Beaver Builder Vs Elementor

Beaver Builder Vs Elementor: Which one Should You Prefer?

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You might have seen the WordPress community is blessed with many page builders like Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor, and more. Without having your coding expertise or webpage development knowledge, these plugins will comfort you to create professional-looking websites within a short time.

Elementor and Beaver builders are the two most used WordPress theme builders in the market. These two plugins include the best features to create a website with a few clicks. Both have differences that will impact the decision of your choice.

Choosing the best WordPress page builder is critical because you might get confused. Although, you can always change your decision and switch one to another. 

Many website developers love to work with Beaver Builder. It is used on over one million websites because of its consistent updates, standings of developer-friendly plugins, and clean code. 

On the contrary, Elementor is the paramount full-featured free page builder. It has an enormous range of feature sets, easy to use, and 3rd party addon to enhance its features. 

Beaver Builder Vs Elementor

However, In this post, we are comparing these exclusive WordPress Page builders and share our best recommendation at the end of the post. So that you don’t have to switch again.

Our provided comparison will assist you to make your own choice about the best one. We are going to share the interface, widgets, templates, and many options of these two-page builders. So let’s start…

Beaver Builder Vs Elementor: FAQs

As Beaver and Elementor, both plugins are fantastic, so it’s a seldom crucial matter to choose the right option for you. 

For instance, once you make your decision, you should select it for a long-term basis. In most cases, you have no options to go back to when your mood swings. Let’s think twice.

Before going to the battle of beaver builder vs elementor, we have shared some questions answer for you. These answers also help you understand about these plugins that which is the best for specific reasons.

What’s your intention either to build a website for your client or yourself?

In this regard, most often clients share their expectations elaborately to the developers what they prefer. Likewise, if your client wants white labeling, you may go for Beaver Builder. Elementor does not provide this functionality. 

Moreover, if you have less interest in providing them all the latest features, you can also choose Beaver Builder. 

Which plugins are the best for security, stability, and maintenance?

For security and constancy purposes, we will recommend you to select Beaver Builder than Elementor. In point of the fact that the pro version of Elementor is not open source. It means to say that the WordPress developers have no permission to access the source code of Elementor Pro. 

Elementor pro plugin

So it might be a risk to ensure significant customizations by using Elementor Pro. In the same way, it is changing rapidly and releasing updates every time, so you need to wait for now and then until other people are broadcasting any significant issues. 

The same up-gradation of Beaver Builder to the next version is as much relaxed and secured without the anxiety of infringement on your website. 

Do you want to host your client’s website?

If your clients are asking the following criteria given below:

  • Firstly, you have to build or decorate their website.
  • Secondly, you need to maintain their website.
  • Finally, you have to host their websites by charging them a monthly fee.

If all the answers are yes, then we might suggest you pick Elementor.

What are your preferences for features and templates?

However, you might want to comprise to get all the features and templates in one plugin. So if you have a deep fascination with fancy features, then Elementor pro will be the right choice for you. It also has more templates and settings than Beaver Builder.

Similarly, if you want an overall designing control in every single part of your site, then select Beaver Builder. 

In reality, Beaver Themer is genuine add-on plugins that can be placed anytime and anywhere.

Are you proficient in coding or having a lack of knowledge about it?

If you are afraid of coding, then you can build your WordPress website by using Elementor. It has many settings and features that help non-coders so that they develop a website without writing a single code. But if you want a specific feature that might need coding, you may also go for that option.

Sometimes writing code is essential for Beaver Builder. As a substitute for using the percentage of pixels, you may use margins, padding, text-shadow, or Z-Index by using codes.

Are you effortlessly comfortable with a promptly developing product or not?

If you want to get all the updated features instantly whenever released, then Elementor would be your priority. But if you are less interested in incompatible with promptly developing products, then Beaver Builder suits you best. 

Beaver Builder plugin

Formerly, it’s better to ask your client whether they want a steady website that doesn’t support revolution recurrently or their website will be modernized with new structures now and then. 

Are You Expecting Huge and Easy Features or Templates?

If it is yes, then you may go for Elementor, otherwise, Beaver Builder will be the best for you. 

