iThemes Security Pro Review

iThemes Security Pro Review: Why Should You Use It?

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Keeping the WordPress site secure is so tough for beginners as well as professionals. Especially WordPress security is a vital point for the established website. But you can worry-free near 100% using the best WordPress Security Plugin for your website. iThemes Security Pro will secure and protect your WordPress site at the most pocket-friendly rates.

iThemes Security Pro Review: The World’s Best WordPress Security Plugin For Webmasters

iThemes Security Pro Review

With advances in technology, it is becoming increasingly easy to hack websites. Thousands of websites are hacked every day. Hackers insert malware into their files, causing immense damage.

WordPress sites are an easy target for hackers. Factors like weak passwords, obsolete software, and plugin vulnerabilities make it easier for hackers to attack these sites. That is why you need the most trusted WordPress security plugin like iThemes Security Pro.

iThemes Security Pro is the WordPress security plugin with built-in features and smart defaults to secure your site. It securely locks down WordPress, strengthens user credentials, detects file change, locks out the wrong user, makes online file comparisons and stops automated attacks.

iThemes security plugin

Once the security plugin is installed and activated, it adds a menu called Security in your WordPress admin. This new Security admin menu shows the recommended modules for Ithemes Security pro.

iThemes Security Pro was initially known as the Better WP Security plugin. This WordPress Security plugin has a free option and a premium option. The core features offered by the free version are unique to this security plugin. For those who want all features delivered can opt for the premium option at a fee.

This security plugin keeps your site safe from hackers by; Banning IP addresses of known attackers from your site, locking out users after many failed login attempts, Scanning your site to detect malware, and enforcing strong passwords.

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Ithemes Security Pro Features

The iThemes Security Pro costs a considerable amount of at least $80, although this is a small price to pay to secure your site from hackers. This Security plugin is especially recommended due to its multiple features that help you protect your site. These features are:

Hijacking Protection
  • WordPress Salts and Security Keys– this feature makes updating your WordPress keys and Salts extremely easy.
  • The Two-Factor Authentication uses a mobile app such as Google Authenticator to generate a code that is emailed to you.
  • User Action Logging, which tracks when users login, logout, and edit content.
  • Password Security, which generates strong passwords from your profile screen.
  • Malware Scan Scheduling– this feature automatically scans your site for malware.
  • Password Expiration, which sets a maximum password age and forces users to choose a new password after a certain period.
  • Google reCAPTCHA, which protects your site from spammers.
  • Import/Export Settings, which helps to save time when setting up multiple WordPress sites.
  • A Dashboard Widget, which helps to manage essential tasks such as system scans and user banning from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Temporary role Privilege Escalation-gives a contractor temporary admin or editor access to your site that automatically resets itself.
  • WP-CLI Integration, which manages your site’s Security from the command line.
  • iThemes Sync Integration-this feature allows you to maintain multiple WordPress websites from one central dashboard.
  • Multiple 2FA capabilities– protects the user’s credentials by providing two different authentication factors to verify themselves.
  • Private Ticketed Support- it helps users getting various problems solves from support teams.
  • 404 detection, which helps detect hidden 404 errors on your site. This security plugin lets you set the number of 404 errors an IP can reach within a specific period. These errors affect your SEO, such as missing images and wrong links.
  • Brute force protection enables you to set a limit on the number of failed login attempts a user can make to protect you from brute force attacks. It also provides you with the option to whitelist your IP, mostly if you quickly forget your passkey.
  • File Change Detection, which helps detect file changes. Hackers try to alter files from your site. This feature will make you aware of this malicious act by sending you an alert through your email to check it out and fix it.
  • SSL and System tweaking help improve the site performance and create secure connections on the WordPress dashboard.

