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How to Add Amazon Products to WordPress – [Manual & Automatic Process]

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WordPress is a powerful CMS platform and you can add Amazon products easily if you are know-how. You can add Amazon affiliate products in different ways to your WordPress site.

You can manually add product images or use an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. Both ways are good, but if you have no time, an automatic process/plugin is the best option.

However, the purpose of this article is to explain how you can add Amazon products to your website using manual and plugins.

Add amazon products to WordPress

Manual way is the only free way to add products from Amazon to your WordPress website. If you are not having much time and want to set up things quickly, you can do it easily by using a plugin. Amazon affiliate plugin makes it easy to add new products from Amazon to your WordPress site with just a click.

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to manually add an Amazon product image with an affiliate link. Later, I will share with your a few Amazon affiliate plugins that are at the top rated now and you can use them on your WordPress site to add Amazon products.

Let’s get started.

Add Amazon Product Images and Links to WordPress Manually

To add Amazon products to your blog, you will first need to sign up for Amazon Associates. Registration is free, and Amazon recognizes this program.

So if you have yet to create an account, I would suggest you do it right now. Just go to the Amazon Associates homepage and click on the Associate Signup button.

Sign up amazon associates

In this post, I will not show you how to create an Amazon affiliate account. But keep in mind that it is really easy to do.

You have to add your blog to your Amazon Affiliate account once you have received approval. The next step is to create a tracking ID, which you will use to track your revenue.

You must get an approved tracking ID before you can add new product images to your site.

How to create an Amazon affiliate tracking ID?

To create a tracking ID, simply keep your cursor on your associate account email, then you will see several options, from there click on the “Manage your tracking IDs” button.

Manage tracking ids

Now click on the ‘Add Tracking ID‘ button, then enter your tracking ID (it can be anything), and finally click on the create button. If you are ready with your tracking ID, let’s move on to the next step.

Create Amazon new tracking id

Please note that before signing up for an Amazon associate account, your website should have enough quality content. Having quality content will help your application to be approved quickly.

Add affiliate links and images to your site

However, say you have an approved amazon associate account and created a tracking ID, now you want to add Amazon products to your website. Don’t worry below are the manual way.

First, log in to our Amazon affiliate account then go to the “Product Linking” tab then click on the ‘Product Links’

Amazon product links

Next, enter your product ASIN or keyword then click on the Go button.

Search for Any Product

How to find the ASIN of a product? Go to product single page then go to ‘Product information or Additional Information‘ section. Here you will find detailed information about the product along with the product ASIN number.

How to Add Amazon Products to WordPress - [Manual & Automatic Process] 1

However, back to the product searching section. After clicking the Go button you will find a product affiliate link with an image.

get product link

Now you can use this code to your WordPress site to show the product with an affiliate link to generate money if someone purchases through this link.

Not this is the only way, you can add product images and links using Amazon Associates SiteStripe.

You can also use ‘Native shopping ads‘ to add product widgets to your WordPress site. So if you want to add products to your post or page bottom or sidebar, this ad style will be the best.

Native shoping ads

How to use Amazon Associates SiteStripe?

To use Amazon SiteStripe, you have to log in to your Amazon associate account then open a single product from the Amazon store.

Now you will see a new top bar which is your Amazon SiteStripe bar for inserting a specific product affiliate link.

Amazon SiteStripe

From SiteStripe you can insert text, image, text+image, and custom native shopping ad widget.

See the below video on how to add Amazon SiteStripe to insert a product affiliate link and how to use them on a WordPress post.

How to Add Amazon Products to WordPress Automatically?

You have to use a plugin if you want to add Amazon products to your blog automatically. There are many paid and free plugins that allow you to link to Amazon products with your WordPress blog.

It appears that there are many free plugins that you will found in the WordPress plugin directory that will let you automatically include Amazon product links. But you cannot insert an image, unfortunately.

That’s why I prefer to go with the premium plugin because it will serve my purpose until I’m satisfied with the results.

Note: Before using an Amazon affiliate plugin, you must have to create a product advertizing API key. Below is the video tutorial on how to create them.

Benefits of Amazon Affiliate Plugin/Automatic Process:

  • You will not have to manually add Amazon product links to your blog.
  • If you have a blog with a lot of posts, this will save you a lot of time.
  • You can automatically send people to Amazon.
  • If you use coupons, you can promote Amazon products more effectively.
  • It improves search engine rankings because the content is fresh.
  • Blogging about Amazon products can earn you a lot of money.
  • It’s a simple way to monetize an eCommerce blog or website.
  • Your customers can find products they want to buy and purchase them when they want.
  • This will improve product visibility on your site and make them more relevant.
  • By using the Amazon affiliate plugin, you can create your own store.
  • This makes it easy to link to Amazon products.

