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Content Egg VS. Affiliate Egg: The Best Comparison!

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Struggling to understand the difference between content egg and affiliate egg. No matter, I’ll share the best comparison with you here. Just keep reading.

You might know affiliate marketing makes it easy to earn passive income. But it needs a certain amount of effort. There are lots of resources out there to ease your task. Content Egg and Affiliate Egg are among those resources which will make your job more comfortable.

Let’s get into the topic to know how these plugins make your affiliate business easy and their differences.

Overview of Content Egg and Affiliate Egg

Content Egg is a WordPress plugin that offers to build lucrative blogs, affiliate sites, deals, product and price comparison sites, etc.

Affiliate Egg

Content Egg works with the API keys of modules. So, you need to activate each content egg module by using the API keys of each affiliate network. It has over 29 affiliate modules that help you earn more revenue from your site.

Content egg modules

Affiliate Egg is another plugin that helps to find products right away from online shops and has the functionality of price updates. With no effort, you can add online products for selling through your site using affiliate links.

affiliate egg product grid demo

Starting with this plugin, you need to copy the product links from the original stores and type/enter them into your plugin for importing products. You can import a bulk amount of products by using the categories or search links feature. Affiliate Egg supports over 40 online shops, including Amazon.

affiliate egg supported shops

Content Egg Vs. Affiliate Egg: Features comparison

Content Egg

  • This plugin works by using the API of affiliate networks. First complete auto-blogging settings, then you need to type a keyword and the plugin finds products. Then you have to choose which product you need to add to your post/store.
  • Price tracker and alert.
  • High work speed.
  • A complicated setting process, as it requires API keys.
  • API limits received data.
  • “Native” API has a high-quality search.
  • Supports WooCommerce product synchronization and auto blogging.
  • You won’t need a separate plugin for each system. They offer over 29 affiliate system APIs and adding more and more.
  • You can use multi-location for Amazon.

Affiliate Egg

  • It works like a web parser. You need to type links in the product search bar and the plugin will find out the information from the pre-integrated online shop.
  • Has a price update feature.
  • Lower work speed.
  • Simple setting process.
  • You can insert optional data from products like reviews, ratings, characteristics, and others. Doesn’t need API or program approval. You can use it after installing.
  • Search quality is good but less flexible as it requires manual work.
  • Supports over 40+ local shops.
  • Custom cookies that let you find accurate currency from multi-currency stores.
  • Allows deep linking supports proxy.

Content Egg Vs. Affiliate Egg: Pricing

You can buy both products from the Codecanyon store, which is the most popular store for WordPress plugins and scripts. You can buy each plugin separately from the Codecanyon. Each product will cost $68/year with 6 months of customer support. 

Alternatively, you can buy each product from the Keywordruch website, which is an official website of these affiliate plugins. I’ll not tell you which store is the best, because store selection will depend only on you. You can choose any of them, but Codecanyon is the most trusted and secure.

Content Egg Vs. Affiliate Egg: Why Should You Use?

Both products were created by the KaywordRush team. These plugins offer a wide range of features that smoothen your every task. Differences between these products are working methods and functions. 

Content Egg uses API keys, whereas Affiliate Egg uses direct web resources. You can easily integrate each with so that you’ll get more features and benefits like keywords-based auto-blogging, Woocommerce integration, keyword search, price history, price alerts, building auto-affiliate stores, etc!

Content Egg Alternatives.

If you don’t want to use Content Egg for your authority or micro-niche affiliate site, you can use an industry-leading Content Egg alternative plugin.

The most popular alternative plugins are…

  1. AzonPress (Module: only Amazon)
  2. AAWP plugin (Module: only Amazon)

Both are the best for Amazon niche affiliate sites.

Wrap Up

As you can see, both plugins offer a variety of features and each plugin has its own unique features and modules, but both are not the same.

So, if you have a niche affiliate site or blog, you can go with Content Egg and Affiliate Egg for building an online store, inserting product price, details, and images directly from the original store. So you can choose any of them that go with your business.

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