (Desktop)86/10099/100
Google Page Speed Insights (Mobile)65/10096/100
Pingdom Page Load3.4s1.4s
Pingdom Requests3225

Core Benefits of WP Rocket Plugin

WP Rocket is a plugin for WordPress that makes websites faster. It has many advantages, such as:

  • Makes the home page load faster by loading up to 100 pre-saved items.
  • Makes individual posts and pages load faster by saving up to four per post or page.
  • Makes files smaller, so they download faster and use less data.
  • Saves pages you’ve already visited, so you don’t have to download them again.
  • Blocks ads from loading, which makes browsing faster and easier.
  • Combines files together, like CSS and JavaScript, so they load faster.
  • Easy to use and helps you set up your website quickly.
  • Saves web pages in memory, so they load quickly when you visit again.
  • Stores files on servers around the world, so they can be delivered faster.

Check WP Rocket’s Features & More Benefits

Web Hostings That Well Compatible With WP Rocket Plugin

You should find the best WordPress web hosting providers that work well with the WP Rocket plugin. These hosting providers help make your WordPress website faster than ones that aren’t compatible.

WP Rocket is well compatible with the following web hosting providers.

WP Rocket works well with the most popular website hosts. I highly recommend the hosting providers listed above because they have plenty of bandwidth and server resources. This means your website will load quickly and won’t be affected by server issues. You can choose any of these hosting providers and use WP Rocket plugin with them.

WP Rocket Review: Core Tabs & Features

WP Rocket Dashboard

The WP Rocket tool has a simple screen where you can find all its features in one place. It shows you information about how well your website is doing with WP Rocket, like how fast it loads and how quickly it responds.

There’s also a section where you can find helpful documents that explain how to install, update, or remove WP Rocket. These guides will help you use the tool without needing help from a web expert or a developer.

You can activate your license key or connect the WP Rocket plugin to your WP Rocket account from this screen too.

With just one click, you can clean up your website’s cache and start loading pages faster.

In this screen, you’ll find everything you need, like news and guides about WP Rocket.

WP Rocket dashboard

Let’s explore some of the important settings…

WP Rocket Cache Tab

The WP Rocket cache tab is the first option on the dashboard. Here, you can set up WP Rocket to store saved information. By adjusting the settings in the cache tab of WP Rocket, you can make your website faster on mobile devices, protect certain content, and control how long the saved information is kept.

WP Rocket cache tab

You will get the following options in the Cache tab.

Mobile Cache:

This option makes your website faster on mobile devices. It’s already turned on by default. If your website doesn’t work well on mobile devices, you can turn on another option called ‘cache files for mobile device’. Otherwise, you don’t need to do anything.

User Cache:

This option is useful if your website has content that is specific to each user. It helps make the website faster for users who are logged in.

Cache Lifespan:

This is an important feature that allows you to choose how long certain things will stay saved. Right now, it’s set to 10 hours, which is good.

WP Rocket File Optimization Tab

You can make your files work better using a special file optimization feature. With wp rocket, it finds all your images and videos and makes them smaller without making them look worse. This helps you use less internet data.

WP rocket file optimization

If you want to make your website faster, there’s a tool that can help. It does a few things to improve performance:

  • It makes JavaScript work better and faster.
  • Combines the styles of your website into one file, so it looks good.
  • It gets rid of extra copies of things on your website.
  • Saves pictures so they load faster when you visit your website.

You can choose which things you want to do to make your website faster. If you want to change more things, you can do that too.

Here are the things you can change to make your website faster:

1. CSS Files:

Make sure to turn on the options to make CSS files smaller and combine them together. But if your website uses something called HTTP/2, it’s better to not combine the CSS files. You can also make your website faster by turning on the ‘Optimize CSS delivery’ option.

2. JavaScript Files:

To make JavaScript files smaller, turn on the option to remove extra spaces. Also, don’t forget to combine the JavaScript files. If you want, you can turn on the ‘Load JavaScript Deferred’ option to make your website load faster by combining and making JavaScript smaller.

Lastly, if there are specific JavaScript files that are making your website slow, you can choose to not include them. This is a good option to make your website faster.

WP Rocket Media Tab

WP Rocket is a special tool that can make your website much faster. It has a feature called the Media Tab that can make your pictures, videos, and sounds smaller and faster to load on WordPress.

One cool thing about WP Rocket is that it can make your images look good even when they are smaller. It can make them fit the screen nicely and still look clear and nice.

Another great thing is that WP Rocket can make it so that when people visit your website, it loads quickly. You don’t have to worry about big files taking a long time to load. WP Rocket can handle it for you.

So, WP Rocket is a handy tool to make your website faster and make sure everything looks good when people visit.

WP rocket media

This tab is really important for making your WordPress site faster. It has some options that can help you do that:


If you want to make your site faster, you can turn this on for pictures. And for videos and iFrames, turn on the next media file option.

