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6 Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

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A social share WordPress plugin allows you to easily add social buttons to your website. One of the best features of the social share plugin is the ability for you to set, or disable each individual button. You can also change the default text and icon for each button on an individual basis. This means that if you want Facebook but not Twitter, or vice versa, then it’s as easy as checking/unchecking a box!

Using a good-rated social media share plugin, you can improve your site’s social signals and as a result, improve your search engine rankings.

No matter what type of WordPress website you have, whether it be an eCommerce site or a blog, social media plugin will make it easy for people to share your page on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin, and more with a single click.

Here’s how to set up & top 6 plugins for your WordPress website to make it easy for people to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Now, let’s look at the benefits of Social Sharing Buttons.

Benefits of a Social Sharing Plugins

You have a WordPress site for your business, so you can add some social sharing buttons to the site that take your users to share any post or add them as bookmarks to other sites.

The result of using the social shares button is that when you publish posts on your site, it benefits you in some ways.

Improves customer experience

Providing quality experiences for your visitors is an integral part of having an effective website. In addition, your readers will be able to share content on social media, which you may not ordinarily do.

You can increase the likelihood of sharing your content on multiple platforms by making it easy for readers to do so. This is because they want to share your pages or blog posts. Shares are considered endorsements, so be sure your content is worth sharing.

Increases brand exposure

The user who shared your post might not see the introductory post, but they will see posts based on their needs once they visit your website.

Social share buttons can help you gain traffic to your website. This can lead to more customers for your business. So you should add them to your website.

Gets more traffic

You can use different tactics to increase the SEO of your site to generate more traffic. However, sometimes people fail to succeed in this, and social bookmarking comes.

Once you add a social sharing plugin and post a link to your blog post as a bookmark, you start to get traffic. Because the users who visit that particular site where you’ve already posted your post’s link will automatically visit your site by being directed to your post.

Search engine visibility

When you add social sharing buttons to your posts, it will reach more users. In addition, it’s a convenient way to expand search engine visibility.

Adding social share buttons will also make it more likely to be indexed by Google. Whenever your visitors share the post and reach more and more people, the Google search engine automatically indexes the post to count the value of the keyword you’ve used. So it will help to index your post on search engines faster than before.

Also, when a visitor shares your post on other social media sites, the post is considered as a backlink. As you earn more backlinks, SEO finds your website more optimized, which improves your page rank and SERPs, which will be very beneficial for you.

6 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

There are many free and premium social media share plugins for the WordPress platform. Here I have listed the 6 best social media plugins for your WordPress website.

Social Warfare WordPress Plugin

Social Warfare

Social Warfare plugin enables you to effortlessly add social media buttons with an attractive call-to-action box to your WordPress website. It can help you easily set up Facebook, Tweet, Pinterest, Linkedin & more buttons in your posts and pages, and blog articles.

Social Warfare plugin has both free and a premium WordPress plugin that will cost $29 but it is money well spent as you can use the action box to get more shares on Facebook and other social networks.

Social Warfare plugin also allows you to create a floating sidebar with a custom CSS background. You can control it independently from the rest of your site, which means that you can have more sidebars throughout your site if needed. This feature will come in handy if you want to add three or four buttons for Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Dribbble.

Social Warfare demo

Social Warfare plugin has shortcode support that allows you to add buttons in any WordPress template file including sidebar templates.

  • Price: It has a free version. But premium version offers more advanced features which is cost only $29.

AddToAny Share Buttons WordPress Plugin

AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny share buttons plugin is a must-have for every WordPress website owner. This plugin adds social sharing buttons so that visitors can easily share your content across Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, and Email without needing to leave your site.

The AddToAny Share buttons plugin automatically configures the most popular social media share buttons and can place them in the header, footer, sidebar, or any page or post you want.

With this plugin, you can display the share button on your WordPress site in different styles. It allows adding a button in Inline vertical & horizontal bars, in Tabs.

You can also add the share button in a popup window via Javascript. You can also want to hide some buttons from users on your site which is especially useful for images or links that do not contain any social media sharing capability.

Besides, this is good for custom placement, which means you can place a social share button on a specific page or post.

AddToAny Share Buttons option

You can configure options for sharing buttons via the WordPress admin panel, shortcodes, and HTML snippets. The plugin is also compatible with Open Graph Protocol (OGP) that will help you to better optimize your site for mobile platforms.

AddToAny Share Buttons plugin supports multiple languages and is compatible with all major social networks.

  • Price: It’s a free and Open Source plugin.

Shareaholic for WordPress Plugin

Shareaholic plugin

Shareaholic social media plugin allows you to easily integrate social media sharing features on your website. You can add buttons like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter button, and other rich-media tools from more than 35 leading social networks.

It is fully integrated with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, which means your social shares will provide rich snippets in Google search results and other search engines.

