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17 Best Lead Magnet Templates and Benefits of Using Them

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Do you want to get more email subscribers for your business? If so, lead magnet templates are a great way to do that. Lead magnet is a marketing term used by digital marketers, and it means an incentive given away in exchange for contact information or other desired action.

We’ve compiled the 17 best lead magnet templates on the market today – they’re all high-quality and ready to use!

What are lead magnet templates?

Lead Magnet Templates can be a great way to reach your targeted audience. They’re easy to use and highly effective at generating leads, sales, traffic, and more!

You’ll find printable PDFs, ready-made PowerPoint presentations, video tutorials, and much more templates in the different marketplaces.

lead magnet templates

Why should you use a specialized lead generation template?

There’re several benefits of using a lead generation template:

  • A good lead magnet template can help you attract hundreds, or even thousands, more leads per month than you would without.
  • The method creates the possibility for higher conversion rates on any offer. This means this way not only increases the total number of visitors to your website but also generates far more opportunities for conversions and sales.

How to create your own lead magnet template?

Lead magnet templates have been proven time and again by marketers across all industries as an incredibly effective tactic in generating new leads for their businesses. The beauty is that these lead magnet templates come in many different forms! You can choose from one from the thousands of ready-made templates.

If you opt to create a custom lead magnet template from scratch, remember that an eye-catching design is key. You should also ask yourself what type of content will make it most engaging?

There’re many amazing lead magnet templates, but some of the best ones can be found on Envato Elements and some templates can be used for free and some are paid!

You also have the option of designing your lead magnet page from scratch with any page design tool. In essence, you can use a WordPress lead generation plugin or a WordPress lead template design plugin like Elementor, Divi, and any page builder.

If you’re a developer, then you can create a lead magnet template yourself. Other than a ready-made lead magnet template is the best for non-coders or beginners.

If you’re a WordPress user, you can use OptinMonster for creating high-converting lead magnet templates.

6 Benefits of Lead Magnet Templates

There’re lots of benefits of a quality optimized lead magnet template. Below are the top benefits for you to know.

  • Lead Magnet Templates Can Save Time and Money: Building a lead magnet template can take time, but these templates are pre-made and tested so that you don’t have to make it from scratch. There’s also the cost-benefit of not having to hire a developer or designer for this offsite work, which saves lots of money when compared to hiring a freelancer on Upwork/Fiverr.
  • Overcome Cold Traffic Fears with Pre-built Contests: It’s hard enough getting cold traffic in general (i.e. people who haven’t ever visited your site). Offering pre-built contests such as an ‘easy entry’ giveaway, where you only need a one-page landing page. It’s easier for those new visitors to understand how the contest works.
  • Lead Magnet Templates are Helpful for Branding: Many lead magnet templates give your visitor a “taste” of what’s on offer by giving them something to download or read. Building positive brand awareness while also showing that you have valuable content worth getting in exchange for their contact information.
  • Contests with Exclusivity Can Make Landing Pages Great Again: Offering exclusive contests like one where they can win free coaching sessions is powerful because it makes people feel like they have a chance to win. More people will come to your site if you have a gatekeeper page. They will want to know what is behind the gates. That way they can see that it’s worth it to go there too.
  • Lead Magnet Templates Build Trust: When you offer something to people through a lead magnet page, it builds trust and goodwill with them. They will think that you’re not trying to sell your product or service because they have been given something for free. This is the human psychology behind lead magnets.
  • Landing Pages Make Your Campaigns More Effective: Creating landing pages around specific marketing campaigns can make those campaigns more effective when used in tandem with lead magnets. For example, if you want people to sign up on an email list so they get notifications about promotions, then provide content to them as a lead promotion like an ebook or access to educational webinar series related to their interest.

Tips for designing the perfect landing page to convert visitors into leads

  • A clear headline that reflects the offer.
  • Bold claims to make your lead magnet template stand out from the rest of them.
  • A strong call to action phrases such as “Get started now” or “Download it here“. You can also try using a free trial sign-up form for leads who want to experience before they buy!
  • Clear benefits and features so visitors know what’s in it for them if they convert into customers with your lead magnet templates. And lastly, you should have an FAQ section on the page that provides answers to any unanswered questions.
  • Include information on your lead magnet page that is relevant to your niche or industry.
  • Offer exclusive content for subscribers such as the latest blog posts, eBooks, and updates.
  • Make it clear what’s in it for them if they sign up with the lead magnet template by highlighting the benefits of these templates (e.g., free trial period).
  • Design an email sequence based on the buyer persona who will be using the lead magnets you’re designing. If you know their target goals already, then create emails tailored to those benefit areas, so they feel rewarded after reading through all the way! You can send out monthly tips or how-to’s about products and services related to their field too!

