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12 Best WordPress Theme Sites Review (2022)

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Do you require a new WordPress theme? Perhaps you are just getting started and looking for the best WordPress theme. Alternatively, you might have been blogging for years but want a more user-friendly and responsive theme.

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Many people use WordPress because of its user-friendly interface and flexibility. However, you should install/use a responsive theme on your website to engage more audiences.

There are many free and premium WordPress theme stores available online. But when purchasing a WordPress theme, you should ensure that it can meet your needs.

However, no matter what your needs (free or premium) are, here is the collection of top-rated WordPress theme stores from which you will be able to find premium WordPress themes as well as plugins.


StudioPress WordPress theme store

Since 2010, StudioPress has offered a wide range of WordPress themes that are more secure, mobile-friendly, & easy to customize. Most professional bloggers and website owners use the StudipPress theme due to its responsive design and SEO optimization.

StudioPress offers some of the most popular WordPress themes available, such as Genesis Framework, Authority Pro, Eleven-40 Pro, Digital Pro, Jessica, Genesis Pro, etc. You can choose from any of them to create your website.

I recommend that you purchase the Genesis Framework and its child theme from StudioPress. It is the fastest loading theme on the market and compatible with any page builder, including Elementor and Divi.

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Themeforest is a part of the Envato Market, where you can find various HTML products and WordPress themes for multiple websites. An extensive collection of WordPress themes available on ThemeForest features fast running speeds and many attractive features.

From Themeforest, it is possible to find a particular theme that is more suitable for your business. In this context, you can purchase some of the best WordPress themes, such as Avada, Jupiter, BeTheme, Enfold, etc. These themes rank highly due to their excellent SEO capabilities and impressive additional features.

Furthermore, Avada is the best-selling WordPress theme on Themeforest. It is suitable for businesses that create quality content to assist their customers.


Templatemonster theme store

TemplateMonster marketplace provides WordPress themes and plugins and Shopify and Joomla themes. At the time of this writing, the company’s website contains over 17000 themes and 7000+ plugins. They are all available for purchase with just a few clicks.

TemplateMonster offers both free and paid items in a unified catalog, making it easy to find what you want without the need to browse through multiple sites or stores.

In general, the free themes are limited in their ability to be customized, but you can download a free theme from their marketplace for a quick and easy start.

A remarkable feature I noticed is the compatibility with several e-commerce plugins, including WooCommerce, Shopify (online store), and others. In addition, the authors of the theme provide customer support using well-documented contact forms and email addresses.

Their customer service is excellent. They replied to all of your questions in less than twelve hours and provided detailed responses.

These themes are available at various price points and options, so you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Some paid items are pretty pricey and usually cost $75 or more, while plugins can cost as many as $150. The price of the products varies depending on the type of theme or plugin you desire.

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Themeisle WordPress theme store

A WordPress theme gives your website or blog the extra something it needs, and Themeisle makes this process easy.

In Themeisle, you can purchase premium WordPress themes. The themes are responsive and search-engine-optimized so that your blog or website looks great on any device. The team at ThemeIsle offers both free and premium themes.

Currently, they offer two popular premium themes for purchase: Neve and Hestia. They are both responsive and designed for bloggers.

Neve is a minimalistic theme with vertical scrolling, making it easy to read on mobile devices. Hestia is a traditional blog design that offers six different layouts for you to choose from.

There are also several free themes offered by Themeisle, which are still quite good. With these free themes, you can experiment with different design styles to find the most appropriate one for your blog.

The cost of each theme may range from $69 to $199, depending on the features and complexity of each design and installation limit. In addition, each theme includes a comprehensive user guide that will assist you in getting started.


 HappyThemes store

In February 2017, HappyThemes launched the fast-growing marketplace for selling responsive and stylish themes at a low price. In addition, they provide lifetime membership and essential support at a low price.

If you intend to create an online portfolio, you can select the most appropriate theme from HappyThemes. In addition, it offers a money-back guarantee, and all of its products are available in a free version.

However, if you require some additional features to develop your website, you must purchase the premium version. The prevalent themes in this store include MakeMoney, Starter, and VideoNow.

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MyThemeShop store

When looking online for a free or paid, easy-to-use theme for your website, MyThemeShop is the right choice. MyThemeShop offers four categories of themes to cater to the needs of its customers:

  • Business
  • Magazine
  • E-commerce
  • Blog

When you buy a theme from the MyThemeShop store, you can use it on various websites (though this will depend on the package plan you choose).

