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7 Best Netflix WordPress Themes (Comparison + Buying Guides)

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Netflix is now the premier destination for all video-buffs on the internet. With a whopping user base of about 170 million subscribers, it is quite evident that Netflix is following a profitable business model.

One of the core reasons behind their immaculate success is their super-responsive and user-friendly website.

So it’s very important when designing a WordPress site with video streaming features, it would be best to follow a similar structure and theme.

Here, I bring the 7 best Netflix WordPress themes to modernize your website and give it a sleek outlook. Read on to know more details!

What Is Netflix?

Netflix is an on-demand streaming video service provider that operates in multiple countries all over the globe. The website hosts a massive catalog of movies, TV shows, documentaries, talk-shows, stand-up specials, etc.


The payment model is subscription-based, meaning you need to pay a monthly fee to access these contents from your computer, smartphone, or TV.

However, the most commonly used platform is the web-based player available online on their website.

Why Should You Use Theme Like Netflix?

I said earlier, Netflix is now the most widely popular on-demand video-streaming website. Based on its massive userbase, it is quite evident that their website layout and structure is quite user-friendly and easily accessible.

So, when designing a similar website on WordPress, it’s best to follow a seemingly identical layout. That’s way, visitors coming to your website will feel a familiar ambiance when browsing through the catalog or streaming a video online. Also, it will make the website browsing experience much simpler for them too.

Luckily for you, there are already numerous themes like Netflix available on the WordPress theme marketplace. You can apply one of the most suitable ones to your website to include all the features and functionality of Netflix.

Benefits of Netflix Themes

The obvious benefits of the Netflix theme are maximum familiarity and user-friendliness to your visitors. So having a Netflix theme installed on your WordPress website will offer many other perks. Here are some significant benefits:

  • Change templates and homepage layout with a single click
  • Generate shortcodes when necessary
  • Allow content restriction based on age and maturity
  • Compatible with all browsers and supported devices
  • Ultra-responsive layout with dark mode options
  • Drag & drop widget-ready page builder
  • Compatible columns with font customization options
  • High-resolution retina-ready accent color schemes
  • Ready for translation
netflix theme demo feature

A Buyer’s Guide of Netflix theme

While there are numerous Netflix themes out there, not all of them can offer all the features. One theme may offer extreme customizability, while another one has easy functionality.

Likewise, you need to know which features to look out for when choosing the one best suited for your website. Here’s our take on the key factors you should consider.

Update Frequency

WordPress is a website platform that faces quite frequent updates. Hence a theme needs regular updates as well to support new templates and plugins.

If you see a theme that doesn’t get regular updates, it’s most likely not secure anymore. So look for a theme that is regularly updated following the latest WordPress software version.


Most WordPress themes are already designed for the most customer-friendly manner possible. Nonetheless, slightly customizing the layout or tweaking the fonts might give that extra flair of personalization to set your website apart from the competition.

Therefore, your chosen theme must offer enough customizability. It is best if there are options for custom CSS or HTML5 control so that you can add your code.

However, having a drag & drop feature is the modest minimum option that a theme should offer complete customization.

Loading Time

While it is true that fancy graphics and smooth transition animations make your website look elegant, there is also a significant drawback.

Excessively feature-rich templates generally have larger latency and longer website loading times. This is a big no-no in terms of user experience. The best theme should offer loading times of less than 2 to 3 seconds.

Read: How to optimize your WordPress site speed with easy ways.

Template Responsiveness

Like every other online service, video-streaming also needs cross-platform support. This is crucial to the success of any website.

If you offer a decent user experience via your website, make sure that the theme is fully responsive with minimal inputs. The theme must also adapt quickly to various screen ratios of videos, TVs, monitors, and smartphones.

User Feedback

Theme developers will always try to upsell their products to attract you into getting them. They will most definitely try to feature their best offerings while diminishing the apparent drawbacks as much as they can.

For this reason, an excellent point to judge a Netflix WordPress theme is by analyzing user reviews and ratings.

Many times, honest user feedback will be unbiased and bring out any potential flaws. In the case of a genuinely excellent product, user reviews will mostly be positive too.

So, make sure to consult the comments section on the theme marketplace to get an in-depth idea about the theme you choose for your website.

Top 7 Netflix WordPress Themes

Now you know how to choose a suitable WordPress theme for your video blogging site, let’s get down to knowing which ones are currently the top themes out there. Here are seven of our most favorites:

(1) SKRN

SKRN Netflix theme

The award-winning WordPress theme with massive customizability and exciting features are here to make your website building experience breezy. The additional help file provided after each purchase of the theme is also detailed enough to give you a complete rundown of the available features.