Top 17 Pre-Design Lead Magnet Templates For You

(1) Lead Generation Template for PowerPoint

Lead Generation for PowerPoint template

Use this lead generation template to create eye-catching content slides that will convert prospects into leads. The slide package contains a total of 20 slides with pre-designed layouts for both desktop and handheld devices.

Key benefits:

  • Save time and money on graphic design. 
  • No need to hire a designer or developer. 
  • Your presentations will look more professional. 
  • You’ll be able to grab your audience with beautiful slides.

(2) Lead Responsive Email Template

Lead Responsive Email Template

If you want to grow your email marketing list, start by sending out promotional text using a lead responsive email template.

Lead responsive emails are designed with mobile-friendly layouts that display well on most devices and provide users with an easy way to subscribe.

Key benefits:

  • Get a professional-looking email template.
  • Save time for designing your own templates.
  • Express yourself with style in an email. 
  • Send fun and creative emails that will make people want to open them.

(3) Manto – Lead Generation Landing Page

Manto lead generation landing page

The Manto lead magnet template is a single, powerful marketing template that can help you generate leads, build your list, and provide more value to your customers. And the best part: They are easy to set up! 

Key benefits:

  • It’s fast and easy to use.
  • It’s mobile responsive, so you can check your lead page on any device.
  • You’ll have a beautiful site that will be perfect for every occasion.

(4) Landder+ Lead Generation HTML Landing Pages

Landder lead generation HTML template

Landder+ lead generation HTML Pages are a shortcut to the lead generation process. All templates are good for any company that needs more leads and better quality prospects. We have found they can cut down on lead acquisition costs by up to 50%!

Key benefits:

  • Loads in seconds. 
  • 100% responsive. 
  • Looks great on any size screen.
  • Get your content to the right people.

(5) LeadData – Lead Generation Unbounce Landing Page

LeadData Unbounce Landing Page

LeadData is a lead generation template that helps enterprise companies generate new leads. You can also use landing page templates to help evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

Key benefits:

  • A professional and modern website template. 
  • Very easy to customize. 
  • Responsive layout that will look great on any screen size, including mobile devices. 
  • Unique and different features like parallax backgrounds, responsive layout, custom HTML/CSS animation effects make your business stand out.

(6) Marketing Agency Smart Promo Video Template

Marketing agency smart promo template

It’s a lead magnet template for video marketing. It helps you create videos that are eye-catching while following best practices for conversion optimization and SEO.

Helping your business stand out from the crowd by promoting it to the right audience through professional-looking promotional videos.

Key benefits:

  • Produce a professional and clean intro slideshow for your business.
  • Create an eye-catching intro video in just a few clicks. 
  • Stand out from the competition with this sleek, modern design.

(7) New Business Agency Promo Video Template

New business agency video template

Video is a powerful lead generation tool, and it’s the best way for your company to reach prospects beyond email.

This Promo Video Template can be used in many ways: by explaining how you do business, highlighting key features of your products or services, providing testimonials, or showcasing recent success.

Key benefits:

  • Create a captivating video in minutes.
  • Promote your business or event with style. 
  • Get the attention of viewers and potential clients. 

(8) Webinar & Course Slide Deck

Webinar course slide deck

A webinar or course slide deck template is a lead magnet template that has the goal of converting prospects into leads. A well-designed and informative template will help you guide your visitors through the information they want.

Key benefits:

  • You can create a beautiful presentation in minutes.
  • Save time and money on design. 
  • Get your point across with ease and clarity.

(9) Lead Generation for Google Slides

Lead generation google slides template

This slide template is the form of a PowerPoint presentation for sales. The PPT includes fully editable slides, text boxes, and images to help you build your content. You can also customize presentations with fonts or colors that reflect your brand identity.

Key benefits:

  • Save your time with easy to edit slides. 
  • Create presentations in minutes. 
  • Get a professional look for your presentation without any design skills.
  • No need to be a pro designer, you can easily customize your slides.
  • Stand out from the crowd with unique designs that are sure to impress.

