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9 Best WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugins [Best For Niche Affiliate Sites]

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Probably you are looking for the best WordPress amazon affiliate plugin for your niche site? It is true that every professional Amazon affiliate marketer uses a plugin to display amazon affiliate products to their website professionally.

If you professionally display products on your site with affiliate links, the click-through rate will be increased. Ultimately, you will earn more commission.

But how can you get those features like automatic link cloaking, GEO targeting, extended cookies, product displaying attractive layouts & more? Yes, these features are only available in a WordPress amazon affiliate plugin that would be free or premium.

So in this blog post, I will share the 9 Amazon affiliate plugins that will fulfill your expectation as the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. So let’s start to know about those plugins, features, benefits, customer support, price, and more.

Top 9 WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugins

(1) AAWP Affiliate Plugin

AAWP plugin

AAWP plugin is the top-rated and best-selling WordPress amazon affiliate plugin for professional Amazon niche affiliate marketers. This plugin dramatically increases niche site income if you configure it properly.

Its real-time information, customized design, flexible configuration, and user interface make it more professional among worldwide bloggers and Amazon niche affiliate marketers. 

There are lots of features to enhance the amazon affiliate commission. This plugin is good for all types of sites, even best for low-traffic websites. Because AAWP plugin increases click-through rate that ensures more earning. 

You can show Amazon products in your post with various styles with real-time data, including updated product prices. AAWP offers to link amazon products via dynamic text links, single (or multiple) product boxes, bestseller (lists), new releases (lists) & data fields, etc.

AAWP Single product demo
AAWP Single product demo: See More

Not thus features, you can add a high conversional product selling widgets in your website sidebar. 

One of the best features of this Amazon affiliate plugin is GEO targeting. That means you can handle your amazon affiliate links to foreign visitors. Also, its pre-built templates save lots of time to design a product displays for every post or page. 

You can earn additional commissions to refer Amazon Prime customers. It supports SSL/HTTPS and Google AMP so that it will help to engage more traffic to your niche site and enhance sales.

The support system is really excellent. You can contact them at any time for any issues. You can also get knowledge from their documentation about how to setup plugin, customize, and how to enhance affiliate earning. 

aawp Comparison Tables demo

You can check its online demos that will help to make a wonderful decision before buying. The price of this plugin is very reasonable starting at only 39 EURO for a personal site with a 1-year update and support.

But if you have multiple Amazon niche sites, Plus plan is good for you starting at 99 EURO. 

[Click here- More Details & Demo ]

(2) Easyazon Amazon Affiliate Plugin

Easyazon WordPress plugin

Easyazon is another best WordPress affiliate plugin, but not better than AAWP that I think. Although, this plugin has been released before the AAWP. It is popular for several reasons that I will discuss below.

Easyazon is a huge timesaver affiliate plugin because you can add Amazon product links directly to WordPress posts using the post editor. So you can quickly create product text links. 

You can control the link attribute, tracking code, GEO targeting, and many more options through the plugin setting page. But in the free version, you can only create text product links instead of the product image, call to action button, and more features.

So all professional features are available in the premium version that allows you to add Amazon product images (multiple sizes) with a high conversional call to action button with just one click. It offers to cloak automated affiliate links.

Easyazon add to cart demo

The additional features of the pro version are product pop-ups, add-to-cart functionality, automatic link localization, and support for multiple affiliates tracking ids.

When you buy their premium version, you can access their affiliate training courses. These courses are very excellent for helping you to make money from Amazon affiliates.

The customer support of Easyazon is good because you have to contact via the WordPress plugin support section. That means, if you have any issues, you have to contact them using their free plugin support. This support is for both free and paid versions. 

The price of the Easyazon plugin is very low, starting at only $47 for unlimited sites with lifetime support and updates.

I recommended AAWP plugin as an Amazon affiliate plugin to use on your niche site. But Easyazon is good enough.

[Click here- More Details & Demo ]

(3) AmalinksPro

amalinkspro plugin

Amalinkspro is another best premium WordPress amazon affiliate plugin that can be used without Amazon product advertising API keys. 

I Amazon affiliate marketers always want a simple way to connect the world’s most popular affiliate program Amazon Associates. Amazon has lots of terms and conditions to use their product links, images, etc. 

Even you cannot use their product images and links directly to your niche site instead of you have to use their product advertising API keys to display image, link, and real-time data. So in this case, Amalikspro is great.

You never need to add an APK key to start with this plugin that means it’s API key free. The plugin is totally compliant with the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement. So you have no worry about violation of Complex Policies.

Besides, this Non-API plugin is the best for beginner Amazon affiliate marketers. Because its easy customizing features work without API keys.