Key Features

Price: The regular license costs $69 for six months of support from the author. You can get extended support for up to 12 months for an additional $21.

(2) VideoPro


If responsiveness is the name of the game, this theme takes away the trophy for sure. You can rest assured that this is one of the most minimalistic and speedy streaming themes like Netflix. You can even deploy it to design other niche websites on entertainment, gaming, movies, and news updates!

Key Features

  • Floating video player with lightbox and screenshot feature
  • Support import from all major video networks like YouTube & Twitch
  • Create Video series, channels, and playlists
  • Customizable page layouts with Ajax search function

Price: The regular license costs $59 for six months of support from the author. You can get extended support for up to 12 months for an additional $17.  

(3) Streamlab

Streamlab theme

Developed primarily for video-streaming websites, this theme offers a minimalistic, sleek appearance. The mesmerizing website elements are sure to catch any visitor’s eye while also driving in more traffic. The layout is exceptionally feature-rich and functional as well.

Key Features

  • Adaptive video resizing and preview options with zoom effect & parallax
  • Smooth scrolling & page transitions
  • Integrated MailChimp & Social Media sharing buttons
  • Support for Contact Form 7 & SVG logos

Price: The regular license costs $52 for six months of support from the author. You can get extended support for up to 12 months for an additional $15. 

(4) Streamit

Streamit theme like Netflix

This theme is yet another uniquely featured theme with good support for video-streaming web applications. The stunning design and feature-rich UI elements add up to the perks. It’s also very user-responsive and offers extreme functionality. The login and pricing pages are intuitively designed for maximum user-friendliness.

Key Features

  • Allows restriction feature for age-inappropriate content
  • User-generated watchlist and rating options
  • Advanced search features
  • Rich typography with parallax effects

Price: The regular license costs $69 for six months of support from the author. You can get extended support up to 12 months for an additional $21. 

(5) Vodi

Vodi Video WordPress Theme

If you want to make your website look almost identical to Netflix, this theme is the most suitable one. With numerous prestigious award nominations and widespread popularity, this is one of the most feature-rich themes available. 

Key Features

  • Support for MAS Videos plugin
  • Four demos with numerous layout variations
  • Optimized for Dark Mode
  • Unique shot codes generator

Price: The regular license costs $59 for six months of support from the author. You can get extended support for up to 12 months for an additional $17. 

(6) Vayvo

7 Best Netflix WordPress Themes (Comparison + Buying Guides) 1

Packaged with an internal video player optimized for eCommerce membership platforms, this theme is simply one of the perfect all-rounders. Numerous solid defining features make it a premium drag and drop website builder for users around the world.

Key Features

  • Includes ARMember Membership plugin and Boosted Elements Add-on
  • Age-restriction options
  • Premium slider with advanced search
  • Watchlist and video rating options

Price: The regular license costs $69 for six months of support from the author. You can get extended support up to 12 months for an additional $21. 

(7) VS Netflix Theme for WordPress

VS Netflix Theme

This feature-rich theme gives a run for its money along with horizontal video sliders, lazy-load grid view, and support for shortcodes. There is a 14-dray free trial period where you can test out all features before setting your mind on this one. The quick-switch button for dark mode is an exciting addition.

Key Features

  • Accent color customizer
  • Support for WP Video Memberships plugin
  • Splendid typography with Google fonts
  • Intuitive video management options

Price: The license for this theme is based on a yearly subscription system. You can get full access for 12 months with regular updates for $89.

Which One Is the Best?

Based on our judgment criteria, I think that Streamlab wins the crown prince’s title among our top 7 themes like Netflix. Simply the multidimensional support for an extensive list of features makes it a winner.

The unique shortcodes generator for extreme customizability, unlimited background filters with support for all google fonts, and optimized dark mode are only a few of the splendid features offered by Streamlab that helped conclude our decision.

The 2nd recommendation is VideoPro. You can also choose VS theme.

Final Thoughts of Netflix WordPress Themes

Video-streaming websites are quite trending right now. Thanks to the super responsive website layouts and user-friendly customization of the Netflix WordPress themes, it’s also super easy to design such a website.

I hope this article has come to your use in judging which is the best theme for your WordPress website. Choose anyone from our list and follow our recommendations to get the best features added to your website today!

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