Image Dimensions:

How big your pictures are can affect how your site shows up in search engines. If you have any pictures without dimensions, you can turn this on.


This option stops other people from using your content on their sites.

WebP Compatibility:

WP Rocket can work with the new WebP picture format. If you want to use this format, turn it on in the WP Rocket Media tab.

You can also choose not to save certain files in the cache. To do this, use the “Excluded images or iFrames” box. You’ll find it under the “Enable for image” option.

WP Rocket Preload Tab

WP Rocket has a special section where you can make things load faster on your website. This includes things like sitemaps, fonts, links, and more. To use this feature, you need to have the WP Rocket plugin installed on your website.

WP rocket preload tab

By default, there is a setting called “preload cache” that is turned on. It helps your website load faster. But you can also choose to turn on or off another option called “sitemap-based cache preloading.” I suggest you turn this option on.

If you activate this feature, you need to do one of two things: either enter the web address of your sitemap or turn on the “Yoast SEO Sitemap” option.

There are a few more options you can find in this section:

  • Preload Links: This helps to make all the links on your website load faster.
  • Prefetch DNS Requests: I highly recommend turning this on. It makes external files load faster, especially on mobile devices!
  • Preload Fonts: This option makes it easier for web browsers to load fonts, which helps make the Internet better.

WP Rocket Advanced Rules Tab

To make your WP Rocket plugin work better, you can use the advanced rules tab. It helps you set up special rules.

You can also make the plugin not refresh its stored information when certain events happen, like when you publish something at specific times each day or when you comment without anyone else changing it.

WP rocket advanced rules tab

If you have many extra tools added to your website that make lots of special requests, you might want to make sure they don’t slow down your website’s cache in WP Rocket.

The advanced settings have the following options:

  • Never Cache URL(s): You can choose to exclude important pages like custom login or log out pages from being stored in the cache. Just enter the URL here.
  • Never Cache Cookies: If there are certain code pieces called cookies that stop a page from being stored in the cache, you can list their names here, either in full or partially.
  • Never Cache User Agent(s): WP Rocket can accept special requests from certain web browsers that you select here.
  • Always Purge URL(s): If there are certain URLs that you always want to remove from the cache, you can list them here. They will never be stored in the cache.
  • Cache Query String(s): If you mention specific parts of a web address called the query string, WP Rocket will store them in the cache when you enter them here.

WP Rocket Database Tab

This tab is for people who use WP Rocket. It lets you change settings for your database.

WP rocket database tab

You can use WP Rocket to clean up and improve your database. This tool helps remove unnecessary things like old drafts, spam comments, and other unused items, making your database work better.

The plugin also has a feature that helps make your database faster and more efficient. It reduces unnecessary stuff in your database, so it runs smoother.

One thing I really like about WP Rocket is that it can automatically clean up your database. You can choose to do this every day, every week, or every month.

But remember, before using this feature, make sure to save a backup of your database. You can use a plugin for WordPress to do this backup.

WP Rocket CDN Tab

WP Rocket offers a CDN feature for caching and hosting content from WordPress installations.

It works by distributing user requests to one or more servers around the world in order to increase speed and reliability while decreasing load time.

This way, you have an excellent opportunity to serve content close to visitor locations rather than from your own server location which might be far away.

Read: 6 Top CDN Providers Including Free Image CDN Service for WordPress

To find the available Add-ons, click on the addons link or you can find all addons in its addons tab.

wp rocket cdn

The CDN feature tab is where you can activate and integrate WP Rocket’s CDN with the selected CDN addons of your choice.

Using this CDN feature you can easily integrate WP Rocket with two Content Delivery Networks that are:

Rocket Add-ons

You can integrate any of them that you prefer. You can also integrate Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Varnish add-ons to optimize your site speed and get more benefits.

WP Rocket Heartbeat Tab

WP Rocket’s heartbeat feature is really useful. When you turn on the heartbeat feature in your WP Rocket plugin, it regularly checks if your server is working.

If it sees that your blog is not responding, it will automatically stop WP Rocket to keep your data safe and prevent your site from being down. This feature also helps protect against hackers. You can activate it without worry to keep your site or server safe from possible attacks.

WP rocket heartbeat

By default, it’s already turned on, but you can make the heartbeat activity less frequent by changing the settings. But keep in mind, if you turn off the heartbeat, it might cause problems with plugins and themes that use this feature.

WP Rocket Image Optimization

The WP Rocket image improvement tool helps you save time by making image better without losing their quality or making them bigger!

It also saves images so they can be used again on other pages of the same website. This saves time and internet data because the pictures only need to load once.

This makes websites load faster, and Google likes websites that load quickly more than ones that take a long time to load.

To use WP ROCKET image improvement, you need to add IMAGIFY to your website. It will automatically find IMAGIFY and use it to make your image better!

