ARMember Vs Ultimate Membership Pro

ARMember Vs Ultimate Membership Pro: Which One Is The Best?

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Are you looking for the best-rated membership plugins? Unsure of the difference between ARMember Vs Ultimate Membership Pro? Know the right information about these membership plugins and also know my best recommendation on which one is the best.

WordPress is a great platform for creating websites and blogs, especially for beginners. WordPress offers many incredible features to start a membership website, even any business or blog. And to improve any functionality, plugins are always there to help. They have built-in functionalities that can help to perform many jobs without coding in the main WordPress files.

So, people, who aren’t confident with their programming skills and new in this area, they can use plugins to enhance the features and functionality of a WordPress site.

A WordPress membership plugin helps in adding members directly to a website or blog. This type of plugins can be both free and paid versions. The free version can’t perform all the essential work then premium.

However, if you want a membership site more organized and get more features, go with a paid plugin. You can enable all essential features on your membership website according to your needs if you use a premium subscription-based plugin. There are lots of free membership plugins, but you have to choose the right one, which helps you to boost your online membership subscription business. You can check another comparison between Paid Memberships Pro Vs Restrict Content Pro.

However, in this post, I’ll share a comparison between ARMember vs Ultimate Membership Pro. Also, I’ll share my best recommendation on which one is the best as a premium membership plugin for an online subscription-based business.

ARMember Vs Ultimate Membership Pro – Comparison

In this comparison, I’ll share my opinions based on the data collected from real users like you. So, you can rely on this as the comparison is entirely unbiased. 

There are many great membership plugins in the market. Among the top membership plugins for WordPress in 2021, the 1st place has taken Ultimate Membership Pro, and ARMember stands in the 2nd position.

Membership plugin
Using Membership plugin

However, ARMember is dominant over Ultimate Membership Pro based on user ratings and reviews. But these aren’t enough for positioning as a good for bad membership plugin because all real users don’t provide reviews and ratings.

So, I’ve compared the Ultimate Membership Pro and the ARMember below from different angles like features, usability, support, pricing, and more.

Ultimate Membership Vs ARMember: Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons

Choosing one from the best can be very difficult. There are many reasons why both plugins are ranked on top. I’ve shared the pros and cons of both, so I hope you will be able to select one from your preferences.

Why Ultimate Membership Pro Over ARMember?

The Ultimate Membership Pro plugin is a widely used plugin that allows you to have a full membership solution. It’s a premium plugin that protects posts, uploads, pictures, and products of a subscription site. With this plugin, you can easily create a full membership business with requiring and trial features.

Ultimate Membership Pro

The Ultimate Membership Pro plugin has ranked first among all the membership plugins in 2021.

Pros of Ultimate Membership Pro

  • Ultimate Membership Pro offers at an affordable price compared to other plugins offering similar features.
  • The support quality of the Ultimate Membership Pro is better than ARMember, and it’s rated by many users.
  • It offers One-Click Upsells and in this case, again, Ultimate Pro beats ARMember.
  • It offers Save-the-Sale. Again, it is rated 33% over ARMember.
  • I consider it as a category leader for a membership plugin for WordPress.
  • The plugin offers eight highlight features and also includes a trial offer feature.
  • Ultimate Membership Pro can handle overdue payments.
  • It’s the best for its friendly customer support.
  • The plugin is also effortless to use.
  • It has scored over 90% in FindScore (fs).

Cons of Ultimate Membership Pro

  • Lack of some features compared to ARMember.
  • The trial feature is 64% below the industry ratings.
  • Overdue payment handling is not so satisfactory.

Why ARMember Over Ultimate Membership Pro

ARMember works as a purely included participation platform for WordPress. You can use ARMember to get enrolled.

Needless to say, ARMember has many features that can beat Ultimate Membership Pro when you talk about a simple membership plugin. Though it ranks as 2nd “Best Membership Plugin for WordPress in 2021” list, but it offers unique charms features to the users.

ARMember plugin

Here is why users have rated it over the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin.

  • When it comes to money in the battle of ARMember Vs Ultimate Membership Pro, ARMember will easily win.
  • Many users have rated for their quality support. However, this depends on individual preference.
  • This plugin is so easy to configure and well for beginner users.

