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WP Timeline Designer Review: Ultimate WP Timeline Plugin

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What if you can make your blog post timeline by spending only one minute? With WP Timeline Designer, it is possible!

All you need is to choose a pre-made fantastic template and customize that template according to your requirement. Moreover, this plugin is GDPR compatible as it doesn’t collect any data from site visitors.

WP Timeline Designer plugin allows you to make changes to post types, colors, typography options, building social media icons, and many other options.

To know more about what you can do with this plugin, stick to this content.

WP Timeline Designer Review: Explore the Features  

WP Timeline Designer comes with various unique features along with a fully customizable intuitive interface. This plugin helps to create a pretty post timeline that works great!

WP Timeline Designer plugin has 17 pre-made (6 layouts for free versions) unique timeline template layouts, including the vertical and horizontal timeline.

These layouts are responsive to fit different screen sizes. In addition to existing layouts, they provide you 100+ customization options and tools to create outstanding styles and designs. 

It also provides 10+ social media icons and font icons with social share count and alignment options. 

You have full power to customize post elements, including meta field, post title, post date, post content, and many more.

They allow you to change color, font, background or hide any specific elements. Also, you can add content limitations, post content except, drop cap, and hover animation effect.

They provide advanced filtering options. You can filter posts with a time or order posts by date. It offers sorting posts by featuring a list of options like author, title, post id, or more. You can make your posts visible to users by category, taxonomy, tags, authors, etc.

They offer pre-built customizable templates for pagination by page by loading more buttons. They have customizable loader icons and options to upload custom loader icons for pagination. 

It compatible with popular frontend and backend drag and drop page builders such as Elementor, Beaver page builder, SiteOrigin page builder, and king composer page builder.

Get started with this plugin by merely pasting your layout’s shortcode on the page where you want to see the timeline.

WP timeline designer

Pro Versions Features : 

The Pro version of the WP Timeline Designer has so many features to create your own excellent posts timeline. Pro version offers all the advanced features with features of free versions. 

Pro users can avail of content-box 17+ customizable templates to create posts timeline, 12+ animation effect, advanced filtering, and pagination features.

It supports Woo Product Post Type with customizable options like rating, price, tag, cart button, etc. It also supports Easy Digital Download Post type. WP Timeline Designer team provides high-priority support to their premium users. 

Configure Settings Of Timeline Designer 

As you can see, WP Timeline Designer works excellent as it has various unique features. But how do they work? Let’s see the configuration process and how it actually makes your timeline an amazing one! 

General settings 

You can select your favorite timeline templates here. They give access to 6 pre-made templates if you are a free version user and 17 templates for pro version users.

After choosing the templates, now set the layout name, timeline heading, and type of your post.

WP Timeline Designer Review: Ultimate WP Timeline Plugin 1

You can choose the page you want your timeline to show but remember that it will overwrite the page once you have selected the page. You cannot recover it. So be careful before making changes. 

Display settings

The general setting also includes post category, post tag, post author, post publish date, and post comment count, as you can see in the image. Keep any of the options disable if you don’t want the options anymore.

They also allow you to add custom CSS to design the timeline according to your own choice. 

Standard settings 

This setting allows you to set the color, meta typography, and date typography. 

You can change the template background color, link color, and link hover color. But link color and hover color changes are available for pro users only. You can also fix font family, size, weight, italic font style, text transformation, and line-height in meta typography.

Standard settings

The same goes for date typography settings. 

typography settings

Timeline settings 

Timeline settings include changing timeline icons’ border-radius. You can also change the timeline width and timeline style. Configure on which side you want to view your timeline style. It has a timeline animation option, template color change option, and timeline type choosing option.

timeline settings

Post title settings 

Post title settings include changes in the post’s color, title alignment, title color, and hover color. You can also set the posts’ typography, but these features are only available for pro users.

Post title settings

Post content settings

Post content settings include all those features that you may need to customize your post content. They offer a variety of customization options for both free and pro users. 

Set whether you want to show the full text or summary of the article in a feed. Choose if you want to show post content or post excerpts. Fix post content length, dropcap, stoppage, color, typography, and many other options!

timeline dashboard settings

Content box settings 

Here you can configure the content-box border, border-radius, background color, shadow, color, and padding of your content box. These features are available for both Free and Pro users.

Content box settings

Media Settings 

To configure media settings, you can enable or disable media and post image links that you want to show. Also, you can add a hover effect to the image and fix the size of the media. 

Media Settings

Pagination settings

Pagination settings allow setting pagination type, color, and templates.

Pagination settings

 Horizontal Timeline Settings

This setting is available for pro users only. Here you can set active posts. Choose which effects to show on the post. This feature is good for fixing posts’ height, width, and margin between blog posts.  You can enable auto slides and scrolling speed of the posts according to requirements.

Horizontal Timeline

Social Share Settings

This setting allows you to set whether you want to show share buttons or not. If you enable showing share buttons, different customization options will be available to make changes.

Social Share Settings

Product Settings 

As we know, this plugin supports the WooCommerce post type; you have the power to configure how you want your products to show. Product settings include sales tags, typography settings with other options as shown in the image.

Product Settings



WP Timeline Designer offers both free and premium versions. The free version allows users to use limited features. To explore all the advanced features, you have to upgrade to the pro version. 

Pro version costs $9, which you can use on 1 domain. They will provide you additional supports to enhance features to make your post timeline worth your investment.

The Installation Process of WP Timeline

Installing WP Timeline Designer is simple. You need to download the zip file initially.

Download the free version from WordPress official site and the pro version from CodeCanyon. After downloading the zip file, login to the WordPress dashboard.

  • Go to plugins> Add New > Upload plugin 
upload plugin
  • Select timeline-designer.zip and click on install now.
install timeline plugin
  • After installing the plugin, activate it.
  • Now move to the WP timeline designer page and make changes according to your requirement.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, WP Timeline Designer is a fantastic plugin with lots of customizable features to set your blog posts timeline pretty one.

Its interface is intuitive for any user, especially for a beginner user of WordPress. But it’s tough to make a decision to invest your money in something. If you are still confused, try out the free version of this plugin first.

Then depending on your experience, you can upgrade to the pro version. But It’s our recommendation. If you want to enjoy the full power of WP timeline beginners, you can upgrade to pro versions.

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