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AmaLinks Pro Review 2023(Updated): Amazon Affiliate Plugin

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I’m always on the lookout for new ways to earn money online and boost my website’s conversion rates. Like many passionate internet marketers, I want to achieve higher-than-usual results.

As I’m not a coder, so creating a plugin to add Amazon products with different elements to blog posts seemed daunting. But it was a challenge I was determined to overcome.

And then I discovered AmaLinks Pro. This plugin is not only easy to use but also offers advanced features that can help increase conversions and generate more revenue from Amazon’s niche affiliate blog.

In this AmaLinks Pro review, I’ll cover everything from installation and setup to using it on a WordPress site.

What Is AmaLinks Pro?

AmaLinksPro Plugin

AmaLinks Pro is a plugin for Amazon affiliates. With it, you can add Amazon links to posts with a product showcase box, images, and buttons. It’s easy to use and stylish.

With its advanced template system, you can easily manage each template and create custom Amazon links that comply with Amazon associates’ guidelines. The plugin is compatible with any updated WordPress themes and plugins.

Note- The plugin is not self-hosted. Therefore, you must need Amazon’s “Product Advertising API” to use this plugin.

Why Should You Use the AmaLinks Pro Plugin?

AmaLinks Pro is an advanced plugin that’s easy to use. It boosts conversion rates by showcasing products and creating custom Amazon links with your affiliate ID.

With AmaLinks Pro, you can easily manage your affiliate links. Its powerful editor lets you create, delete and modify existing Amazon affiliate links, text, and more.

Managing products is a breeze with AmaLinks Pro. From a single dashboard, you can search for products by Amazon ASIN number or keyword.

Once you find a product to promote, you can choose from options like creating a button, image block, or showcase box with a featured item, price, and image.

With its advanced features, AmaLinks Pro can help increase your Amazon affiliate product sales conversion rates higher than usual.

amazon affiliate conversion rate

In just seconds, you can add high-converting Amazon products that are relevant to your blog post.

Not thus, with this advanced plugin, you can do:

  • Quickly generate Amazon affiliate links by using a shortcode or pre-built template.
  • Design a product display block with many options.
  • Manage affiliate links with ease.
  • Create custom or Amazon complaint call-to-action buttons.
  • Create text links with different attributes.
  • And more…

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PROS & CONS of AmaLinks Pro WordPress Plugin


  • Simplified Affiliate Linking
  • Advanced Features
  • Improved User Experience
  • Compliance with Amazon’s Rules
  • Time-saving


  • Higher price, which might not fit into everyone’s budget.
Plan TypePrice per YearBilling TypePrice per SiteActive SitesEmail SupportPriority SupportNiche Idea AccessMoney Back Guarantee
PLUS$117Monthly$1171NoNoNo14 days
DELUXE 10$497Monthly$4910YesYes2,79630 days
DELUXE 3$257Monthly$853YesNoNo30 days
Premium 25$847Annual$3425YesYes2,79630 days
Premium Unlimited$1197Annual$12 (@100 sites)UnlimitedYesYes2,79630 days
Note: The price can change from time to time so…

Check the Latest Price on AmaLinks PRO site

AmaLinks Pro: A Quick Look at the Top Features

What do I love most about using AmaLinks Pro? There are so many great features and reasons why this plugin is a favorite of mine. Some of the highlights include:

  • 7 Product showcase boxes
  • Prime eligible badge
  • Amazon product title
  • Amazon-compliant pictures (single, grid, and slide)
  • Amazon product features
  • Display updated product price
  • Different style call-to-action button
  • Advanced product comparison table
  • Directly add to the cart with the 89-day cookie.
  • Affiliate API disclaimer

Note– With AmaLinks Pro, you can add images and edit the text in product showcase boxes. You can also include a direct Amazon affiliate link to your chosen product in each box.

AmaLinks Pro Product Display Demos

As I mentioned earlier, AmaLinks Pro has 7 product showcase boxes that are perfect for any product and easy to customize with text and images.

For my blog readers, I’ve included screenshots of all the demos so you can get a better idea of what the plugin can do.