Pros of ARMember

  • It has a list of prominent features.
  • Most of the users have responded for getting their positive experience with this membership plugin.
  • ARMember is a most rated and category leader membership plugins of Codecanyon marketplace.
  • The trial feature of ARMember has been rated 350% over Ultimate Membership Pro.
  • Like Ultimate Membership Pro, ARMember also has eight highlight features along with the Save-the-sale feature.
  • It’s considered as the best for customer support and easy-to-use features.
  • It has scored over 67% in FindrScore (fs).
  • It’s good for a complete solution of a membership site and good for beginners.

Cons of ARMember

  • The one-click upsells feature is rated 100% below the average industry rank.
  • The customer management feature doesn’t work sufficiently.
ARMember membership plugin

ARMember Vs Ultimate Membership Pro – Price

I’ve discussed before that both plugins has reasonable price. The price of both plugins is only $49/year with 6 months’ customer support. So you never worry about the price comparison. Even the price of the extended customer support is the same, only $16.50 for the 12 months.

ARMember Vs Ultimate Membership Pro: Last Advice

If you want to build a sustainable membership online business, you should add professional features for users/customers on your site. Using the free version of a plugin can be a temporary trial, so you should select a premium soon because it would require for sales, subscriptions, and many more.

Customers can easily manage their subscriptions or membership account using the features provided by a premium membership plugin. You can also boost your membership subscriptions by engaging with the community.

So, no matter which one you should prefer between ARMember and Ultimate Membership Pro. You can prefer the best membership plugin according to their features.

But For beginners, I recommend ARMember as it’s easy to use and comes with almost all the features you might look for. You can also use Ultimate Membership Pro if its features fullfill your all needs.

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3 years ago

(I am not working nor I have any interested with any of those 2 plugins… this is an honest review to help people making their choice).

I am an armember user since 3 years. As often happens with membership plugin.. is hard to switch 😉
So I am still stucked in armemebr and I want to, honestly, alert users of staying away from them. I ignore if you earn affiliate with this review, but I hope you do not censor my honest review.

I am a multiple businesses owner. I wish I would have picked another membership plugin cause now I am stucked!!!

An advice when you pick a membership plugin >> Don’t base your decision on the product but on the team behind!!!
You may have a very appealing product… but if the team behind is bad, the product will be buggy and new features and support will be scarce.
On the contrary, with a good team behind a product can evolve and become a star…

I have years of experience with the team behind Armember: it’s REALLY, REALLY bad!!!
Those guys will blame your fault for anything you do and are so UNPROFESSIONAL, UNKIND and INCOMPETENT.

Be aware… you pay 49usd for lifetime… you will get a team that go along with that price!!

After 6 months the support will expire…. and there your nightmare will begin!!! A notification message will appear on your WP saying your support is over and pushing you to pay to renew it. If you do.. you are “fine”. You don’t? The notification is coming back on and on every month…. for the rest of your life!!

I got in touch with them multiple time to complain but every time the answer is always the same “it’s your fault” or “buy support” or “pay for custom code”.

Also they excused this very aggressive WP notifications by the biz model they’ve chosen. When I stated that they told me that I was “insulting them”.

A part from the very, very BAD support, their product hasn’t really evolved in the last 3 years… it seems to me they are still 2 guys in the same garage!!

But anyway thanks a lot for your review and this article. But it’s important that future people evaluating armember also get a read on my experience.


Reply to  Palash Talukder
3 years ago

I am also a ARMember user for 3 years. Aside from the poor support, with every update it’s a lottery. One update – the script hangs up the entire server, because it starts sorting through each of my 500k users, another time, user payments simply stop being processed. I can only recommend this script to those who are extremely limited in budget and have a small number of subscribers.

I also bought Ultimate Membership Pro, hoping to change my ARMember to it. Well, it just can’t open a 500k user base at all. At the same time, WordPress itself shows the user list without any problems. The support says that they tested everything and it works, but this is probably not true. Lost money 🙂

At the moment, I’m moving on to another script. I will not indicate the name, so that no one would think that I am advertising something.

Saeed Khosravi
Reply to  Jack
3 years ago

@Hi, Jack
Thanks for your opinion.

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