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Novashare Review 2023(Updated): Why Should You Use It?

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In today’s world, social media has a profound impact on every aspect of our lives, and blogging is no exception. By sharing the right content with the right audience, you can instantly gain significant exposure.

This is especially beneficial for new bloggers who are looking to attract traffic and compete with larger websites.

Nowadays, it’s highly unlikely that readers will manually copy a link from their web browser after reading an article. However, they are more likely to share it instantly on various social networking sites.

One alternative approach is to use a theme that offers social media sharing options, but this might negatively affect your website’s speed on the Google speed matrix.

Considering this, I suggest opting for a lighter and more specific theme or plugin. One tool that I personally love is the Novashare WordPress Plugin. It provides excellent functionality while keeping your website running smoothly.

Novashare WordPress Plugin

What is Novashare?

I have come across a remarkable social sharing plugin called Novashare for WordPress websites. This plugin is truly exceptional as it doesn’t burden your website with excessive weight.

Despite offering a wide range of features, it only adds 5KB to your page and post, while the plugin itself is just over 120KB in size.

One of the impressive aspects of Novashare is its use of inline SVG icons. These icons require only two additional CSS and JS requests to your host in order to display the social icons on your posts or pages.

This efficient implementation ensures that the plugin functions smoothly without putting excessive strain on your website.

In comparison, a similar plugin would typically require a minimum of 50KB of space and four separate HTTP requests.

I highly recommend Novashare as it strikes the perfect balance between functionality and efficiency, providing you with an outstanding social sharing solution for your WordPress site.

Team Behind the Novashare Plugin

Novashare plugin is developed by a team of two brothers — Brian Jackson and Brett Jackson — who are also behind Perfmatters, a premium WordPress performance plugin.

Their background in speed and optimization enabled them to develop Novashare, a plugin that only adds 5 KB in size to your website.

This showcases their commitment to creating efficient tools that do not burden your site, but rather enhance its performance and functionality​.


  • Super Fast
  • Responsive
  • Click to Tweet Feature
  • Easily Customizable.
  • Minimal Load Time


  • Limited Design
  • Requires Purchase
1 Site – Personal$24.95 per year1-year premium support & updates, 30-day money-back guarantee
3 Sites – Business$54.95 per year1-year premium support & updates, 30-day money-back guarantee, Multisite support​,
Unlimited Sites (Best Value)$124.95 per year1 year premium support & updates, 30-day money-back guarantee, Multisite support​,

Installing the plugin

To access the full range of features offered by Novashare, you will need to purchase the plugin from their website as it does not have a free version.

The payment process is convenient and straightforward. You can easily buy it using the popular payment method PayPal.

Once the transaction is complete, you can proceed to download the plugin’s zip file.

After downloading the file, it’s time to activate Novashare on your website. To do this, you will be provided with a license as a premium user. This license is essential as it allows you to activate and use the plugin seamlessly on your site.

Simply enter the license details in the designated area, and you’ll be ready to harness the power of Novashare.

Easy UI

Novashare UI

As a WordPress enthusiast, I found the Novashare UI to be very appealing. It’s incredibly easy to use and doesn’t feel like I’m using another plugin.

The functions and features are familiar to WordPress users. The navigation menu has three tabs, each with its own tools. It took me no more than five minutes to understand how to use it.

Also, when I browse through my post as a user, the plugin doesn’t get in my way. It blends in so well that it doesn’t feel like a separate tool.

Novashare Backend Dashboard

In the top right corner of the Novashare dashboard, you’ll find support and documentation for the plugin. All the tools are conveniently located in the navigation menu with three tabs.

Let’s start by taking a look at the license.

Novashare License Activation

Novashare license activation

Here, you can enter the license key you received from Novashare. Simply log into your Novashare premium account, copy the license key, paste it into the blank box, and hit save.

Novashare Options

On the Options tab, there are five additional options to explore. Let’s take a closer look at each one and see what they have to offer.

Inline Content:

Here, you’ll find 23 icons and options for sharing your content. By enabling Inline Content, you can display your selected social media icons on your content.

The tool includes the majority of popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, VK, Reddit, and more. You can add the content wherever you think your users will want to share it the most.

