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15 Best WordPress Membership Plugins Compared In 2022

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If you plan to start a subscription selling or membership business using WordPress, then you should consider a WordPress membership plugin. Because the best quality membership plugins play an extraordinary role in a digital product selling business.

So before going to know of the best WordPress membership plugins, you should recognize some essential information like plugin’s quality, features, price, how should you choose, and more things.

Let’s get started with a question, who doesn’t want to get proper value for sharing their informative words? Probably everyone wants. When it’s about the internet, it’s a place where you can get any information quickly.

For getting a piece of structural information about any product or service, you have to value those who are working behind you for your satisfaction.

That’s why the membership plugin comes. The crucial feature of a membership plugin is keeping website content in a restricted area. The result behind the feature is where only paid members can access those creative, structured, and informative content.

There are so many membership plugins out there. In this article, we are going to look at about 15 best WordPress membership plugins.


Why You Need a WordPress Membership Plugin

Online money making is a simple process nowadays with the WordPress membership plugin, it’s more effective. 

The first thing you have to know a membership plugin lets you limit access to your website’s content to only paid users. Also, the membership plugins provide a wide platform to grow your website. 

Further, there are some reasons, why you need a WordPress Membership Plugin?

You might have heard that “slow and steady wins the race.” WordPress membership plugin generates a steady income by requiring site visitors to pay for access to a membership site. 

Your site can generate a consistent stream of income that increases more customers to subscribe to a membership plan.

WordPress membership plugin lets you evergreen access to content, which creates more value for people. It packs into one convenient location for everyone to see. 

You can build more valuable content that will inspire users to continue paying you for access.

For small business owners, email marketing strategies are a great way to improve their business. In this case, a WordPress membership plugin helps by adding registered users to your email list. 

Also, it helps to keep your list full of active members that are more responsive to your email campaigns.

Besides, the membership plugin offers access to automation. You can create content on your membership plan and customize it to make this enjoyable for your target audience. From time to time, the content does all the work for you.

Overall, things are that building a website by using a membership plugin helps you to establish yourself as an authority to your industry. 

Remember, quality content can increase traffic surprisingly on your site. Also, requiring payment to access high-quality content proves that you’re an expert and you understand the value of knowledge.

What to Look For Choosing A Membership Plugin?

When you think about purchasing a membership plugin for creating a membership site, naturally, the next thought turns on what to look for selecting the best membership plugin.

There are a lot of options to decide. But for the best one, you need to measure depending on product features. Let’s dive into some features that help you choose the best one.

Below are the best things that you should consider.

(a) Level of Membership:

First Things: when it comes to your membership plugin, know which membership level is your need. So choose between Tiered and Distinct. Tiered membership level builds upon the next.

For example, if you are on a gold membership, you have access to all the contents of a silver membership.

Distinct membership levels let each membership level utterly separate from one another. Like membership, B has no automatic access to membership A. So the choice is yours. Think wisely before you choose.

(b) Self-service account:

“Self Service Accounts” is an essential thing nowadays. This user-friendly option lets your user be free to customize their account or to change their password. Not all membership plugins provide self-service account options. So grab that one, which gives this opportunity.

(c) Payment Methods:

Offering more payment options increases the percentage of benefits. Most of all, membership plugins integrate with PayPal. But these days, most also integrate with Stripe, debit and credit cards, and so on. So, try to keep plenty of payment options on your site.

(d) Email Notification & Verification Process:

Sending email notifications proves your website is pretty much concerned about the user. Through this, your site gets the user’s attention quickly. So choose that plugin that provides email notifications, including a new user verification process.  

  1. A welcome email, including the user’s account details.
  2. Account renewal email.
  3. Credit card expiring email.
  4. Failed payment email.
  5. User’s email verification & more

In the meantime, there are more things to consider like member stats, reports, content dripping, trials, discount, and coupons. A membership plugin with user-friendly tools brings more benefits rather than a normal one.

Best WordPress Membership Plugins For You

(1) Ultimate Membership Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro

What do you expect if a plugin already sold over 23k with good user ratings and support? Probably your answer will be fine. Yes, we have looked at this data from the Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress plugin. 