What We Like

  • Initial Security Check- The initial security check, which screens users before they can access the sites, is an excellent idea as it protects the user’s website from wrong users.
  • The Free version has Multiple Features- The many added features of iThemes Security Pro are a worthy investment as they help protect your website as it covers all bases.
  • Ease of use– users of any skill level can easily secure their websites. What’s more, it comes with documentation that guides users on things like how to get started and how to use its multiple features.
  • It is easy to Setup- the plugin has default settings options and a list of adjustments in an easy-to-use security status overview, which is appealing for many users as it lowers entry barriers. When dealing with security problems, you can quickly go through an itemized list with “Fix It “buttons.
  • In-depth defense- the security plugin offers various measures at different WordPress levels that help to protect it from any kind threat.
  • Offers protection from within and Without- iThemes Security Pro plugin offers protection from internet threats and safeguards logged in users.
  • Password configuration and Salting- this security function helps to create unique passwords even when different users choose the same password. Salting protects logged in users from attacks.
  • Secure Site Checks- this is the software behind this WordPress Security plugin’s malware scan, scheduling, email notifications, and a ten-point evaluation.
  • The dashboard is straight forward- this makes it easy to understand for any user.
WordPress Malware Scanning

What We Don’t Like

  • iThemes Security Pro can break your site- using this security plugin to make changes to your site can break it. To be on the safe side, you should make a backup before installing it.
  • File and user action Logging Slows down the dashboard– the file logging tends to slow down the dashboard creating a negative user experience.
  • Plugin Features, which favor community websites- most features that come with the iThemes Security Pro plugin, are for registered users and community websites, so those running hobby websites do not require all the services installed.
  • iThemes Security Pro is Pricey- this security plugin is expensive, a factor that may lock out users who cannot afford it. This fact is unfortunate as pro comes highly recommended as the most efficient security plugin for WordPress.
  • The Wide range of options can be overwhelming- This Security plugin comes with a lot of information. Users may have a difficult time grasping all the information available and making decisions.
  • It does not work with some hosting platforms- Some low RAM and VPS hosting plans do not do well with this security plugin, especially when you try to use advanced features like file change detection and prefix changing.
  • May require you to edit the htaccess file- you may at times be required to edit the htaccess file, especially when you want to hide individual hacker-drawing pages like the login page.

iThemes Security Pro Pricing

The iThemes Security Pro’s multiple packages make it a highly efficient and capable security solution for WordPress websites. Users can get it for as little as $80 a year when they pick the blogger option. We also have the Freelancer option, which allows for up to 10 websites and goes for $127 a year, and the unlimited Developer package for unlimited sites, which costs $199 a year.

The Plugin Suite package, which goes for $247 a year, gives you all 20 of its plugins. All these packages come with a year of ticketed support, ten iThemes Sync sites, and plugin updates.

Our Obgarbation About iThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security Pro is an excellent security plugin choice for WordPress users who intend to protect their sites. The security plugin is powerful, user-friendly, and reasonably priced considering it comes with a wide range of useful features.

iThemes Security pro’s benefits are endless. The security plugin helps you ban wrong users on a bot blacklist, hide login and admin URLs, schedule periods where the admin area cannot be accessed.

iThemes WordPress Security Designed

The security plugin can also enable 404 detections to prevent scanning your website for vulnerable pages and run online file comparisons to detect malicious activity and file permissions that lock down access to specific files.

Like many security plugins, it has its limitations. The malware detectors can occasionally miss something and may fail to install correctly on every site. These risks can be dealt with by taking measures such as adding another malware detector and always remember to backup your information.

Besides, it is essential to uncover whether your hosting plan has enough RAM for the features. With iThemes Security Pro, business and hobby users can secure their websites without incurring any costs. For those running serious websites, paying for the premium option is the ideal choice as it instantly elevates your website Security.

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The Final Verdict About iThemes Security Pro

What’s more appealing is the fact that iThemes Security explains each of its features on your dashboard, so for those who are not familiar with security jargon, there is no need to worry.

The numerous options are explained in a simple and easy-to-understand manner that makes it less overwhelming. With iThemes Security pro securing your website, you will have a smooth and worry-free user experience, as this is the best protection plan for your WordPress site.

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