Benefits Of Learning WordPress

10 Benefits Of Learning WordPress With Other Opportunities!

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What if you can make a website without coding knowledge? That’s right, but is it possible? Yes, WordPress makes it easy. You can set and manage a website without prior knowledge of coding and other technical knowledge.

As a newbie, It’s obvious to have confusion about the benefits of learning WordPress. But no worries. You are in the right place. We are here to let you know how prestigious being a WordPress developer is as a career, why learn it, and what you can do with this software.

Benefits Of Learning WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress (WP) is open-source software with Content Management System (CMS). WP is coded with PHP and paired with MySQL or MariaDB database. Initially, it was a blog publishing system, but now it is supporting to make websites for web content, including blogging, Learning Management Systems (LMS), online stores, membership sites, media galleries, and many more.

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Benefits of learning WordPress – Career of a WordPress Developer

If you are looking for a better opportunity, being a WordPress developer may lead you to success. WordPress developer is an in-demand job. Every business is shifting online nowadays—over 19M websites are using WordPress. But unfortunately, most companies find it hard to assign a qualified WordPress developer for their site.

Depending upon your skill sets, you can avail the opportunity. But you have to have a solid understanding of WordPress core, server management, coding, SEO, security optimization, and more. So, learn WordPress and avail opportunities.

 10 Reasons Why Choose WordPress?

(1) WordPress is Free and Open-Source Software

WordPress is open-source software that you already know. You can download the software and install it free of cost. To get started with WordPress, you only need a web hosting and domain name. Then you can install WordPress to your site and get to go!

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(2) Easy Customization of Themes and Plugins

Managing a WordPress website doesn’t require any coding knowledge. With no prior technical knowledge, you can design and develop a website.

WordPress provides thousands of free website themes & plugins. These themes and plugins are easy to customize. You can change colors, background, upload the logo, add a beautiful slider, and many other options.

Adding plugins enhance the functionality of your site. You can add advanced features like creating a contact form, user profile, Membership subscription, analytics, securing a site, and so on.

There are lots of free and premium plugins and themes out there for you to give your site a professional look.

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(3) SEO Friendly

SEO (search engine optimization) is the most important part of a website, even a webmaster. WordPress websites tend to rank higher in search results because WordPress has been developed with quality, simple, and SEO optimized code. Also, you can use an SEO plugin like Rank Math or Yoast SEO to enhance your search rank. The good thing is WordPress allows adding meta description,  tags, title, keyword, tags, and site name, which helps the WordPress website rank higher.

(4) Easy to Handle and Upgrade

It allows users to update plugins and themes within the WordPress dashboard as it comes with an inbuilt update management system. It sends you a notification if there is any update available. You can keep your data secured using a plugin if WordPress fails to work due to technical issues. The fantastic thing is WordPress can be handled by mobile as well!

(5) Safe and Secured

The Internet is an uncertain place to keep your data secured. Nevertheless, WordPress developers have built this software considering the security of the sites. You can ensure more security by taking some steps on your own and keep the site risk free from hackers. There are various ways to keep the site secured, like install a WordPress backup solution, install a security plugin, enable a web application firewall, enable SSL and HTTPS.

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(6) Responsive Design

Nowadays, mobile traffic has become prominent. Google is looking for a mobile-friendly website. WordPress helps you design a responsive site for different platforms. If you create a site with WordPress, it turns the site into a responsive one for any platform.

(7) Speed Performance

Website load time measures how much time a website requires loading. Load time creates an impact on the ranking of a site in the SERP. WordPress makes your site the fastest, but you can manage the speed to a great extent. Installing speed optimization plugins helps to decrease load time.

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(8) Social Media Integration

WordPress allows you to integrate social media with your site and works seamlessly. If you configure your site with social media, you won’t need to configure your site individually. You can reach your audience immediately after updating website content. 

(9) Supports Different Media Types

WordPress media library allows executing images, videos, audios, and documents all in one place. You can add media from your computer or directly from the web. You can also edit & delete files from the media library. 

You can embed links to different sites such as YouTube videos, Instagram photos, tweets, and other content. Besides, it would help if you paste the URL in the WordPress post editor.

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 (10) Allow Multiple Users

WordPress allows setting user roles for multi-author blogs or collaborative projects. It may sound risky to give access to other users, but WordPress made it easy.

Depending on the assigned roles, users can complete the working process. The administrator can restrict any specific action taken by the users.

What Can You Do with WordPress?

WordPress helps you to build a professional website with no coding knowledge. You can create

  • Personal website
  • Portfolio site
  • Business website
  • Magazine or news website
  •  Online community
  •  E-commerce store
  • Photoblog and many others.

Earning Opportunity

There are many ways of earning by creating a business online through WordPress website..

  • Monetize your website with Google AdSense. Google publishes ads of the advertiser to your website, and you get paid for a click on the ad.
  • Affiliate marketing is the way to earn a certain amount of commission when a customer buys something by clicking a unique URL of your site, you will get a commission. Shareasale marketplace is good for affiliate products.
  •  Sell your product on your website and earn money.
  •   Featuring products from sponsors.

Some Positive Points About WordPress:

  • WordPress allows you to create a fully-featured e-commerce site with a WooCommerce plugin.
  • It provides strong community support, which aids you in resolving your issue within a short period.
  • As WordPress is a browser-based application, you can manage it from any location and any platform.
  •  Changing or updating your site content without assigning any developer.
  • It has straightforward navigation and an intuitive user interface, which gives a significant experience to users.
  • Integrate Google Analytics with WordPress to analyze audience engagement levels, performance statistics, and information from other analytic solutions.

Benefits of Learning WordPress: Final Thought

WordPress is becoming more popular day by day. The above aspects are convincing enough to know the benefits of learning WordPress. WordPress gives you immense power to develop your beautiful website. It requires a minimal budget and comparatively less effort. So without any further thought, you can start learning WordPress!

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