(10) Fitness Lead Magnet Templates

Fitness lead magnet templates

Fitness Lead Magnet Template is an awesome lead capturing template that lets you set up a lead magnet campaign for your fitness blog. It comes with awesome features like responsive design, social media integration, and it is SEO-friendly.

Key benefits:

  • You can share things like lose weight and feel healthier.
  • Gain confidence to your healthy lifestyle readers. 
  • You’ll be able to do anything you put your mind to!

(11) Lead Magnet Workbook Template

Lead magnet workbook template

It’s a lead magnet and templates by Envato. The workbook is the first of its kind, combining lead magnets with ebooks to help you create high converting landing pages for your business in minutes!

You can use it as an eBook or Lead Magnet template, run A/B testing on different content, and create the perfect lead magnet for your business.

Key benefits:

  • Make your design process easier and more efficient.
  • Save time with a template that’s been pre-designed for you.
  • Work like a designer without the hassle of having to start from scratch. 
  • Spend less time on tedious tasks, such as formatting and page numbers, so you can focus on what really matters!

(12) Lead Magnet Marketing Templates

Lead magnet marketing templates

The template is easy to use and includes all the necessary elements for lead marketing. You can edit with your own content, change colors, etc. It’s a good starting point that you can tweak to fit what works best for you.

Key benefits:

  • You can get a clear idea of what you want to achieve.
  • You can be more confident in your goals. 
  • Feel like you can accomplish anything. 
  • Find out the best way to do things.

(13) Social Media Marketing Templates

Social media marketing templates

This is the most popular social media lead magnet templates bundle that you can use for your next lead generation campaign.

You can use any of these templates to create a free social media marketing plan, or you can even offer them as an upsell on other products that you’re selling.

Key benefits:

  • Get more done in less time with templates. 
  • Save money on hiring a designer. 
  • Make your company more efficient and productive. 

(14) Course – Instagram Templates for Coach & Yoga

Coach yoga instagram templates

You can save time by using this personalized template for your marketing strategy. Templates are an easy way to kickstart and automate the lead generation process.

With Instagram templates, you will be able to create a great lead content page that helps convey your message in just seconds. 

Key benefits:

  • Get more followers on Instagram
  • Increase sales with promotions posts
  • Be the envy of your friends and family.

(15) WP Lead Capturing Pages – WordPress Plugin

WP lead capturing pages

Envato elements WP Lead Capturing Pages plugin is a lead capturing page builder that allows you to easily create landing pages and squeeze pages.

Key benefits:

  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly. 
  • Drag & drop builder for creating lead pages. 
  • 10 autoresponders to choose from, with 50+ inbuilt templates. 
  • Create an eye catching page with a countdown timer.

(16) Aman Multipurpose Elementor Template Kit

Aman elementor template kit

Aman Multipurpose Elementor Template Kit is for all kinds of landing pages and lead magnet templates. The amazing kit will provide you with a wealth of design options for your website, blog, or other projects.

Also, you’ll get over 20 unique layouts to choose from. Every layout is well designed and fully responsive so it looks great on any device.

Key benefits:

  • Your site will work on any device.
  • You’ll have a beautiful design that looks great and is easy to use. 
  • Get more conversions than ever before by having an aesthetically pleasing site that converts well.

(17) Fitness eBook/ Fitness Planner/ Canva Fitness Instructor Magazine Template

Fitness instructor magazine template

Template monster Fitness Planner & Canva Fitness Instructor Magazine Template is a lead magnet template that is perfect for any fitness trainer or instructor. This lead magnet template has a full-color design, as well as three pages of content and the ability to edit text from within its editor.

Key benefits:

  • Allows you to create a professional looking eBook. 
  • Super easy to customize and edit. 
  • Can be used in a digital or print form. 
  • Keeps your customers coming back for more, because they know that every time it will be different!

In Conclusion

Finally, we’re the endpoint of the best lead magnet templates. You can use these templates for your next lead generation projects.

Besides, not these templates and plugins available on the Envato elements market or Template Monster, you can find more lead magnet templates on the Creative market and other marketplaces. But for saving your time to find the top-rated lead generation templates, our listed templates, plugins, and kits are the best. So you can use any of them in your next project.

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