If you don’t have IMAGIFY installed, WP Rocket will only save your pictures in its storage without making them better.

To change the picture improvement settings, go to: Settings -> WP Rocket -> Optimize image. Then install the IMAGIFY tool.

WP Rocket image optimization

What is IMagify? IMagify is a tool for WordPress websites. It helps you make your image smaller or bigger without making them look blurry or pixelated. It does this by being smarter than other tools that change the size of a picture by changing its length and width.

WP Rocket Tools tab

The WP Rocket Tools tab has a bunch of tools to help you with your website. You can use this tab to save and load settings, and even go back to older versions.

WP Rocket tools tab

With this feature, you can quickly get the settings you already made for other WordPress sites that have WP Rocket. This way, it’s faster to set up WP Rocket on a new site.

WP Rocket Plugin Documentation

WP Rocket has a lot of videos and written documents to help you. In the WP Rocket tutorial section, you can find many videos that will teach you how to set it up correctly. These videos are great for beginners and experts too.

WP Rocket plugin documentation

Not only are there videos, but there are also separate documents with text for all the features and settings. You don’t need to worry about the guides or tutorials to configure the plugin and explore more options.

WP Rocket Best Settings

The WP Rocket plugin has many options you can adjust. Some settings may depend on your server and website resources. If your hosting is powerful, you can enable almost all of WP Rocket’s settings.

But there are some standard settings you should know about. These settings are best for beginners. You can watch a video tutorial below to learn more about these settings.

WP Rocket Pricing

WP Rocket has three different plans you can choose from.

The first plan is called the Single plan. It costs $59 per year and allows you to use the plugin on one website. It also includes customer support and updates for one year.

The second plan is the Plus plan. It costs $199 per year and lets you use the plugin on up to three websites. It also includes customer support and updates for one year.

WP rocket pricing

The third plan is called the Infinite plan. It costs $299 per year and allows you to use the plugin on unlimited websites. It also includes customer support and updates for one year.

If you are not happy with the plugin, you can get your money back within 30 days of buying it.

If you have any questions about the pricing or plans, you can find answers in the FAQs section of the WP Rocket website or contact their team.

Is WP Rocket Worth It?

You might be wondering if WP Rocket is worth it for your website. Well, let me tell you, WP Rocket is like magic when it comes to making your website faster. With this plugin, your website can experience a speed boost of over 100%.

Not only does WP Rocket improve the speed of your website, but it also enhances its overall appearance and functionality. Even loading your website on mobile devices like phones and tablets can be faster with this tool. Plus, managing your files becomes a breeze with the easy file deletion feature.

One of the standout features of WP Rocket is its ability to significantly speed up your website. By storing pages in a special way, visitors to your site will have a speedy browsing experience.

And here’s the exciting part – WP Rocket can even boost your website’s visibility on search engines like Google! If you have a blog and want more people to discover it, this tool can be a game-changer.

But hold on a moment! These exclusive benefits are only applicable to those who already have a caching tool. So, before diving in, you should carefully consider if WP Rocket is the right fit for you.

Even if you don’t necessarily require these advanced features, the plugin still has a lot to offer. It can optimize your files, making them smaller and thus, contributing to faster page loads.

And here’s the cherry on top – it can actually save you money as you won’t need to invest in additional tools. So, if you have a WordPress website, WP Rocket is definitely worth giving a shot.

So, why wait? Give WP Rocket a try today and witness the magical difference it can make for your website’s performance.

WP Rocket Pros and Cons


  • Website load time is significantly reduced, often by half or more.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Compatible with popular plugins and themes, such as WooCommerce and bbPress.
  • Customization options for website caching.
  • Detailed reports on website speed and usage.
  • Regular updates and responsive customer service.
  • Optimized for servers with limited resources, ensuring no slowdown.


    • Compatibility issues may arise when using other caching plugins alongside WP Rocket.
    • WP Rocket is not available for free.

    WP Rocket Free Alternatives:

    There are many alternatives to the WP Rocket caching plugin. Some of the best are:

    • WP-Optimize: This plugin is free and has a lot of outstanding features. It offers more advanced features in its pro version.
    • WP Super Cache: This plugin is also free for personal use and optimized for speedy loading.
    • WP Fastest Cache: This plugin is the fastest available caching plugin and is also free.

    If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend money to buy WP Rocket, then you can use any of the above alternative plugins. If you have enough money and need the best alternative, I will recommend WP-Optimize Premium.

    Final Thoughts

    Want to speed up your WordPress site? WP Rocket is a great tool for that, but it does come with a cost. If you’re on a budget, though, there are free alternatives you can consider.

    If you’re willing to invest, WP Rocket is available for $59 per year. They even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

    To further enhance your website’s speed, you can try using the Perfmatters plugin. It is compatible with WP Rocket and can significantly improve your site’s performance on speed tests.

    If you have any questions about WP Rocket, feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll do my best to provide answers.


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