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3 Affiliate Plugins That Don’t Require Product Advertising API Key

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Amazon affiliate plugins are a great way to generate an extra source of revenue for your affiliate site. They’re also very easy to set up and maintain, which is why they’ve become so popular over the last few years.

Today I’ll be talking about the top 3 affiliate plugins that don’t require a product advertising API key in order to display product data on your website.

What is an Affiliate Plugin?

An affiliate plugin is a piece of software that automatically displays products on your website. These plugins can be free or premium. The free plugins don’t offer features that are available in premium plugins.

So using a free one, you’ll not get much more features and benefits from your dream money-generating affiliate site including an Amazon niche site.

So instead of the free plugins, you can use a pro version/plugin which can be a little expensive but offers more features as well. But if you take niche site affiliate marketing for your 1st profession, you should use a best-rated affiliate plugin on your site.

There are many benefits of using a WordPress affiliate plugin that doesn’t require a product advertising API key.

Benefits of Using Affiliate WordPress Plugin

The benefits of using WordPress affiliate plugin are:

  • Convenience. The plugin is easily installed on your site and doesn’t require any programming knowledge to set up. This means that all you need is a few minutes before the product boxes will be displayed on your website seamlessly.
  • Saves time and money: It saves time for you to show product data with images on your site without violating any policy.
  • Increase traffic & revenue: It increases the traffic on your niche site. Whenever a visitor clicks one of these ads and will buy a product, you’ll earn money from them.
  • Total control: You need not depend on any other website to display their products. You are in total control of your site and what you want it to look like!

So, the next time when you think about a tool that will help increase traffic and boost conversion rates for your niche site. Don’t forget about an affiliate WordPress plugin that doesn’t require a product advertising API key.

Note: you can also use a plugin that requires API. So it does not matter because both with an API key and without an API key plugins are fine to display product info to your site. But both have little difference that is shown below.

Difference Between API Key Require Plugin or Without API key Affiliate Plugin

Both types of plugins have a few differences that are shown below:

With API Required Plugin:

  • You can use it on other sites with the same API key.
  • You can easily manage products data from one place.
  • Lots of options to display product data on your niche site.
  • Saves time.


  • API uses can limit exceed.

Without API Required Plugin:

  • You have to manage products data manually.
  • Limited features than with API key required the plugin.
  • No API uses limit exceed.


  • Displaying products on multiple sites is not the best option.
  • Take time.

Top 3 Affiliate Plugins That Not Require API Key


Gutencon plugin

Gutencon is a plugin that is specially designed for marketing, SEO booster, product listing, and product review builder for Gutenberg WordPress sites.

The Gutencon plugin also has been developed flowing the best techniques to increase your chances of success on Amazon affiliates. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced affiliate marketer. This plugin will make your life easier and help you generate more sales in less time.

Gutencon is all about making money and boss for an overall review of your WordPress site. Using every block, you can add products with one click. It also has a review builder that will help you get more reviews for your product and increase conversion rates.

Gutencon is a fast, easy-to-use plugin that will make life easier for any blogger or business owner!

Gutencon block demo

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Comparison table: Using this plugin you can add a comparison table that will show different products from the same & different categories.
  • Listing builder: It has a listing builder block that will help you create your own custom product listing.
  • Review builder: Gutencon has a review builder block that will make the process of collecting reviews on your site easier.
  • Pros and cons block: It offers a pros and cons block that will help users decide better.
  • Review box FAQ section + Schema: You can add reviews in a box with FAQ section and Schema that will help your site rank better.
  • How to block: Along with FAQ and Schema, it offers a how-to block to better organize how to question titles and boost SEO.
  • Promo box: You can add a pro block to your post for showing different products with a promo code.
  • Woocommerce box: It also has a Woocommerce block that will help you display products with a shortcode.
  • Blog layouts: It’s most important to have a good blog layout on a site. That’s why it offers different blog layouts that are easy to use and customize.
  • Video block: With its attractive video block, you can easily add videos for your products and increase the chances of converting more visitors into customers.