Original showcase box
Original showcase box
Simple showcase box
Simple showcase box
Simple showcase box wide
Simple showcase box wide
Large showcase box w/ slider
Large showcase box w/ slider
Simple showcase box w/ slider
Simple showcase box w/ slider
Advanced image slider
Advanced image slider
All images grid
All images grid

I recommend reading this review from start to finish before making a purchase decision so you have all the information you need. But rest assured, you won’t face any issues while using AmaLinks Pro.

Check Live Demo

AmaLinks Pro Features Overview

Product Showcase Editor:

One of the main features of AmaLinks Pro is its product showcase box. This handy feature lets you create a showcase box with an image, text, price, and link to the Amazon product.

AmaLinksPro edit showcase

The product showcase section offers a total of seven pre-made box styles to choose from:

  • Original showcase box
  • Simple showcase box
  • Simple showcase box wide
  • Simple showcase box w/ slider
  • Large showcase box w/ slider
  • Advanced image slider
  • All images grid

Note- With AmaLinks Pro, you can enable or disable any aspect of the product showcase box. The plugin also automatically updates the price of each product showcase box, making it easy to manage multiple products at once.

CTA Link/Call-To-Action Button

AmaLinks Pro allows you to create custom and add pre-made Amazon-compliant images and CTA buttons to your posts. This can help increase clicks and conversions.

AmaLinksPro CTA Link/Call-To-Action Button

You can also set custom call-to-action button text to suit your needs. This is just one of the many reasons why AmaLinks Pro is a great choice for Amazon affiliate sites.

If you prefer not to create your own CTA button, you can choose from one of the ready-made options available.

Image Link

It’s important to follow Amazon’s product advertising guidelines when using an Amazon product image link on an affiliate site.

If you don’t, using an Amazon product image link on an affiliate site is restricted. In fact, Amazon doesn’t allow its affiliates to use product images directly on affiliate sites.

Amalinkspro Image Link option

The proper way to use Amazon product images on an affiliate site is either through the Amazon Site Strip or the product advertising API. However, keep in mind that you can only use an API key with a plugin.

You can choose either option (API or SiteStrip), but I personally prefer to use product images through a plugin for easier and faster processing.

Now, let’s talk about the AmaLinks Pro Image Link feature. With this feature, you can add all product images to your blog post in compliance with Amazon’s advertising guidelines. You can choose from three image size variations depending on your needs:

Those are:

  • Large
  • Medium and
  • Small

When you select a variation, you will have a preview in the same window. Therefore, you can check how the image looks before adding it to your blog post.

Note: With this plugin, you can Amazon product images and links with tracking IDs to your site without using API keys. It’s an updated feature of the AmalinksPRO plugin.

Text Link

AmaLinkspro edit text link

The plugin has a text link section where you can add a short description of any product. The process is simple: just input the link anchor text and the plugin will automatically create a clickable affiliate link for you.

AmaLinks Pro Table Builder

A product comparison table is an essential part of a product review. A good table builder makes it easy to display products in a clear and organized way.

Amalinkspro table builder option

That’s why AmaLinks Pro includes a multi-functional table builder feature with an attractive appearance. With it, you can effortlessly create tables of any size and style and even customize each part of the table style.

You can create unlimited API or Non-API product comparison tables in your posts. Also, there’s a table hide/show option that lets you choose whether to display the table on multiple device types or not.

I love the column type feature, which lets you automatically add 12+ column-type tags to your comparison table. This saves time and helps you create attractive comparison tables.

Amalinkpro column types

You can also easily move rows and columns with drag and drop, and preview the whole table before inserting the shortcode into a post or page.

Overall, AmaLinks Pro provides a fully automated table builder without any hassle.

AmaLinks Pro Backend Overview

I’ve talked to you before about all the features you can see on the front end of the website, but they all need to be configured from the backend.

AmaLinks Pro’s backend is incredibly responsive, making it easy to access all its features. Having everything in one place also makes it easier for me to manage the plugin.