Novashare inline content setting


Here, you’ll find several useful functions that I’d like to highlight. Firstly, you have the ability to select the location of the social network icons. You can choose to display them on posts, pages, media, or even all of them.

In my experience, I recommend selecting “Post” as it gives a more polished and professional appearance.

In addition, you can determine where your Inline Content will appear within your posts. You have two options here: either at the top or at the bottom of the content.

This allows you to customize the placement based on your preferences and the flow of your content.

One fantastic aspect of this tool is its mobile-friendly capability, allowing quick sharing for mobile users. You can set a breakpoint specifically for mobile devices.

If you’re unsure about what a breakpoint is, don’t worry. It simply refers to the screen size at which your website’s layout adjusts to optimize the user experience for different devices.

Let me provide a brief explanation of this feature.

The “breakpoint” is the maximum number of pixels you can set to display or hide icons in the plugin. If you choose “Hide Below the Breakpoint,” the “Inline Contents” won’t be visible on smaller screens.

If you choose “Hide Above the Breakpoint,” it will hide the contents on larger screens. This lets you control the visibility of inline content based on screen size for a seamless user experience.


In this section, you can select the design for your buttons and customize their size, shape, alignment, and color. With six styles, three sizes, and three shapes to choose from, there are 54 different design combinations. Amazing, right?

You can also choose where the share counter appears and it’s color. Also, there’s a feature to add call-to-action text to encourage users to share your content.

Floating Bar

With the floating bar, you have almost the same options as with inline Content. Plus, all 23 social network icons are available as SVGs.

Just remember to turn on the “Enable Floating Bar” option.


You can customize where the floating bar appears on your website, choosing specific posts, pages, media, or all of them.

However, it’s not recommended to have it on Archive or Home pages. Additionally, you can set the floating bar to appear on the right or left side of your site.

You can also use the “Show on Scroll” feature to set the minimum scroll threshold for the floating bar to appear.


When you consider the various button sizes, shapes, and styles available, there is a total of 18 unique designs to choose from. It’s incredible to think about the multitude of possibilities that arise from combining these different elements.


In the Mobile settings, you have the option to define the maximum pixel size for the floating bar on mobile devices. This allows you to control how much space it occupies on smaller screens.

Moreover, you can personalize the background color of the floating bar to match your website’s design and create a cohesive visual appearance.

Share Counts

Ultimately the same as the Inline Content feature.

Click to Tweet

Novashare click to tweet

This feature is really useful on the backend of your website. When editing a post, you can add a quote with a link to share directly on Twitter.

You can include your username and website URL in the user’s mention or choose not to display them.

Novashare click to tweet display
Novashare click to tweet display

Novashare Pinterest Feaure

Pinterest holds great significance for bloggers as it serves as a major traffic source for numerous websites. It’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.

With this feature, you can easily incorporate a Pinterest pin button onto every static image you share on your website.

By enabling this feature, you can enhance the potential for your images to garner more pins.

As a result, they gain higher rankings on the image search engine, driving substantial traffic to your site. It’s a valuable strategy to amplify your reach and attract a wider audience to your content.

Pinterest Configuration

Novashare pinterest configuration

To maximize the benefits of this tool, you have the option to set up multiple integrations. Initially, you can set a minimum share count that will only be displayed once you’ve reached your desired threshold.

Furthermore, you can customize the plugin’s configuration to enable the Twitter share counter. Keep in mind that this may require an additional call to the plugin API.

However, if you find it necessary, it’s advisable to allow this feature to enhance your social sharing capabilities.

Facebook Configuration

Novashare facebook configuration

If you want to keep track of Facebook shares, you have the option to create an app at On the Novashare website, you can find a detailed guide that walks you through the process of creating an app using Facebook Developer Links.

I won’t dive into the specifics here since you can refer to that comprehensive guide.

Additionally, you can enable Open Graph from this page. Although you may not be familiar with this script, it’s worth noting that Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks utilize it to determine how your posts are displayed when shared.

In case you need more control, you can manually edit the image and description of each post from the Post Panel in the WordPress dashboard.

To manage the refresh count, you can set your priority level as low, medium, or high. Alternatively, if you want a fresh start, you can choose to purge all shares, which will remove all share counts and associated history.

