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How To Automatically Post To Pinterest From WordPress Step by Step Guides

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Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms. Pinterest drives more web traffic than Facebook, Google, and Linkedin. That is why it is a growing platform that has over 322 million monthly active users who visit Pinterest and pin their favorite photos.

So it is very important for every blogger to engage with Pinterest. But the question is how can you engage with Pinterest automatically? Even if you have a WordPress blog how will you post automatically to your Pinterest account?

All questions have a good solution to use the best rated WordPress Pinterest auto poster plugin that will reduce time to share posts with backlinks in your Pinterest account. 

pinterest auto poster

However, in this tutorial, we are going to share how to auto post from WordPress to Pinterest account by a WordPress plugin.

Why Should You Use Pinterest Auto Poster Plugin?

You already know Pinterest is the largest social platform that has huge users. So if you want to generate traffic to your blog, you should use Pinterest social platform along with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. 

But It is so boring to share each and every WordPress post on a social sharing site manually because you need a lot of time. 

So if you have the opportunity to automatically share posts to social networking sites then it is much better than manual. That’s why we think you can use a Pinterest auto poster plugin for your WordPress blog.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

It is a best-rated Pinterest auto poster plugin marketed by the popular plugin’s marketplace Codecanyon. This plugin automatically pin images from your WordPress post to your Pinterest account.

So you never need much knowledge to operate this plugin, just install and activate it and the plugin automatically will do all the pinning work for you.

So let’s start step by step guides.

First of all, it is a high selling premium plugin, so for getting the best benefits, you have to buy it from the Codecanyon marketplace. The price is only $21, which is pretty much cheaper than other WordPress plugins.

Suppose you have bought this plugin now is time to activate it on your WordPress site. 
Login to WordPress site and upload Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin and activate it as like other plugins. We hope you already know this process.

Then go to Pinterest Automatic plugin & click on the setting option.

Pinterest Automatic

After clicking the basic setting, A new page will be open. Here you have to fill up your Pinterest account login email and password that will be used to synchronize with the plugin.

Then select your default pin text. 

The next step is to fetch Pin Boards. So click on the Fetch Pin Board. 

Fetch Pin Boards

The plugin automatically fetches your boards here. If you do not create boards ever, go to Pinterest, and create expected boards then back to the plugin setting and fetch again.

Choose a default pin board from the fetch boards section.

After that, check the next all options carefully which you want to get benefits. After checking all options, click on the ‘Save change’ button. Now your site is ready to share post automatically to your Pinterest account.

To test the automatic process, go to Post>Ad new post then upload your photo to post. After uploading photos, all photos automatically will show on the right sidebar of the post editor.

select post

Now select a photo that you want to share in your Pinterest account automatically. You can select one by one or select/deselect all even you can modify the pin variable. Also, here you can change the Pinboard for the individual post.

After selecting images and completing post-editing, publish your post.

The plugin’s system automatically will publish images to your Pinterest account. One image will be published instantly after pressing the Publish button. Then other images will be waiting in a queue that automatically will be published every 60 seconds. 

To check the queue images go to the Pinterest automatic plugin section then click on the waiting queue. Here you will see all the queue images and their stats.

waiting queue images

It has many essential features that you can use to share posts in your Pinterest account. 

So to get more benefits from this plugin you have to configure the basic setting and advanced setting section carefully. But remember the configuring process is not so hard because all settings are beginner-friendly.

You will get the better idea, if you watch the below video carefully.

Features of Pinterest Auto Poster Plugin

There are many features of this simple plugin. Not only features but also the plugin is SEO friendly and will not be the cause of slow loading. Besides, its beginner-friendly interface is easy to use. Below are the popular features that you should know.

  • Easily Pin unlimited number of images
  • Automatic Images detection
  • Automatic boards detection
  • Image Queuing System
  • Skip duplicates
  • Auto-link pins to your post
  • Supported up to 9 Tags
  • Custom post types support 
  • WooCommerce support
  • Detect images to pin from the front-end 
  • Image resizing for Pin
  • Post featured image as a pin
  • Scheduled posts support
  • Automatic excerpt generation
  • Automatic updates 
  • Detailed action log and more

If you really want to get viral traffic to your WordPress blog then Pinterest Automatic Plugin is for you. So the plugin is a must need for you if you are a serious WordPress blogger.


Finally from our end, we recommend using this plugin because this is the best and high rated plugin as a Pinterest auto poster. The plugin already sold 6k+ and replied over 800 customer’s comments. So the support system is really excellent. Also, the rating of this plugin near the 5 start that indicates the plugin is more popular among the WordPress users.

What do you think of this plugin? Are there any others we missed? Please leave a comment below and help us to determine the best Pinterest auto-posters out there.

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Thank you for this info as i’m researching the best Pinterest wordpress plugins

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It really best plugin for auto post to Pinterest. Your post helped me to find exactly what I searching for.

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3 years ago

Hi @Emma,
Thanks for your opinion.

2 years ago

Thanks admin for this nice tutorial I will try in on my music blog to get more pinterest followers

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2 years ago

We appreciate your comment.

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