how to protect WordPress site from brute force attack

How to Protect WordPress Site from Brute Force Attack with 5 Ways

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If you are running a website, It is essential to protect your WordPress site from unauthorized users who are trying to access your account. There are many unauthorized actions to access a website to speared malware.

The brute force attack is one of them, and it may slow down your server or access all of your valuable restricted data.

In this article, I will elaborately explain what a brute force attack is and how to prevent the brute force attacks to protect your valuable website.

how to protect WordPress site from brute force attack

Let’s talk about the brute force attack in short.

What is a Brute Force Attack?

Hackers always try to guess the password and username of a website’s user by running a computer program.

It is a simple hacking method when hackers use an automated tool and implement many trials to access your account. For a successful operation, they can get the user’s all hidden essential data and win the power of controlling of the admin area. 

Generally, the brute force attack can happen in many ways on your website. In most cases, hackers use the dictionary method, which is with English common words for several times.

The other process is depending on the length of the credentials of a user. If an unauthorized user comes to know your password’s and username’s length, he can easily guess & attempt too many times within a short time with the automated bot.

The chance of losing your account is so high as you have not enough protection for your website.

Moreover, your server may slow down, and it also creates any problematic situation for an unsuccessful brute force attack.

How to Prevent the Brute Force Attack?

It is essential to know how you can fix this problem to keep the website safe. Now I am telling you about some techniques that will guide you to make your website secure.

(1) Use Unique & Complex Passwords:

Suppose you are using a password which length 10-15 characters, then it is not difficult to access your account for anyone. The length of your password is also a vital issue to prevent any attacks.

Choosing a unique and complex password is the right option that no one can guess your credentials easily.

I am recommending you to use at least eight characters or more and try to use the combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols to make it more complicated.

Moreover, it is also mandatory to use a unique username, and I highly advise you not to use those usernames such as admin, user, etc.

If you have a WordPress site and want to change username admin or something like that, probably you cannot do. Becouse WordPress system dose not allow to change username after installation.

So if you urgently want to change it to think of brute force attract, you can use Username Changer plugin which is the best for changing WordPress default username withing a few seconds.

(2) Limit the login attempts:

The automated bot tries lots of time to access any account. Although it is so much hard even for a bot to guess the actual account information in a short time.

In that case, account lockouts with progressive delays is not a bad option. By using this system, your account will lock for trying several unsuccessful attempts. Limit login attempts reloaded plugin is one of the best solutions. So you can use this on your WordPress site to protect limit login attempts cleverly.

You can also unlock it as an admin when you want to sign in your account, and your website will remain safe from those attacks.

(3) Use Captcha or OTP:

To sign in any users like editor, admin, author, and so on, you can use the reCaptcha or OTP options for getting a positive result. The brute automated tool can’t access your account if you use those types of features.

You can use reCaptcha by BestWebSoft to enable captcha in your WordPress login area and any forms which have the possibility to brute force attract.

(4) Enable Geoblocking Option:

Typically, people who live in some specific countries are often making those illegal vulnerable attacks.

To protect your web application from those unwanted people, you can use the geoblocking option if you have no business in those particular areas. It is an excellent initiative to protect your valuable site. In this case Wordfence security is the best solution. 

(5) Add 2 Factors Authentication:

Two Factor Authentication is the most potent way to prevent brute force attacks from your website. You can turn on the verification code activation, and in that case, you need to use this verification code to sign in with their account.

By activating this 2 step security layer, you will get the code on your smartphone while you are trying to log in. Probably, this feature is one of the best ways to confirm the authorization of login.

Unauthorized users can not access your account anyhow if you enable this excellent feature on your WordPress site. So I will recommend reading this guide on how to add 2FA on a WordPress site.

By reading this article, you have gained some tips to implement it on your website. I have shown all of those processes point to point, and I hope it will make you clear. Thanks for reading.


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