Furthermore, if you need to customize the appearance, you can add custom CSS from the configuration tab.

Keep in mind that this shouldn’t be your primary CSS source, but it can come in handy if your theme doesn’t have its own CSS sheet.

Novashare Google Analytics

Novashare google analytics

When it comes to sharing content on social networks, our ultimate goal is to drive traffic to our website. but, if we don’t have a clear understanding of how much traffic we’re actually receiving from social media, it can make us hesitant to share new content.

That’s where this plugin comes in handy. It not only allows you to monitor your traffic stream from Google Analytics, but it also offers additional features to enhance your social sharing experience.

By activating the UTM Tracking feature and keeping the default settings, you’ll gain access to valuable statistics that reveal which social networks are driving the most traffic to your website.

Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions and adjust your strategies accordingly, maximizing the impact of your social media efforts.

Novashare Link Shortener

Novashare link shortening

Sometimes, when you share a post link that’s very long, it can look a bit odd. But there’s an easy solution to make your links look more unique – using link-shortening services.

One such service is Bitly. All you need to do is create a Bitly free account and use the Generic Access Token associated with it. It’s that simple!

Novashare Share Count and Recovery

Novashare share count recovery

Rebranding your website with a new domain can be exciting, but it also means that all previous data will be lost.

However, with Novashare, you don’t have to worry about losing your share counters. You can easily transfer them from your old domain to the new one.

I think this is an amazing feature that sets Novashare apart from other plugins. It’s definitely something to consider when rebranding your website.

Configuration Tools

Within this tab, you’ll find a variety of useful actions to manage the Novashare plugin. There are 3 specific actions, each serving a distinct purpose.

  • Troubleshooting: You have the option to completely uninstall the Novashare plugin. This process removes all associated data, which can be quite handy when troubleshooting or debugging a website.
  • Accessibility Mode: By selecting or deselecting this option, you can enable or disable the display of descriptive text under each feature. This serves as a helpful aid, providing clear explanations of the purpose behind each feature.
  • Import/export: The feature offers a convenient way to share your preferred configurations of the Novashare plugin across all your websites. With this feature, you can effortlessly transfer your favorite settings and setups, saving you time and effort.

These actions provide you with greater control and flexibility in managing the Novashare plugin, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience tailored to your specific needs.

Does Novashare Worth It?

Based on reviews from users and from my experience, Novashare is a worthwhile investment for those looking for a reliable and efficient social sharing solution for their WordPress site.

Users like Novashare for its speed, ease of use, and feature richness, particularly the “Image Hover Pin Button” for Pinterest. It is considered one of the best social sharing plugins on the market and is highly recommended by those who have used it.

It’s not just the product itself but also the team behind it that adds to the value. With a background in speed and optimization, the team ensures a high-quality product that lives up to users’ expectations.

So thinking from every aspect, I think it’s worth using for a WordPress site.

Novashare Pricing & Plans

Novashare offers three different plans.

Novashare pricing plan

Novashare has three different plans to choose from. If you’re just starting out and want to test the plugin before committing, the one-site plan with all maintenance and updates for $24.95/year is a great option.

If you have multiple websites, you can purchase a three-site license for $54.95/year. And if you need even more flexibility, there’s an unlimited license with multiple-site support for $124.95/year.

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll have an option that each one comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

FAQs Related Novashare WordPress plugin

Can I upgrade my license later?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your license at any time from within your account​.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Novashare accepts all major credit cards via Stripe and PayPal, as well as PayPal balances​.

What languages are available for Novashare?

Novashare is currently only available in English​.

Is Novashare GDPR compliant?

Yes, Novashare is GDPR-friendly, with no additional configuration needed. The plugin doesn’t use trackers​.

Novashare Review: Final Verdict

As a serious blogger, you know how important it is to have your content shared on social media. But outreach can be time-consuming and take away from writing new blog posts. That’s where social sharing plugins come in handy.

By using tools like Novashare, you can make it easy for your readers to share your content on their own timelines. This not only saves you time but also helps to spread your message to a wider audience.

I think it’s a smart investment that can really pay off in the long run.

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