There are lots of features that you can apply to niche affiliate sites. Most of the popular features are Insert text & Image links, call-to-action buttons, and product showcases. You can add the product showcase anywhere on your blog using the copy and paste showcase shortcode.

amalinkspro single product demo

Not thus features, to increase Amazon affiliate commission, a responsive product comparison table is one of the best features of Amalinks pro.

Amalinkspro will save lots of time to design affiliate posts or pages professionally. You can control all features directly from the WordPress editor. So the plugin is easy to use.

Their customer support is awesome, you will get a response within a few hours after submitting your queries. Also, their extensive documentation is enough for configuring the plugin. 

The price of Amalinkspro is a reasonable starting plan for Bloggers at only $67 for 1 WordPress site with unlimited updates. 

They have a 100% money-back guarantee promise so that if you are not satisfied with their plugin, you can get your money back within the first 30days with no question.

[Click here- More Details & Demo ]

(4) Amazon Auto Links 

 Amazon Auto Links WordPress plugin

An Amazon affiliate plugin can really help to increase commission and keep continuing earning if the product is outdated. Most of the Amazon affiliate plugins use Amazon associate API keys and tracking ID to activate all features probably that you know.

To get real-time data, you have to use the latest version of Amazon associate API keys. So with this plugin, you never worry if the product is outdated. If a product is outdated, the plugin shows an alternative product that is related to your niche. 

Amazon auto links is a great plugin that supports 14 Amazon locales and works better with JavaScript-disabled browsers.

You can insert the Amazon product affiliate links or ads as a widget using its text shortcode and PHP shortcode that you can use anywhere on the WordPress site. 

You have good news that this plugin allows you to create a new ad template if you have little HTML, CSS, and PHP coding knowledge. So by the layout design panel, you can create outstanding Amazon products showing templates.

The plugin is compatible with the latest version of the APK key and policy so that it will not violate the Amazon associate terms and conditions.

The auto-link conversion feature of this plugin is the best feature. If you enable the auto-link conversion option, the hyperlinks to Amazon products in posts and comments can be transformed into your associate links.

Besides, you can link up affiliate links with a custom button, control URL cloaking, and sort order easily.

The price of Amazon Auto Links is totally free. You can directly install it from the WordPress plugin directory.

[Click here- More Details & Demo]

Amazon Link Engine

It is another popular free plugin for WordPress sites. Amazon link engine is trusted by 1000+ affiliate marketers. This plugin is good for boosting Amazon affiliate commission by converting all your Amazon links into localized links.

This is not an independent plugin like AAWP or Amazon Auto Links because it works with only the Geniuslink which is a premium tool for link clocking. 

To activate this plugin on your WordPress site, you just have to synchronize it with your GeniusLink tool after installing the plugin on your site. 

You never need to add an Amazon product advertising API key in this plugin instead you have to synchronize it with your GeniusLink account or API key. That’s enough. 

The plugin works fine with WordPress’s latest version. The setup process and configuration are so easy. Just install it and create a GeniusLink account and integrate it with them.

It is a free plugin, but if you want to get more data and benefits, you have to upgrade your GeniusLink account. 

Note: Especially this plugin is good for international traffic, not for implementing product images and URLs on the site with excellent design layouts.

[Click here- More Details & Demo]

(6) AzonPress

Azonpress Amazon affiliate plugin

Azonpress is another best simple WordPress amazon affiliate plugin trusted by the pro bloggers and affiliate marketers. It has been developed by the wpmanageninja team. This team is very popular for WordPress premium themes and plugins.

However, back to the key point, AzonPress is an evergreen plugin that increases Amazon affiliate conversion by at least 250% which is pretty much better for me. 

The features are very excellent even you can make all your visitors excited to click on the attractive buy button. The product presentation of the Azonpress is user-friendly that quickly enhances product conversion rate.

Comparison Table demo

The product with images and customized comparison tables is one of the best features of this plugin. You can organize all affiliate products perfectly with these features with just a few clicks. So it will reduce your time to design affiliate products for web customers.

Not thus these features, you can customize product display layouts with so many premium features. You will get countless affiliations, easy affiliate management, customizable layouts, and shortcode features along with accurate tracking management.

The plugin offers to earn additional commission through their GEO targeting feature that allows it to track affiliate links regionally and redirect one country’s traffic to another amazon shop.

Azonpress is a user-friendly plugin, so it is easy to configure and customize, best for both beginners and advanced marketers. 

As the plugin is premium, so you will get the best premium customer support using your account dashboard’s support section. 

