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Are you looking for an automatic image optimizer plugin for WordPress? If yes, here is a plugin called PB SEO friendly images pro that you can use. It is a brief review not long means it just overview of the plugin.

This is a good selling image optimizing plugin in the Codecannon market. The Pascal-Bajorat team has developed this plugin with SEO-proven code, settings, and fallbacks. 

This SEO-friendly images pro plugin provides you with the ability to optimize your images better than any other plugin.

pb seo friendly images pro

With this image SEO plugin, you can optimize image title, alt tag, file name, set the image size, and keep it optimized.

It also provides you with a bulk optimization option for images directly from the WordPress dashboard. It can handle thousands of images at once. 

Also, it can automatically optimize all the images in your media library. You can also choose to optimize or not specific image files.

PB SEO friendly images pro increases website page loading speed. Because it has optimized lazy loading features. As the plugin makes your images SEO compatible and loads faster so that your website can rank higher in search engine results pages.

The plugin is perfectly compatible with any theme and plugin including Yoast Plugin, Rank Math, WP Rocket, and more.

Key features of the pb seo friendly images pro:

  • Easy Sync: You can easily synchronize your existing image title, alt tag with a new alt tag and title.
  • SEO Friendly Images: It automatically creates SEO-friendly images. -Optimized Title and Alt Tag- Creates optimized title, alt tags for better Google ranking.
  • Bulk Optimization Capability: This allows you to optimize all image files on a website at once.
  • Lazy Load Function: It has a lazy load function that automatically loads images in the background and saves bandwidth.
  • Scheme Support: It supports markup for your image alt tag, a title that is more SEO friendly and helps to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Support All Images: It supports all types of images and works excellent for post and page images/thumbnails.

The plugin automatically optimizes WordPress image title and alt for search engine ranking. Your post or page images will be load faster than normal because of its lazy loading system. Overall, using this plugin you can optimize everything-related image automatically.


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