(1) Content Egg WordPress Plugin:

Content Egg is a premium Amazon affiliate plugin. The plugin makes it easy for you to display Amazon products on your website. When you publish a blog post, the plugin automatically looks for Amazon products related to your content.

A single click allows you to integrate products from multiple Amazon stores (US, UK, Germany, Poland, France, and more).

Affiliate Egg
Content egg single product demo

Furthermore, Content Egg can automatically add high-quality product images to your posts. You can use shortcodes to display products image, products comparison tables, create affiliate links, and more in your blog. The plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes and page builder plugins.

Not only Amazon, but you can also use this plugin to add affiliate products from many affiliate programs like Shareasale, Impact, Vigilant, eBay, Walmart LinkShare, etc.

How to Add Amazon Products to WordPress - [Manual & Automatic Process] 2
Content egg top products listing demo

Also, it offers an auto blogging feature that can automatically create new articles based on pre-defined keywords.

Note: You can use this plugin with no Amazon product APK key to display Amazon products on your site.

(2) AzonPress WordPress Plugin:

AzonPress is another WordPress plugin for the Amazon associate program. The plugin allows you to display Amazon affiliate products on your WordPress site using different templates. Also, it allows adding Amazon products to posts or pages using a simple shortcode.

AzonPress product box demo
AzonPress product box demo

Also, using AzonPress, you can add multi-stores in one place to promote different Amazon associate programs. With a few clicks, you can add product tables, comparison tables, bestseller lists, single product boxes, and more.

In general, it has lots of features. You will get all the options to configure the plugin from AzonPress >> Settings page. The plugin has been tested to ensure it meets Amazon’s product advertising guidelines.

Buy AzonPress with 20% OFF! Code ‘WPBASICPRO

(3) AAWP Plugin Review

Amazon Affiliate WP (AAWP) is a top-rated WordPress plugin that is perfect for displaying Amazon affiliate links on WordPress sites. This is the most advanced Amazon affiliate plugin available.

aawp single product box demo
aawp single product box demo

Using this plugin, you can display Amazon products on your WordPress website with a single product box, product comparison table, product list with price, and more styles. The plugin comes with 6+ templates that will fulfill your all needs.

aawp comparison tables demo
aawp comparison tables demo

Besides, using this plugin you can add a custom layout, hide the ‘Add to Cart’ button, and set the default call to action button with your own text. It offers to add multi-store accounts for making more money like other Amazon affiliate plugins. It is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

You can check its all features on their website. In this post, I’m only going to mention a few of the most important ones.

How to add amazon products to Woocommerce?

You have started your own e-commerce store, and it is time to list out all the products in your store.  You have used all the products in your home but are still not able to list them on your eCommerce site,  why?

This is because these products are not available for sale on your eCommerce site. Well, then how to sell this product? It is possible to sell these products by adding them to your Woocommerce store.

For this, you can use an Amazon product importer plugin. To add or import Amazon products with affiliate links, I recommend you to use Affiliate Egg.

What is Affiliate Egg?

Affiliate Egg is a WordPress plugin that will help you find Amazon products to sell and import those products into your store with their affiliate links and start earning.

Affiliate egg product grid demo
Affiliate egg product grid demo

It automatically does the task of importing Amazon products with affiliate links and shows you the best product to sell on your eCommerce site. This is a premium plugin that costs only $55.

Affiliate egg product list demo
Affiliate egg product list demo

Below is the video guide on how to import amazon products into your Woocommerce store using Affiliate Egg.

Can I use amazon product images on my youtube channel?

Short answer: No. Long answer: It is not allowed to use their product image on any online video platform and may result in a copyright claim on the video.

If you don’t follow amazon associates’ guidelines, they may block your account. It will be better to contact them first before using any product images on your youtube channel or website.

Are amazon product images copyrighted?

I would say that most of them are copyrighted and not allowed to be used. You can use Amazon product images on your site, using SiteStrip which is a manual process, or using their APK key.

In Conclusion

Adding Amazon affiliate products to WordPress sites or blogs cannot only generate revenue but also help you to get more traffic. The above methods are the only way to add products to your website.

Amazon always recommends using their SiteStripe to add products to sites. You can use other methods (Plugin) If you have enough budget. Using a good Amazon affiliate plugin can save your time and ensure things work properly.

If you are new to Amazon affiliate marketing, I would recommend using any of the above plugins. A plugin is an easy way to add products to your site.

If you are already a user of any of these plugins, please let me know which one you’re using right now. And please share which methods you like to add products to your WordPress site.

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