The backend is divided into four sections:

  • AmaLinks Pro
  • Global Settings
  • Table Settings
  • Edit Tables
  • Tools

Now let’s see the overview of each section.

AmaLinks Pro (Activation Feature)

Here, you’ll find a few options to get started. Before you can take advantage of all the features, there’s one important step to complete: activating your license.

Simply enter your license key in the designated box and click on the ‘Activate‘ button. That’s all it takes!

Amalinkspro license activation

Remember, the plugin won’t be fully activated until you add and activate it through your AmaLinks Pro account.

To do this, head over to AmaLinks Pro and log in to your account.

From there, click on ‘License‘ and then ‘Manage License‘ to add your site.

In addition to license activation, you’ll also find two other helpful options: FAQs and Support. If you have any general questions about the plugin, you’ll likely find most answers in the FAQ section.

But, if you can’t find the specific answer you’re looking for, don’t worry. You can easily reach out to our support team. In the support section, you’ll find all the necessary information to contact them.

Global Settings

Amazon API

After activating your license in AmaLinks Pro, you’ll find this section where you can configure all the plugin’s features to your liking. Let’s take a closer look at the options available:

AmaLinks-Pro api settings

You will find here the following options:

  • 1. Enable No-API Mode: Previously, the plugin required an API key, but now there’s a Non-API mode that allows you to use products without one. It provides more flexibility for your needs.
  • 2. Amazon API (Access and Secret Key): If you choose to show products using the Amazon API, you’ll need to enter the access and secret key in this section. If you’re unsure how to create these keys, there’s a helpful guide available.
  • 3. Default Amazon Search Local: Select your preferred Amazon search local country from the available options. This ensures the plugin fetches results specific to your desired location.
  • 4. API Disclaimer Override: To comply with Amazon Associate guidelines, it’s important to display a disclaimer on your page, informing visitors that you’re an Amazon Associate and may earn commissions from their purchases.
  • This section allows you to set up the disclaimer automatically. Choose the country where your local store is located.
  • 5. Amazon Associate Tracking IDs: Here, you can add your tracking ID(s). AmaLinks Pro supports multiple tracking IDs, so you can easily keep track of different campaigns or websites.
  • 6. Test Amazon API Connection: It’s a good idea to test your Amazon API connection to ensure it’s working seamlessly with the plugin.
  • This step verifies whether your API integration is functioning properly or if any adjustments are needed.
  • By exploring and customizing these options, you can optimize the functionality of AmaLinks Pro and enhance your overall experience. Enjoy configuring the plugin to suit your needs!

-Global Link Settings Tab

Global Link Settings

Within the Global Settings, there’s a subsetting option called Global-Link Settings. This is where you have the power to customize certain preferences for your links.

You’ll find options such as Nofollow links, Open links in a new window, and Add to Cart.

Making adjustments is simple. Just select or deselect the checkboxes based on your preferences. If you’re unsure, the default options are perfectly fine to use.

-Localization Tab

AmaLinksPro localization

You can easily customize your Amazon experience through this feature. With the help of the AmaLinks Pro plugin, I found a fantastic tool called ‘Genius Link.’ It not only allows me to cloak and track affiliate links but also enables localization.

Now, let me share a step-by-step guide on how to localize Amazon links using AmaLinks Pro.

-General Tab

In the General Settings tab of AmaLinks Pro, you have the flexibility to enhance your product showcase box by adding custom Google fonts. To do this, you will need to obtain a ‘Google Font API Key.’

Amalinkspro general tab

Additionally, there is another convenient feature called Auto Google Analytics Event Tracking. This feature is highly favored by many website owners.

Enabling it allows you to keep track of the specific links that are clicked by your visitors. The collected data can then be sent to Google Analytics for in-depth analysis.

-Showcase Setting Tab

Showcase setting tab

If you want to modify the default text displayed on the product showcase box button, you can conveniently do so in this section by inputting your desired custom text.

The best part is that this change applies globally, eliminating the need to make repetitive modifications.

Furthermore, AmaLinks Pro offers extensive customization options for the showcase box call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

You can personalize the buttons by selecting custom colors, fonts, sizes, and various other attributes to create a truly unique and eye-catching design.