This is the most compatible WordPress membership or user subscription plugin that has dozens of features to build a professional membership WordPress website. 

It is the best-selling membership system that allows you to create multi-level exclusive access for your members based. Also, it supports simple free or paid packages with so many rules.

Before having any decision, you can check its popular features here

  • Payments option: This is a serious part of a membership site. You can add over 11 payment options like PayPal, Authorized, Stripe, 2checkout, Bank Transfer, etc.
  • Menu Protection: This can easily protect all menus from unnecessary access if you enable menu protection.
  • Email marketing platforms integrated: The plugin allows to integrate over 9 email automation tools. So you can easily add a popular one.
  • Keywords restrictions: You can restrict any specific keyword of your membership package for specific requirements.
  • Visual composer Integrated: This member management plugin compatible with the popular drag and drop visual composer like Divi, Behavior builders, WPBakery Page, etc.
  • Social login: Ultimate Membership Pro offers to add a social login system along with the traditional login form. You can include up to 7 social platforms to complete the user login process.
  • Dashboard stats: You can monitor all stats from your admin dashboard daily, monthly, or yearly based.
  • Coupon codes discount: You can generate unlimited coupon code or add a trial package in your membership with just a few clicks.
  • Custom dashboard access: If you prefer, you can create a custom dashboard for registered members or yourself to check special data.
  • WooCommerce integration: This is a good feature, you never need to create a Woocommerce store membership separately because you can easily integrate it with popular Woocommerce plugin.
  • Download monitor: You have full control to monitor all downloads from the admin dashboard area.
  • Invoice on orders: The plugin automatically creates an invoice after successfully completing pay by members.
  • Add-on packed: It includes 35 pro-add-ons packed to add unique features and styles.

Price & Support: The present price of this ultimate plugin is only $29, which is very low for its so many features. You will get 6-months of free support with this current price, but you can expand up to 12 months by paying an extra $9. 

The plugin support team has already responded to over 7k customers’ questions. So you will get the best support from them within an hour after submitting your comments.

Get started with Ultimate Membership Pro

(2) GravityMemberPro


Gravity Member Pro is another simple interface WordPress membership plugin that was developed by gravity beyond the team. The team is highly expert to build well-coded WordPress products.

So making multi membership or group membership website is incredibly easy with this ultimate drag-and-drop membership plugin.

The following features make it more simple and productive. 

  • Login and registration: This plugin allows you to build a custom login and registration form with so many drag-and-drop features.
  • Trial amount & Duration: Customers easily can join your premium groups because it offers to create free or trial membership with custom duration.
  • Content restriction: With the content restriction feature, customers cannot access content or resources without completing any requirements that you will pre-set in your membership package.
  • Discount codes: You can allow members to grab any plans with pre-defined discount codes.
  • Notifications: Both admin and member will receive notifications of every action if you configure it.
  • Integration: You can integrate this plugin with the universal gravity forms plugin. 
  • Custom page templates: You can make your membership panel more engaged and professional with its custom page templates. (Find out more features in the product page)

Price & Support: The price of this WordPress membership plugin is only $35/year, with six months of support and unlimited future updates. But you can extend support time for 12 months by paying an extra $11. Their customer support team is constantly ready to respond to queries answers within an hour.

Get started with GravityMemberPro

(3) MemberPress


MemberPress is remarkable for its easy setup & features. It is one of the most growing membership plugins nowadays. For beginners, it is a master plugin with tons of options. Membership offers you robust access control to restrict access to any content, including pages, categories, posts, tags, files, and so on. 

Below are the highlighted features

  • Learning Materials: If you are selling learning material or online courses, then this is the best one for you. Its amazing features let your customers to engage on your site.
  • Excellent control dripping: Through control dripping, it allows showing restricted content to members after a particular time.
  • Integrations: MemberPress provides you with plenty of integrations like AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, and Madmimi. For podcast hosting service, it integrates with Amazon web services and BluBrry.
  • Payment Gateway: MemberPress offers you an easily accessible payment through PayPal and Stripe payment gateways. They also support add

Price & Support: MemberPress comes with two different plans. You can go with their basic plan at $129 per year or with the plus plan for $249 per year.