Price: You can buy this plugin from Codecannon at only $33/year for 6 months of customer supports.

Content Egg

Content Egg Plugin

Content egg is another affiliate plugin that you can use with or without a product advertising API key to display product data on your niche site. Also, with the Content Egg WordPress plugin, you can save time and use it on other sites with the same API key.

It’s another good solution for creating a maximum revenue-generated website with an advanced comparison chart, product box, price, product review, and more.

You can create a good money-making affiliate site using its huge advanced features that can reduce the cost of paying thousands of dollars to developers.

Not only amazon affiliate, but you can also display any product data from different affiliate systems. Because Content egg has over 40+ modules that you can use, enabled, and disabled at any time from your WordPress dashboard.

Affiliate Egg

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Product box: You can add a product box in your post that will help you create a good affiliate site.
  • Comparison chart: It has an advanced comparison chart block with different data like price, ratings, product review, and more.
  • Output templates: Using this affiliate plugin you can display products in a grid, list, and box format.
  • Price comparison lists: It’s a good feature because it helps you create a powerful affiliate site and generate more sales.
  • Price drop alerts: It offers to set a custom price drop alert box in your post that your visitor can use to get price alerts when up and down.
  • Product synchronization: It also good works with WooCommerce. You can add a shortcode to your WooCommerce product page and synchronize it with the Content egg.
  • Multi-location for Amazon: You can generate money from the multi-location of the amazon associate program.
  • Content Modules: Using its advanced content modules, you can improve your posts by adding relevant additional contents like videos, images, news, and tweets.
  • Autoblog: Content egg also offers an Autoblog feature that will help you publish your posts automatically.

Price: It costs only $55/year for updates and 6 months of customer support.

Affiliate Booster Plugin

Affiliate booster plugin

Affiliate Booster is the latest product developed by Kulwant Nagi. It’ll help you to boost your affiliate marketing site in the easiest way. You can create a review box, comparison chart, pros and cons, and more conversion-optimized elements in your blog posts or page.

It offers over 15 great blocks that will help you create an affiliate site easily with just a few clicks. You can also use it without any API key and programming knowledge or zero experience because its interface is very intuitive.

Along with the affiliate booster plugin, you can use its booster theme to enhance your marketing features. Affiliate booster theme + plugin is great for creating an attractive review post with professional conversion-optimized elements in minutes.

However, it has many benefits including the easy interface to handle all its features. So you can try it.

Affiliate booster features

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Single product block: With its single product block, you can create a review/promotion post quickly without any hassle.
  • Top picked block: This feature has not have most of the affiliate plugins. This block/feature will help you to generate more PR and traffic.
  • Pros and cons block: According to Google guidelines, it must have good and bad things about a product in a review post. That’s why it offers a pros and cons block to fulfill this requirement.
  • Table of content block: It’s also a good feature for those who are creating review posts with lots of things. It’ll help you to organize and display all the necessary information.
  • Conclusion block: Affiliate booster also offers a conclusion block to help you summarize all the elements in your post.
  • List items block: It’s a good block for those who want to show the features and benefits of products in a list.
  • Call-to-action: It has a good call-to-action block that will help you to increase the conversion rate.

Price: The price starts from $39/year for a single site with customer supports and updates.

Which one is better?

In my research, practical use even users review, Content Egg is the best choice for those who want to create a review post with or without needing any API key. It’s also best for its huge modules to generate revenue money from your affiliate site.

Secondly, you can choose Gutencon which is another best plugin for only without an API key to add more marketing blocks to your site. It’s also good for designing any nice affiliate site with its advanced block features.

However, these two plugins offer different benefits but both are simple enough for anyone with no programming knowledge to set up and start using right away!

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a way to generate an extra source of revenue with your affiliate site, it’s time to start considering an affiliate plugin. Today I’ve talked about the top 3 affiliate plugins, so choose one that doesn’t require a product advertising API key in order to display product data on your website.

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas and inspiration for how to make more money as an online entrepreneur from an affiliate website!

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