Shareaholic’s AddThis plugin connects to the largest directory of publisher tools on the web. With a simple click, you can turn off any features that are not relevant to your site.

Shareaholic plugin demo

Shareaholic plugin allows you to add a floating bar to your website, which is good if you want to display social media buttons in different places on your site. The Shareaholic extension does not affect page content by making the links appear within posts and widgets.

  • Price: It’s a free and Open Source plugin.

Novashare WordPress Social Share Plugin

novashare plugin

Novashare is another social share plugin that allows you to add and customize different social media buttons.

With Novashare, you can display the Twitter Tweet, Facebook Like Button, Pinterast share button, or any other social sharing service by simply adding a shortcode to one of your posts or widgets.

Besides, you can also configure these icons manually if you prefer not to use the default options. Novashare social share plugin is compatible with most of the popular themes and it also supports Facebook Open Graph Protocol (OGP).

It displays a social share button with a total share count which is great for increasing your word-of-mouth growth. Also, the plugin is GDR friendly, which means Google will not flag or remove your website from the search results for using this plugin.

One of the good things is that the plugin is lightweight and fast, so it will not slow down your website.

novashare demo

Along with over 22+ social share buttons, you will get Follow widget feature that you can use to your site sidebar. Also, you can match share button color with your website or brand colors.

Novashare is user-friendly, so perfect for beginners to configure. You can easily configure any setting and set buttons in both inline and floating positions.

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  • Price: It’s a premium plugin that price starts around $25 to $55/year.

Sassy Social Share WordPress Plugin

Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share is another social sharing plugin that allows you to add Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Flipboard, and other social media buttons on your webpage.

With Sassy Social Share plugin, you can display different types of social media share buttons in various styles like in a floating bar or inline. You can also set the default features by adding a shortcode to the content box.

The best part is that you can show share buttons on all your posts, pages, and even sidebars by using the plugin customizer tool.

As Sassy Social Share plugin supports Open Graph Protocol (OGP), it helps search engines to better understand its contents and optimize your site for mobile platforms. The plugin has been updated to support social sharing buttons for 70+ popular platforms.

The plugin allows you to Url Shortening Service which is good if you want to track the clicks on your social sharing buttons. It supports more than 32 Url Shortening services including popular sites like Bitly,, and others.

You can easily find the Facebook Open Graph Tags in Sassy Social Share plugin settings panel and use it to add metadata to your social share button.

Sassy Social Share option

The plugin is mobile responsive and well compatible with AMP, BuddyPress, BBPress, WooCommerce. Also, as the plugin is GDPR compliant, so you never lose organic traffic from Google for using it.

One of the good things is that the plugin is Gutenberg block-ready, you can use the social share button anywhere in your post or page. So you have all control over the share button; you can add it to any element, also set colors of the buttons and background image according to your website theme.

  • Price: It’s a free plugin. But if you want to get more advanced features, you can use its premium add-ons.

Social Snap

Social snap plugin

Another premium WordPress social sharing plugin is Social Snap. The plugin is suitable for its advanced features. Around 30+ social networking sites are integrated into this plugin, including Facebook. Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and many more.

You can place sharing buttons above or below any content. You can also put it to the sidebar of the content or use it as a floating bar.

You can customize the buttons as per your needs. Also, it allows changing shape, size, color, and more. More importantly, there is a feature of animated titles and labels adding to these buttons, which is very eye-catching for visitors.

This plugin has an advanced analytics feature which you can use to analyze visitor engagement, share count, and more data.

  • Price: It has lite version free for use on unlimited site. The Premium version costs $27.30/year for one site. The ‘Pro’ version costs $69.30/year for three sites and Agency plan costs $209.30/year for 15 different sites.

Which Is the Best?

After testing all of these social share plugins, I found that the best one is Social Warfare Share plugin. The main reason is its user-friendly feature and available shortcodes to add share buttons anywhere on your website.

You can also use it as a Gutenberg block. Also, it has more features like sharing button counters and a popular post widget that you can display on your website sidebar.

As a premium social share plugin, you can use Novashare only on WordPress sites. It is an advanced-level social share plugin that has more features than any other premium version.

However, as a free plugin, Sassy Social Share is another best social share plugin for your website. It has more professional features and it is regularly updated to keep up with changes in the social media platforms. You can easily find all the required settings by clicking on a few buttons, then you have full control over its share buttons.

In Conclusion:

Social media sharing is now a trend in the industry, so why not make it easy for your visitors to share your content on those platforms?

As you can create beautiful buttons using these social share plugins. So choose a plugin from this list and boost up your traffic by using social sharing buttons. You can use any of them on your WordPress blog and websites. But my recommended plugins are the best and I have tested them on many sites.

As I have tested all of them, but if you have a question, feel free to ask us in the comment box below. And share with your friends if you found this article helpful.

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