MemberPress gives you a 100% no-risk guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their service, they will refund your money. You don’t need to clarify your problems.

Get started with MemberPress

(4) ARMember


This is another best-selling WordPress subscription and user registration plugin for 2020. ARMember is impressive for creating any type of subscription or membership selling website without programming expertise.

The plugin is already sold over 3k that indicates users prefer this plugin to build their dream membership site. The plugin is suitable for the latest version of WordPress and Buddypress, Woocommerce, Visual composer, and more popular plugins. 

Three are lots of features, below are the most core features that we have found

  • Built-in Security: Security is the 1st priority of a WordPress site. You have to protect the site from hackers and malicious automated scripts. So this plugin is built-in with the latest security features like brute force login protection, IP & URL-based restriction, hide WP login page, etc.
  • Payment methods: You can include multiple payment methods like Stripe, PayPal, 2checkout, Authorized on your membership site so that users can select how to pay.
  • Unique setup wizard: This feature will reduce your time to configure all common settings automatically within just a few clicks. Best for a newcomer.
  • Opt-ins Integrations: The plugin supports popular 8 email marketing automation tools like AWeber, MailChimp, ConstantContact, GetResponse, Mailer, etc.
  • Member profile: It allows users to create a complete customized profile with detailed information.
  • Membership cards: You can provide a membership card to your existing members.
  • Invoicing facility: The plugin offers to design custom invoices that you can send to your user’s email inbox after subscribing to membership or renewal action.
  • Notification & coupon: ARMember provides you extra features to create unlimited coupons and email notifications for users.
  • Form duplication: With this plugin, you can duplicate the form, so you never have to start from scratch.

There are more features like reports, front-end widgets, auto-lock shared account, one field sign up, social login, translation ready, developer hooks captcha free anti-spam, IP based restrictions, and more.

Price & Support: A stable product has a good price that we all know. As ARMemerb has lots of pro features, so its cost is only $49 which is pretty high than other plugins hosted on Codecanyon. 
It has already replied to almost 1600+ customers’ comments. In our investigation, they respond to the question’s answer within 2 to 5 hours.

Get started with ARMember

(5) LearnDash


LearnDash is the most powerful, easily accessible, and user-friendly WordPress membership plugin. You can easily create full-fledged online courses on your site and earn money by selling them through its well-structured tool.

Know the core features that will help you generate more knowledge about it.

  • Sell courses: An interesting thing about its excellent customization. It engages your learners to take more courses that make more benefits for your site.
  • Drip content: LearnDash Provides a powerful drip content feature. It allows you to roll out content to users on regular intervals.
  • Integrations and Payment gateways: It has an amazing set of integrations and payment gateways. It supports payment through PayPal and Stripe. Through its integration feature you can easily connect it to MemberPress, WooCommerce, bbPress, and much more.
  • Built-in Community: It is an amazing tool to create a highly engaging membership site with course specific forum, user badge, quizzes, certificate, etc.

Price & Support: LearnDash is offering you three different packages to start. You can use their basic package at $199 normally. In the meantime, they are providing you up to 40% discount on every package.

To achieve the plus package, you have to pay $299. Otherwise, you can set your deal on the pro package at $369.

You can unlock new features and learning materials based on your performance. They will provide various badges and other attractive things to present your site for learners more interesting.

Get started with LearnDash

(6) Paid Member Subscriptions

Paid Member Subscriptions

Paid Member Subscriptions is another best plugin to restrict product viewing, purchasing to individual members. You can easily manage member subscriptions, grant and revoke access, user subscription plans, and much more.

More features of Paid Member plugin

  • Free trial: Paid Member Subscriptions offer you a free trial package. You can use that to take a look at its compatibility.
  • Amazon-Prime eCommerce style: Users will get Amazon-Prime eCommerce style through this plugin. Because it is an all-in-one plugin.
  • Content Dripping: This plugin provides a well-customized content dripping feature for your content’s security purpose.
  • Payment Gateway: You will get unlimited PayPal standard and free subscriptions, account management, email templates, restrict contents, and so many management tools.