It offers many valuable features, such as one-click installation, ease of use, and SEO-ready functionality. One of the most popular WordPress themes on Mythemeshop is Schema. Each theme is code optimized and very fast to load on any WordPress hosting service.

There are many more fantastic WordPress themes available in this store. Some of the best-selling WordPress themes at MyThemeShop include Schema AD-Sense, Viral, Coupon.


Elegant Themes site

It does not matter whether you are an expert or not. ElegantThemes will provide you with a well-optimized theme. ElegantThemes are most well-known for their Divi theme and Divi builder, the best-selling WordPress theme and builders due to their many unique features.

You can purchase any of their products for $89 a year. In addition, you can access Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch with a single plan.

To maintain the quality of its any item, ElegantThemes now focuses only on Divi. Additionally, they offer a money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

You can also read our other guides about the Divi.

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 Themify WordPress themes store

Themify is one of the most popular WordPress products stores for purchasing WordPress themes and plugins. No matter what kind of site you have, whether it is a food blog, an online store, or a portfolio site, Themify can assist you in selecting the suitable WordPress theme.

In comparison with other marketplaces, Themify offers a limited selection of themes. Ultra is Themify’s all-in-one theme that can be used for any website in any niche. Other themes such as Shoppe, Landing, and Split are also available on Themify.

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GeneratePress site

It is a place where you can find an excellent theme at a reasonable price and with a large number of customer support options. In addition, there are many essential features in GeneratePress, such as high-quality site templates and many other unique features.

The theme is also available in a premium version which can be purchased at a reasonable price. The pro version offers enhanced performance and fast page loading. You can buy or try for free if you are serious about the quality and service.

Note– At this time, I am using GeneratePress as the theme for WP BASIC PRO. You may test my site speed using the Google page speed test insight tool to determine how the theme is performing.

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Astra premium theme

Astra is a popular free WordPress theme store from Brainstorm Force. Using this theme, you can build any business or personal website with any page builder, such as Elementor or Divi. You can also purchase its premium version, “Astra Pro,” to add many additional features to your site.

You can install and load it in a matter of seconds for free. Additionally, it offers a beautiful library of Google fonts and an easy customization feature. The free edition includes 35 different designs.

Astra Pro offers approximately 70+ designs that are of a high standard. If you have an existing WordPress website, you can make excellent use of it. Using its Ultimate addons plugin, you can freely design your complete website.

Blossom Themes

12 Best WordPress Theme Sites Review (2022) 1

If you seek elegant themes for blogs, businesses, and consultancies, consider a Blossom Themes theme. You will find many themes packed with features and have stylish and elegant designs that will help you stand out from the competition.

You may purchase their premium themes at a reasonable price for the features they offer. Furthermore, they provide an extensive collection of free themes as elegant as their premium themes. Moreover, their team provides regular updates and timely support, one of their most highly praised features in customer reviews.

Blossom Themes have been carefully designed with carefully researched components to ensure that you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. Each of their themes is highly engaging and provides monetization options, lead generation, and niche-specific features.

Rara Themes

Rara themes store

Nowadays, WordPress has become one of the easiest, simplest, and most popular tools for creating websites rapidly evolving and competitive. Personal blogs, e-commerce stores, small or large corporations, online courses, portfolios, and everything in between begin with a professional site.

If you are looking for the most suitable platform for themes and plugins for your WordPress website, I recommend ‘Rara Themes.’

With Rara Themes, you can quickly build stunning and stylish websites. Rara themes stand out and look great on any device, whether it is a small personal blog or a large corporation.

Rara Themes are highly responsive to mobile devices, which is vital in Google rankings. In addition, these themes are easy to customize, easy to manage, and safe and secure.

Using Rara themes, one can create a website quickly and easily without any prior experience in coding or programming. In addition, these themes are all SEO-friendly and flexible enough to expand as the business grows and requirements change.

A skilled, energetic, and knowledgeable team provides seamless service to their clients. For a high-quality, standard, and stylish WordPress website, get started with ‘Rara Themes.’

Final Words

I strongly recommend viewing a demo & features before purchasing a theme for your website from any of the above theme stores. Viewing a live demo of a theme will enable you to determine whether the theme is appropriate for your website or not.

I hope that this article will assist you in finding the best WordPress theme from the most popular WordPress theme shops.

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