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Ultimate Affiliate Pro: For Complete Affiliate WordPress Plugin

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Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to expand an online business and a way for making more profit. It helps to increase sales, generate more traffic and leads. Running your affiliate marketing program using a good affiliate management system is also a great way to increase brand value. The Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin is one of the best solutions to manage your affiliate marketing process from one place.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro offers everything that needs to run a successful affiliate campaign. How? Moving forward to let you know the features that come with this excellent plugin.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro Overview

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is an affiliate management plugin like AffiliateWP with lots of magic feature packs and an intuitive interface. The plugin’s dashboard stats help you find the key information of the program. Statistics show the affiliate’s activity, periodical payout and referrals into the admin dashboard, and many more.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro: For Complete Affiliate WordPress Plugin 1

It offers to add unlimited affiliates to promote your products and services. Also, you can integrate it with different email marketing platforms to manage affiliate subscriptions with more advanced features.

The plugin is good for creating an affiliate’s creative panel by providing various banners with powerful impact and different sizes. It also allows the affiliates to set their own campaign based on different marketing strategies.

This plugin is compatible with any custom theme with no conflict. The developer of the plugin updates its version frequently and adds additional features in a frequent period. There is a 24/7 dedicated team to support and handle your problems. This is a complete package to run a successful affiliate program from the first stage.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro Features

  • Affiliate Modules: Ultimate Affiliate Pro offers different premium modules for making profits from a WordPress website. These modules easily integrate with the dominant system with no extra fee.
  • Pre-Defined Templates: Affiliate pro popular has 26 pre-defined templates including 10 login templates, 13  register templates, and 6 account page templates.
  • Lifetime Cookies: It offers lifetime cookies for affiliates. So you can set a lifetime commission, which allows linking the affiliate account. When a visitor buys any product from your website through an affiliate link, it helps the affiliates to receive a commission when the same visitors make purchases later on. 
  • Email Report: The periodic live reports module sends fresh activity reports about affiliate accounts and rewards.
Ultimate Affiliate Pro periodic report
  • Recurring referrals: The recurring referrals feature allows the affiliates to receive revenue for each recurring payment.
Ultimate Affiliate Pro recurring

Also, Sign-up Referrals (CPL) allows affiliates to receive a commission when visitors sign up on your site through an affiliate link. After enabling the Referral notification feature, you will receive a notification when the affiliate gets a new referral. 

referal email

Besides, the referral notification feature notifies your affiliates if they get any new referrals. Affiliates can configure which referral notification they would like to receive.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro user referral notification
  • Coupons: The coupon feature allows you to assign an external coupon code to affiliates. When a visitor buys a product with a coupon code, the affiliates will receive a commission in an automatic system.
Ultimate Affiliate Pro Coupon code
  • Social Share: Social Share option helps affiliates to use the share button of your website without generating another link. Also, share links will have an affiliate reference in them.
  • Payout: Affiliates will be able to receive their payment via PayPal or Stripe payment. You can integrate PayPal or Stripe by providing the necessary information.
  • Email platform: The opt-in feature lets you manage all your subscribers from an external dedicated email platform. By default, you will get MailChimp, iContact, Aweber, and Get Response email marketing tools.
  • Link Cloaking: The friendly Affiliate links cloaking feature allows generating good-looking links. This is useful for generating links that are easier to read.
cloak Link
  • Custom Slug: Custom Affiliate Slug lets your affiliates personalize their affiliate link slug. You have the option to set conditions for affiliates to use this feature.
Ultimate affiliate pro custom slug
  • Wallet: The wallet feature allows users to transfer their unpaid commission into the wallet. Further, users can use an unpaid amount from the wallet to buy items.
  • Account Page: The plugin is well compatible with woocommerce and BuddyPress. WooCommerce and BuddyPress account page lets you create a menu bar linked to the affiliate account page.
woocommerce account page
  • Email Verification: It has an email verification feature for newly registered affiliates. This system will send a link to verify the email account’s validity. You can choose when the activation period of the links expires.
email verification time frame
  • CRM & CPC Ads: Affiliates receive CPM commission for 1000 impressions and Pay per Click (PPC) for each click of new referred visitors. You can create custom currencies, even virtual currencies like points.
  • Sub-affiliate commission: MLM feature helps to set a multi-leveled marketing system for affiliates. As an admin, you can enable an MLM/sub-affiliate system on your site. So that affiliates will get commissions for each sub-affiliates referral.
mlm settings

Ads By Ultimate Affiliate Program

Ads by UAP allow you to earn online with flexibility and the potential to earn more. They include 50% referral clicks commission and 180% cashback on”PU180″. Premium PTC ads for golden members. Besides, 20% referral. Ads buy commission on 7 IvIs and up to 20% referral. Upgrade Commission on 7 IvIs.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro Addon

You can integrate Ultimate Affiliate Pro with woo-commerce and any membership platforms with common online WordPress systems. The plugin perfectly works for tracking referrals from WooCommerce, Ultimate Membership Pro, and Easy Digital Downloads. 

So you never need to use any pro-add-ons for extending more features. You will get everything from one plugin.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro Documentation

Ultimate Affiliate Pro provides a wide range of documentation files along with the plugin’s zip file. This documentation will help you with all the instructions that you will need to configure it. To provide extra support to the customers, they have a knowledge base platform to find the solution to your problem from the FAQ. 

You can also look for help in the comment section if your problem is like other previous buyers. You will get support from them by opening a ticket, and the support desk will provide you necessary help.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro Price

A lifetime license of Ultimate Affiliate Pro for a single website costs $59 along with complete packages. This license includes all magic features. They assure the latest WordPress compatibility, lifetime plugin updates, and 6 months of support from a dedicated team.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro: For Complete Affiliate WordPress Plugin 2

In Conclusion

Why is this a good plugin for an affiliate marketing program of WordPress sites? The answer to this question is easy. Different business models have different requirements.

So always reconsider features that are best suited for your online business. Suppose you are searching for the best solution to manage an affiliate marketing program of your WordPress site and affiliates in the best way. In that case, Ultimate Affiliate Pro is one of the best options at a reasonable price.

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