Price & Support: This membership premium plugin offers you two different packages to go through. If you are maintaining one site, then the “Hobbyist” package is for you. It costs only $69 per year. For access to unlimited site licenses, you can go with “Pro Version.” It costs $149 per year.

If you want to refund your money, they will provide you with a support ticket to explain your problem. They try to fix your problem unless they will pay back your money.

Get started with Paid Member Subscriptions

(7) SUMO Memberships

SUMO Memberships

SUMO Memberships is a complete Woocommerce membership system plugin. It is a high-selling WordPress membership management plugin that allows you to sell memberships from an existing Woocommerce store.

There are many features to create an elegant style business membership store.

  • Content/Product restriction types: It allows you to create different content restriction types, good for creating large Woocommerce membership/subscription sites.
  • Multiple memberships: You can link a single membership plan to multiple membership plans within just a click.
  • Pause/cancel subscription: Existing members can easily pause or cancel their trial, monthly, or lifetime membership plan.
  • Automatically/manually renewed: You can configure the membership renewed system automatically or manually that can reduce your time.
  • Free trial/paid trial: SUMO Memberships offers to create free or paid trial even discounts for the new or existing members.
  • Reward points: Members will get points for completing certain actions if you configure this feature from the plugin setting page.
  • WPML compatible: This is the best feature. You can integrate it with the popular multi-language plugin that will help members to translate your site into different languages. (Check more features on the product page)

Price & Support: The price is only $39 for future updates with 6 months of customer support, but you can extend it for 6 months by paying $12. The customer rating of this membership plugin is near 5 stars. So you can ensure its quality and customer support.

Get started with SUMO Memberships

(8) Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member

If you are looking for a plugin for a well-customized membership panel, then Ultimate Member can help you with that. It mainly focused on user handling rather than content management.

Highlighted features

  • Easy to operate: Ultimate Member has a user-friendly outlook. Anyone can operate it with no technical knowledge.
  • Online community builder: This plugin is unbeatable for creating an advanced online community. That allows users to join and become members.
  • Payment Gateways: It allows several payment gateways along with PayPal and Stripe.

Price & Support: You can purchase the extensions Pass at $249 per yearly payment. Otherwise, for the extensions plus theme Pass, you need to pay $299 per year. If you want to withdraw your installment, then you can do it with no trouble—they offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get started with Ultimate Member

(9) Teachable


Teachable membership plugin is mainly for building online courses. This plugin comes with a powerful editor that helps to create and launch a stunning sales page to convert your visitor into premium users.

Learn here about the core features

  • Easy to use: Teachable is easy to use without knowing any technical skills. With their structured tools, you can make your course selling site more interesting.
  • Drip Content: This plugin is remarkable for including flexible drip content features. It rolls out content based on a user’s progress or subscription level.
  • Built-in engagement: It is apart from its competitor for its learning, marketing tools, and integration. This plugin has a built-in engagement feature that keeps engaging learners on quizzes and discussion forums. This feature brings more benefits for both users and site owners.

Price & Support: The basic package starts at $39 per month. For the professional package, you have to pay $99 per month. You can go with the business package at $499 per month respectively.

You can remove any pricing plan if you don’t use this service. Teachable has great customer support as your requirements.

Get started with Teachable

(10) PrivateContent


When you think of designing a WordPress membership website without coding ability, the PrivateContent plugin is great enough. This is a modern user management membership plugin that has a unique form framework. You can restrict any resources, contents, or parts of your website with this WordPress subscription booster.

The plugin is fast loading and optimized for any themes and popular plugins. It also supports GDPR compliance. One of the best things is that the plugin already sold over 10k and user rating near five stars.