-CTA Button Settings

Indeed, you can set the default text for the global call-to-action (CTA) button using the same option as mentioned before.

But wait, there’s more! Before we conclude, let’s delve into the essential backend features and settings of the AmaLinks Pro plugin.

Tables Settings in (Backend)

AmaLinksPro Table Builder

The option I previously mentioned regarding the table addon is only applicable if you have installed it.

To access the full range of configuration options, it is necessary to activate the license for AmaLinks Pro Table. As mentioned earlier, the activation process remains the same.

Once you have successfully activated the addon, you can customize the features for the table based on your preferences. Enable or disable specific functionalities according to your specific requirements.

Edit AmaLinks Pro Tables (Backend)

Edit amaLinkspro tables

To conveniently access all your tables from the WordPress dashboard, you will find an option located in the left sidebar. By clicking on this button, you will be redirected to a new screen that displays all of your saved tables.

This allows for easy management and quick navigation between your various table configurations.

Note: AmaLinks Pro does not provide pre-made table templates. Each time you want to create a table, you will need to build it using the automated table tag feature. However, once you have created a table, you have the option to duplicate it and make any necessary edits or reuse it for future purposes.

AmaLinks Pro Pricing Plans

AmaLinks Pro has 4 pricing options to choose from, so you can pick the one that suits you best. All plans have the same features, but the prices vary.

AmaLinks Pro new pricing plans

Those plans are:

  • Plus Plan: Priced at $117/y, this plan is designed for a single site.
  • Deluxe Plan: Priced at $497/y, it allows you to use AmaLinks Pro on up to 10 sites.
  • Deluxe Plan: Priced at $257/y the plan offers the flexibility to use AmaLinks Pro on up to 3 sites.
  • Premium Plan: Priced at $847 per year for up to 25 sites.
  • Unlimited: Premium: Priced at $1197 per year for Unlimited Active Sites.

How To Use AmaLinks Pro?

Once you have configured all the desired settings and features in AmaLinks Pro, it’s time to put them to the test by adding a demo product. But don’t worry, using AmaLinks Pro is not as challenging as it may seem, as I mentioned earlier.

To get started, navigate to your WordPress post editor. If you are using Gutenberg, locate and click on the Block Add button, which you should be familiar with by now.

AmaLinksPro block

In the search bar, type ‘AmaLinks Pro,’ and you will see the AmaLinks Pro block. Click on it, and a new sidebar will appear on the right-hand side of the Gutenberg editor.

Within the sidebar, click on ‘Open AmaLinks Pro.’ This action will initiate the product search functionality. You have two options for searching: using ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) or keywords.

Find product- on Amalinkspro

Let’s get back to the guide. 

Start by selecting a product that catches your interest from the list provided. Simply click the ‘Choose‘ button to proceed.

Once you’ve made your selection, it’s time to decide on the type of link you want to use.

AmaLinks Pro Review 2023(Updated): Amazon Affiliate Plugin 1

Now, it’s up to you to explore and experiment with the various features available. Take your time and select each feature one by one, testing them out as you go along.

This hands-on approach will allow you to fully experience the capabilities of AmaLinks Pro and discover which features resonate with you the most.

Note- This is not a complete guide to using it. It is better to follow the AmaLinks Pro documentation for more information.

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In my experience, the AmaLinks Pro plugin has proven to be incredibly user-friendly. It simplifies the management of Amazon affiliate links like never before.

With this plugin, you have full control over all aspects, allowing you to configure and optimize it to suit your specific needs.

The range of features offered by AmaLinks Pro is truly impressive. It stands out as one of the top Amazon affiliate plugins available in the market.

From beginners to experienced affiliate marketers, AmaLinks Pro caters to all levels of expertise. While the regular price of AmaLinks Pro may be slightly higher compared to its competitors, I firmly believe that the investment is worthwhile.

I sincerely hope you found this review of AmaLinks Pro helpful! If you did, please consider sharing it with your friends and colleagues.

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