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Envato Elements Review (2022): Download Unlimited Digital Assets

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This comprehensive Envato elements review will teach you how to use every aspect of the platform, from finding amazing resources to posting your own tutorials and selling your products. It’s time to supercharge your blog or business with this little-known platform!

As a newbie or an expert, you might have heard about Envato Elements. So what is it? Is it worth subscribing to? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Let’s find out! 

Also, in this blog post, I will discuss what Envato Elements offers, how it compares to other competitors in the marketplace space as well as give you our thoughts on whether or not they are worth your time and value for money!

envato Elements assets

What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is a marketplace for stock photography, vector graphics, video templates, and music. Envato Elements provides the most affordable prices in the industry, with options to buy licenses from 1 day up to an entire year. The Envato Elements marketplace has over 2 million digital assets available for purchase and download from their website.

Purchasing any premium digital assets from Envato Elements requires a monthly subscription fee of $19.99 for access to over 500k images in their library, which has been growing at the rate of about 400 new items per day!

Envato Elements offers a range of pricing options depending on what type of license terms you are looking for. Also, they offer discounts if you purchase a bundle or for a longer period of time (a year).

envato elements

What type of Envato Elements are there?

  • Elements Envato Music (520,000+): Envato Elements has a wide range of music elements. It includes Audio loops, VST plugins, and samples for making beats like EDM, Hip Hop or Dubstep. Also, this market offers royalty free music that you can use for your project for free.
  • Elements Envato Video (1,400,000+): Envato Elements offers many stock videos/footage & videos that can be used with your projects from intro logos to outro credits. Envato video collection is perfect for any video content creators.
  • Envato Elements video templates (31,000+): It has a wide range of video templates that you can use in your ultimate creative projects. These templates are excellent for video content creators.
  • Envato Elements UI kits (6000+): Envato Elements offers a variety of premium UI Kits perfect for web design inspiration in Photoshop PSD format. These components have been designed by professionals to help you create beautiful websites with no coding skills.
  • Envato Elements fonts (16,000+): Envato Elements has over 200 top-quality fonts from independent type foundries around the world! 
  • Envato Elements presentation templates (54,000+): Envato elements offer after effects digital templates that are perfect for creating beautiful videos and animations.
  • Envato graphics (54,000+): Envato Elements is a marketplace to buy and sell royalty-free clip art, graphics, and illustrations. Also, it has lots of motion graphics collections.
  • Envato Elements stock photos (52M+): It offers stock photos for sale from talented professional photographers.
  • Envato Elements WordPress (3,000+): It offers many resources for WordPress like WordPress themes and plugins, and more.
  • Envato Elements 3D templates (55,000+): Envato Elements offers a variety of templates to suit all needs. The available categories are marketing, games & entertainment, web & software development; and design elements such as graphics and illustration.
  • Envato Elements Graphic templates (130,000+): All the templates under this category are for graphic designers. They offer a variety of templates, such as posters and flyers, that can be customized to suit your needs.
  • CMS Templates: Envato Market offers many types of CMS templates. They are easily customizable and, hence, a popular choice for many webmasters. A huge variety of blog themes, website templates, business themes, and more can be found here.
  • Email templates: It offers to download a huge collection of email templates that can be utilized for all your email communication purposes.

Why should you use Envato elements?

Why Elements
  • Envato Elements is a platform that is curated by professionals, so you have access to all of the best stock images, music, and design & more assets in one place.
  • The pricing options mean there will be an option for everyone’s budget. If you are new to designing, it might have some materials for you. If you already know how to design and just need updates, Envato Elements might be an excellent choice for you, too.
  • You also get automatic Royalty-Free licensing when purchasing any elements from Envato elements, which means that once purchased, there is no limit to how many times they can be used. This comes in handy when looking at larger projects like logos or videos.
  • Envato Elements is also a great place for beginners, as you can learn from the professionals and experts that they have on their team.
  • And finally, it offers industry-leading customer support so if you ever need help with anything at all, there are people ready to answer your questions 24/hrs a day!

How to get started with Envato elements?

First, create an account with Envato Elements. It’s totally free.

envato Elements free account

Then, choose your membership type and payment method, as well as any extras you might need. If you are a new customer, there is also a free trial if you want to try it out first!

Envato elements checkout

Once registered, log in and choose what products from the Envato Elements library are available for download. All are ready before downloading so if anything catches your eye then grab it right away!

For example, I decide later on that I’m going to make some videos or logos. I could already be prepping myself by grabbing video templates or logo templates.

Once you’ve chosen your elements, click on “Download Library” at the top of their screen to download the folder containing Envato elements.

Note: It’s important to know that when any new items come out in their store, they will become available in your account, even if they do not show up right away on the website. So check back often for updates.

What are the benefits of using Envato elements?

Envato Elements is an excellent way to get amazing quality graphics, audio files, video files, and templates for your projects without having to search the internet aimlessly. This library already has everything you could need!

envato elements home

You can download any element right onto your computer and use these quality assets at any time with no strings attached.

When you sign up for a website, it costs nothing to use their designs. It is easy to find what you need on the website. You can make your own design or get a banner made in minutes.

You can find what you need through the huge library of assets, which includes graphics and templates, and many more. Envato elements make it easy to make your own design or get a banner made in minutes.