Below are the core features of this Private Content plugin

  • User private message: The plugin support sends secret messages by admin to users automatically if you configure it from the plugin’s notification setting.
  • Login/registration form: Unique style login and registration form makes it modern and engaged.
  • Time-limited subscriptions: You can enable trial subscriptions, or restricted membership using this time-limited subscription feature.
  • Native visual composer: The plugin supports popular drag and drop visual composers, Elementor and Cornerstone. So those plugins help you design a website with different styles and formats.
  • Automatic plan’s renewal process with a reminder: This is a very important feature of a membership website. When you require sending a renewal or payment reminder notification, you can do this automatically.
  • Plan’s trial period: It allows to create trial plans for the user’s interaction.
  • MailChimp seamless sync: You can activate email automation service using MailChimp because this plugin is suitable for this popular email marketing tool.
  • Quick mail system with attachment: PrivateContent supports a quick email delivery system with a massive amount of files.
  • Download counter: This is a unique feature that you may not notice in other plugins. It counts every download, even lifetime downloads of your property.
  • PrivateContent shortcode: You can easily generate shortcode of every feature.
  • Multi-language support: It allows users to translate your website into their mother language or any other language they want.

Price & Support: You have to pay only $25 for 6 months of customer support and lifetime future update. But you have an opportunity to get additional support if you pay only $7 for 6 months. The support team has already responded to 2500+ comments in reply, So you will get the best support from them within a few hours.

Get started with PrivateContent

(11) Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is a structural and powerful contender for the title of the best membership plugin for WordPress. It is beautifully integrated with the WordPress latest version & with a comprehensive payment gateway.

Below are the basic features of Restrict Content Pro

  • Easy Usable: A user without having any technical skills can easily figure how to use Restrict Content Pro. While at any turbulence, you also get professional support through emails with instant feedback.
  • Payment Gateways: Users can pay comfortably with PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe. It also supports 2Checkout, PayPal Express, PayPal Website Payments Pro, and Stripe Checkout. Extensive free documentation service is available for every respective user.

Work with Easy Digital Downloads: The plugin is the perfect companion if you are running Easy Digital Downloads to sell digital products.

Price & Support: Restrict Content Pro offers four different packages with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Personal package stands for one website license at $99 per year, whereas plus package gives five sites license at $149 yearly payment. For unlimited website licenses, you can go with the professional package at $249 per year.

Get started with Restrict Content Pro

(12) Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is an easy setup plugin for an initial membership website. But it contains much more profound levels of customization if you need it.

Its documentation is quite proper and well designed. You need not WordPress or coding knowledge to go through with some elements, but they also have a video guide on each process.

See its core features

  • Easy to setup: With some technical knowledge you can use it easily.
  • Content Dripping: The plugin comes with a structured content dripping feature. You can easily keep your content restricted for members.
  • Integrations: It provides a well integration with  75 add-ons..

Price & Support: Paid Memberships Pro plugin offers you two different packages and a free version of the plugin. The premium package starts with the Plus package at $297 yearly and the “Unlimited” package it costs $597 per year.

No matter if you don’t like their service. They will provide you 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days. You need to contact them if you want to refund your money.

Get started with Paid Memberships Pro

(13) YITH WooCommerce Membership

YITH WooCommerce Membership

YITH WooCommerce membership is an excellent plugin that lets you create a subscription website. Now, you can build membership sites with ease and offer new features to your customers.

YITH WooCommerce Membership plugin also allows you to personalize the logic of how users access content. With this plugin, you can control what kind of actions are available to see different aspects of content. You can make payments using your Woocommerce payment method.

YITH WooCommerce Membership plugin offers membership levels to your customers. You can give different level permissions according to the membership period of a user. With this feature, you can sell access to content in bulk using flexible prices per month or year.