However, Elementor might give you benefits to get you plenty of enthralling templates altogether. Nevertheless, it would be best if you bore it in your mind that every new feature might make the software bulky and stroller over time. Although, it will have a considerable influence on its steadiness. Indeed, it’s troublesome to maintain the backward compatibility of your site with a speedy progress pace at the same time.

Beaver Builder Vs Elementor: Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons

Beaver builder Pros:

  • It is mobile and developer-friendly.
  • It has Export/Import functionality, full templates, and a block library.
  • It provides a Live and Fast Front-End drag-and-drop page builder.
  • It has modern design features and white labeling opportunities.
  • It is suitable and idyllic for agencies.
  • It provides drop shadows, shortcodes, and reuse modules.
  • It offers free lite version to design a WordPress site for a basic level.


  • Compared to other builders, its development is quite slow.
  • It takes extra costs for theme builder.
  • For additional supportive features, it might need to purchase a 3rd party add-on.

Get started with Beaver Builder pro today.

Elementor Pros :

  • It is mobile-friendly. 
  • It allows live front end page editor and open source.
  • The plugin is SEO optimized.
  • It has the most influential Popup builder.
  • It supports traditional CSS.
  • Elementor Pro permits creating custom Headers/ Footers.
  • It provides translation, template, block library, and RTL.
  • It allows wide-ranging of receptive options.
  • Elementor Pro can create post-type layouts.
  • Elementor free version is for basic design, you can try it free for the starting.


  • Its block library and templates are comparatively weak.
  • Elementor Pro & Standard has no white labeling opportunities.
  • Its 3rd party Add-ons frequently causes issues, and the header builder lacks the schema. 
  • Its support system is not willing to provide custom solutions.

Get started with Elementor pro today.

Elementor Vs Beaver Builder: Plugin Interface 

The interface part comes first because a web visitor first scans the entire font interface of the website. So you should spend your time mostly in the editing frontend interface using a page builder. Your productivity is mostly dependent on the speed of the interface of a page builder. 

Elementor and Beaver Builder both offer a fast and bug-free interface with a drag-and-drop feature. The drag-and-drop feature can be different for each page builder plugin.

So the interface of these page builders is not the same. The approach of these page builders is represented differently. 

Elementor interface

Elementor Interface

Your screen is divided into two sections in Elementor.           

  • Your design is presented with a Live Preview on the right side of the screen.
  • The left sidebar allows you to add elements, style them and apply other functionalities.

To get a full preview of your website, you can hide the side panel when needed. You can add your desired elements from the side panel by using the drag-and-drop feature. Also, with inline text editing capability, you can edit the text element by clicking and typing. 

The sidebar includes some smaller buttons that will take you to:

  • Previews
  • Undo and Redo buttons
  • History of different actions 
  • Other settings 

Beaver Builder Interface 

Beaver builder offers a preview option for the design which is full-width. You can also move the control areas to a top bar. Besides, it allows you to get a popped-up edit option while editing any module or row. 

In the Beaver page builder plugin, you will get these two major sections while editing or designing your website interface.

  • You will get a full page that contains your live preview.
  • You can click the plus (+) icon to open a menu to add modules or rows.

You can drag your desired module after selecting it from the sidebar and drop them in the design. Also, it allows you to edit your desired modules in the popup.

Note: Beaver builder included the inline text editing option in its latest version.

Elementor Vs Beaver Builder: Modules and Sections

The mandatory components of your design are widgets or modules and sections or rows. Page builder’s sections, rows, and columns are used to create the primary layout of a webpage. Widgets or modules are used to add content to the layout. 

Elementor Widgets /Modules 

Elementor offers these three elements: 

  • Section 
  • Columns
  • Widgets  

It has limited models of a free version but the pro version gives you 58+ widgets/models. You can also add more widgets by installing Elementor third-party addons. 

Beaver Builder Widgets/Modules 

Beaver Builder offers the same method, but the terminology is different. 

  • Rows
  • Columns
  • Modules

The free version of Beaver builder offers only 6 modules. But the premium version offers 30+ modules with the best customer support. You can add more modules by installing its add-on plugins. 