The price of the plugin is only $39 31 which is for a single site License. With this price, you will get all premium features with a 1-year plugin update and support. 

But if you have 2 or more Amazon niche sites, you can buy its Agency License that is a more popular plan for up to 20 websites.

[Click here- More Details & Demo]

(7) WooZone

WooZone amazon plugin

WooZone is all in one Woocommerce Amazon affiliate solution. You will get a total Woocommerce amazon affiliate bundled with this plugin. So that you can make a Woocommece store into a money profit generator.

You can easily advertise amazon products in your Woocommerce store that earn a fee from each qualifying purchase. It has a 90 days cookie feature so you can earn more affiliate commission for a longer time.

WooZone offers to import bulk amazon products into Woocommerce store with SEO optimized title, image, and product description. The import system is really ultra-fast, good for people who do have not enough time.

With this plugin, you will get a Kingdom premium theme for free that you can use on your WordPress site to customize unlimited.  Their theme is super fast and SEO optimized that perfectly works with this plugin.

The plugin is easy to use and simple setup configuration. You just have to add your amazon tracking ID and let the commissions come!

WooZone plugin demo

WooZone is developed by the AA-Team which is the more popular team of Codecanyon. They offer a complete bundle with this plugin like WZone, Additional Variation Images Plugin for WooCommerce, SearchAzon, and Kingdom premium theme.

This bundle is the best solution for money-generating Woocommerce affiliate stores. So you will get an amazon product advertising solution from one place.

As it is the best-selling Woocommerce Amazon affiliate plugin. So their customer support is really outstanding. They take up to 6 hours to respond to customers’ comments. 

The price is only $70 which is more reasonable as a complete bundle. With this price, they offer 6 months of support from AA-Team and lifetime future updates.

[Click here- More Details & Demo]

(8) Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

This is another free WordPress amazon affiliate plugin developed by Fischer Creative Media, LLC. This plugin offers to add Amazon products to your blog post or page using the product ASIN.

Before activating this plugin, you need Amazon’s latest product advertising API key 5.00+. This API is more responsive to display accurate data. So if you have the latest version of AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key, you can implement those on this plugin other than you can create API keys from your Amazon affiliate account dashboard.

With this plugin, you can easily upload Amazon affiliate products anywhere in your blog post because it supports the Guttenberg block feature including shortcode. It has extra benefits to monetize amazon products to add your own reviews, descriptions, and any other thing. 

Amazon Product in a Post Plugin demo

As It is a free plugin so its available features are really nice like premium. Single product layouts, product elements & product grids are one of the best features of this plugin. So you can try it for the 1st time.

It is a well-reviewed plugin of WordPress plugin directory and their customer support is awesome. So if you have any issues, you can submit queries in the plugin support box.

[Click here- More Details & Demo]

(9) Content Egg

Affiliate Egg

How is it good if you get something more than you expect? Yes, you will be thrilled after getting over one with the lowest and same price compared to other competitors.

Content Egg is one of the WordPress affiliate plugins that you can use to integrate with over 20+ affiliate networks including Amazon, CJ & ShareaSales were others you can use for only the Amazon module.

You can use it just as simple as other plugins. First buy it from Codecanyon then upload it on your WordPress site, then finally activate. 

Before getting the magic of Content Egg, you have to enable its modules that you want to use. The activating process of each module is different but easy. You need an API key or secret key or tracking ID to activate the module. Content Egg will guide you through text and video to activate each module. So you never worry about the activating process.

Content egg modules

Content Egg has 30+ products displaying features including product card with pricing and in stock, 3 column product grid, product list with or without price, sorted offers with store logos, price comparison widget, only product image, product videos, product text links, highest and lowest price history with graph, product news, etc. You can insert all product display features from the post or page editor using shortcodes. You can read Content Egg Vs Affiliate Egg.

If you have multiple affiliate networks including Amazon and want to add affiliate products on your site, I recommend using Content Egg. Otherwise, for Amazon associates, AzonPress and AAWP are the best.

Content Egg is not a free or freemium plugin so that you have to buy it to spend little bucks at only $60/year with one-year customer support. I highly recommend buying it from Codecanyon.

Get started with Content Egg

  1. AAWP Plugin (Best for Amazon micro niche affiliate site)
  2. Azonpress (Best Alternative of AAWP)
  3. WooZone (Best for Woocommece Amazon affiliate store)
  4. Content Egg (For multiple Affiliate programs)

I hope you will get a better idea of those plugins. You can use any of them on your Amazon niche affiliate site. But I recommend AAWP which is the best affiliate plugin ever. All features of this plugin will fulfill your all exceptions to design & display affiliate products that generate more revenue.

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