Some Core Features:

  • Unlimited membership plan: With this plugin, you can create an unlimited number of membership plans.
  • Unlimited content levels: You can add as many content levels to each plan and membership as you want.
  • Membership Flat Rate shipping method: Using the YITH membership plugin, you can hide the flat rate of shipping. Instead of this, you can set a fixed price for the product.
  • Membership editing options: With this plugin, you can edit options and checkbox selection in your membership.
  • Members email notifications: This is an excellent feature of this membership plugin. It can send an email to your customer automatically when she/he when a new membership is created or canceled. Even it can alert to user/member by sending an email before the membership expires.
  • Hide Add to cart on downloadable product: It is good for hiding the ‘Add to cart page for any downloadable product.
  • Shortcode: It allows you to use shortcodes for content display. You can customize your membership display after adding this feature.
  • Discount: It offers discounts to your members using the YITH WooCommerce Membership plugin.

Price & Customer Support: The price of the WooCommerce membership plugin is about Euro 150/year for 1 site license with one-year customer support and plugin updates. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get started with YITH WooCommerce Membership

(14) aMember Membership

aMember Membership plugin

aMember is pretty much structured and organized WordPress membership software, making it easier to find what you need. It is a membership plugin for WordPress so if you are using it just for this, it is pretty much great software.

To give you an idea of the membership business, it will help you create different levels of memberships and provide tools to restrict access to content so that not everyone can view the same things.

aMember also lets you limit access in terms of time, such as with monthly or annual subscriptions. You can also set limits such as the number of posts they can view, downloads, forum posts, and even file uploads.

The plugin offers some useful features for your users, especially with it being integrated with PayPal and many popular payment methods. So that members can purchase subscriptions easily without leaving your website. You can read the difference between ARMember Vs Ultimate Membership Pro.

Core features of aMemerb software:

  • Unlimited membership levels & items: It allows to create unlimited membership levels or items.
  • Admin panel customization: It allows you to customize the admin panel to your liking as well as add custom fields at your desire.
  • Easy-to-use admin: This tool has an easy-to-use admin interface for greater efficiency.
  • Post and Page Restriction: It allows you to choose what your members can view in terms of posts or pages.
  • Full access control: It gives you full access control over user’s accounts.
  • Payment methods integration: It comes with a payment gateway integration for more than 10 different gateways.
  • Full-featured member management: Using aMember WordPress plugin you can control your members and their access.
  • Automated signup & expirations: aMember allows you to create automatic signups and expirations, so you do not have to manually renew your membership.
  • Translated into 6 languages: It can translate into six different languages easily.
  • Built-in affiliate program: This is a great feature and benefit of aMember software. With its built-in affiliate program, you can automatically reward your affiliates for each membership sale they generate.
  • E-mail management: You don’t have to worry to send recurring emails to your members, This plugin lets you automatically send recurring notices and registration confirmation.
  • Customer support: This tool comes with excellent support from the developer if you have any problem using it.

Price & Support: aMember software costs only $149.36/year (limited offer) for one site license with one year of customer support and updates.

Get started with aMember

Which WordPress Membership Plugin Should You Choose?

The answer to this question is very tough for us because there are many aspects of judging the best one. Also, it will depend on your needs, which means which features you want to implement on your subscription site.

However, if you mention to us which membership plugin is appropriate for an average rating, we will recommend using Ultimate Membership Pro. This plugin has huge fundamental features, perfect for creating a pro-quality native style membership or subscription WordPress website.

We are not claiming that the other plugins are unacceptable. We have collected these plugins for their quality and features, along with customer supports and user ratings. 
So all plugins are good, just check their features. If features fulfill your all requirements, you can take a buying action otherwise not.

The Bottom Line

Your property or resource is always valuable for you. So you should take care of those. When you sell your result of hard work, you should be careful of theft or any other undesirable actions.

In a membership or subscription business, use a such as tool or plugin that offers you complete support even when you sleep. So before purchasing a membership plugin, check their all features and commitments, then go forward to buy. 

As the resource selling business is very susceptible, so you should use a security plugin on your WordPress site. We suggest using Sucuri or iTheme Security pro WordPress security plugin that will totally protect your site from hacking or any unwanted hacking-related issues.

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Veena Prashanth
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DAP is one of the oldest, and the most powerful, complete and scalable membership plugins. In the last few years we’ve made several updates to make it really easy-to-use and setup. There’s not much you cannot do using DAP.

Would you please consider checking it out @ ?

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