Elementor Vs Beaver Builder: Styling Options 

After being familiar with the modules and sections, you have to work with the style. The styling option will make your page look awesome. 

Using the page builder for styling your page is not the only option available. You can use the default styling option of WordPress to change styles globally. You can create a more professional website using the page builder’s styling options when you need something out of the box. 

Elementor Styling Options

With Elementor you can apply styles on your site globally in the contents. You can also use the Elementor styling option by turning off the default WordPress styling section. 

You can also apply styling options specified by theme on your entire site. To ensure consistency, Elementor uses the styling option as your regular WordPress content. 

With the Elementor’s control option, you can override the global styles & can customize the whole design in other options.

Controlling the looks and functions of each section, column, or widget with those three tabs:

  • Content 
  • Style 
  • Advanced 

Elementor offers a huge collection of styling options that can not be covered in the short term. But the below two features are more convenient :

  • Responsive Controls 
  • Custom CSS

Elementor also includes device specified styling options for various devices. 

Beaver Builder Styling Option 

Beaver builder syncs with the global styling options with your theme. So apply theme-specific styles then override styles with Beaver Builder. 

Style your selected row or module by using the tab that comes up in the popup. You will get more options for editing style, changing typography, custom margins, responsive controls, etc. 

Like Elementor, the Beaver builder also allows you to use a device-specific style. You can easily apply the main CSS styles on the page with Beaver builder. 

Moreover, Beaver Builder allows you to set custom responsive breakpoints globally which is much unique.

Elementor vs Beaver Builder: Theme Building Options

You can design your entire WordPress or customize the full website with the theme building option of Elementor and Beaver Builder. 

Elementor comes with some add-on that is free of cost (not all) whereas Beaver builder comes with the Beaver Themer extension which you have to buy. Although you can use a free version of both page builder plugins.

Elementor Theme Building Functionality 

From your template area, you can construct and operate different parts of your theme. So while creating a new template, you can select the part which you want to change in your theme.  

Building your theme from scratch or by selecting from the Elementor’s premade blocks is really easy to perfect for both beginners and professionals. 

Beaver Builder Theme Building Functionality 

You can use the extension Themer for Beaver Builder if you like it. It will help you create different parts of your site. To complete this process just, simply go to the Beaver Builder and then go to the Themer Layout option.

You can apply your template everywhere or in a specific category such as post type. You can also apply your design for individual users which is a unique feature. 

While designing, you will get an option called Theme Module. You can load your site contents dynamically through this module. 

Elementor Vs Beaver Builder: Price

Both pricing of page builder plugins is reasonable. You can purchase the Elementor pro plugin at only $49/yr for a single site, $99/yr for 3 websites, and $199 for 1000 websites. So if you have more site 3+, you can purchase its Expert plan.

Whereas, Beaver builder pro starts from $99 for unlimited websites with 1-year customer support. But if you want to get readymade Beaver builder themes, and Multisite network settings, and white labeling features you can go with its Agency plan which costs only $399 with 1-year world-class customer support.

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Which one should you prefer?

In our research & use, we have released that Elementor is better than the Beaver builder plugin. Although both are popular among WordPress lovers and the page builder industry. But Elementor pro is a more popular and usable plugin than Beaver builder right now. There are lots of reasons for getting the popularity of Elementor. One of the best is easy to use.

You can design your website using both plugins. If you need a plugin for unlimited websites, we will recommend using Elementor pro other than try Beaver builder premium.

Note: You can use another popular page builder plugin called Divi powered by the Elegant themes.

Which WordPress theme is perfect for those page builders?

Both plugins are suitable for any WordPress theme. But if you are serious about your dream website, we recommend using Astra and GeneratePress WordPress theme winch is highly compatible with those plugins.

Final Thoughts

Elementor and Beaver Builder are the two best page builders that are always ranking in the top ten-page builder category. We have tested many themes that perfectly synced with both of these page builders. For page-level controls and theme construction, these two-page builder works perfectly. 

It is hard to draw a difference between these two leading page builders. After gathering enough info and review we have concluded that the Beaver builder is a developer’s tool and Elementor is a designer’s tool. So you can choose any of them according to your need.

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