This is not all that Envato Elements has to offer. Sign up now for free trial access today!

Who can use Envato Elements and how much does it cost?

I have talked before, Envato elements is a website where you can find high-quality designs for websites with no credit attached. So it’s easy to make your own design or get a banner made in minutes, and the prices are affordable!

You can save time on your projects by using Envato Elements because there are no strings attached when downloading them onto your computer. And they’re just so simple to use!

Moreover, Envato elements cost doesn’t cost much at all – only $189 per year! (That means that you’re paying just less than $20 monthly.) Whereas, if you don’t like yearly access, then the monthly plan costs only $33 for one user.

envato Elements pricing-plans

The monthly fee of this service may seem steep, but think about how much time will be saved by using their templates instead of making them from scratch or hiring someone to do it for you. This is a total game-changer! Because one simple pass could save hours of work and get you on your way to better time management.

Also, the monthly fee is not only a subscription! You can pay for it on an annual basis and then cancel your membership when you don’t need it anymore.

Is there a free trial available for Envato elements?

Yes, Envato elements has a free trial period available. Also, they offer all the benefits of an Envato Elements subscription at 30% off for students.

Envato Elements Review (2022): Download Unlimited Digital Assets 1

The free trial lasts for 14 days and gives you access to all the templates, but it has limited access to features like saving projects as a paid user or downloading files. Plus, there’s a watermark on your designs!

Envato Elements has extended pricing plans that provide a range of options to suit all teams and budgets. They have two different plans with varying features: Team plan costs $14.50/month per user while for the Enterprise plan; you have to contact them.

Envato elements price for team

If you decide Envato Elements isn’t the right service for you, then at least they gave you plenty of time to try their product before deciding whether this is something worth investing in. But you can be sure you will not get any low-quality assets from this digital asset market.

envato Elements price

After that period of two weeks, if you don’t get what you expect from them – cancel the subscription and get your money back with no hassle at all.

What can I create with Envato Elements?

The library of assets includes many elements that will be perfect for building an online store, blog site, or company website. Even if you need something custom-created from scratch. There’re also plenty of other items like graphic kits, shape packs, mockups, and more!

Another thing to mention is that it offers a range of standard niches like fashion, technology, food, or travel assets.

However, it also has a “let’s get creative” section with items you can use outside of your niche – for example, infographics templates are perfect for bloggers who want their content to stand out from the rest.

The library includes everything from web & graphics elements (like buttons), royalty-free photos as well as icons and fonts in whatever style you need. With all these assets at your fingertips, you’ll be able to find less what you’re looking for and more time using it to create something amazing!

Envato customer support

Envato support

Envato has an excellent customer support system with a blog and forum option, so if you have any problems or questions, they’ll be able to help you out. The support team responds in an hour. Their response time is awesome.

Envato Elements vs Envato Market

Below is the best comparison between Envato Elements and Envato Market.

  • Envato Elements: The best way to start building your own product library.
  • Envato Market: Sell digital products and make money online with no development or design skills required.

In a nutshell, if you have time and skill, then it may be worth investing in both services. However, for newbies, I would recommend starting with one of these two sites. They will provide everything you need from day one.

As for me? After trying both platforms, I finally settled on Envato Elements for many resources. It is a reliable service that offers great customer support, useful feedback from other designers/developers who are already in the industry, and a plethora of templates that are easy to customize, having no design or development skills.

Whereas, for the vast collection of professional website templates, I would recommend Envato Market (Themeforest).

PROS and CONS of Envato Elements

Some pros of the Envato elements market are given below:

  • There is a wide variety of resources available for all kinds of projects.
  • The quality of the templates and other design elements are top-notch.

Some cons to consider are:

  • Limited free resources.
  • Users of the site would want to have some kind of product support for various design elements.

Envato Elements Alternatives

Below are the lists of top Envato Elements alternatives

In Conclusion of Envato Elements Review

Envato Elements is a great platform for all to sell & buy templates and other resources. It offers high-quality design resources on the market, as well as a straightforward process of buying those designs with just one click.

Besides, they have over 90 million members worldwide that make it possible for Envato Elements sellers to grow at unprecedented rates while providing buyers with countless design options in various categories including video backgrounds, photo overlays & textures, light leaks & glows, audio loops, etc.

So lastly, if you’re looking to start selling or downloading digital products online effortlessly with no time investment required, then check out Envato Elements. No complicated coding navigation is needed!

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2 years ago

I bought from Envato Foxin theme from gaviasthemes [dot]com. What a mistake: it is full of bugs and author just sent “thank you” as reply to all my mails asking for assistance, don’t want to do anything and even dare to ask in advance extra money for obvious bugs.
But they are “covered” by Envato “policy” that they cannot offer any support. It seems that Envato is a great place for fraudsters and dilettantes, that don’t care about their customers money and wasted time.

Saeed Khosravi
Reply to  Dida
2 years ago

Hi Dida,
Thanks for your comment. It doesn’t happen with all Envato authors that I know. I think overall 95% of Envato authors response and provide support to their customers at right time. But before going to purchase something from this marketplace, you should check the author’s activities first and product update frequency.

Saeed Khosravi's Official Site