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7 Best Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins 2022 (Compared)

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Images are an interactive way to improve the user experience of a website. It’s a great medium to boost your brand or content. Users are more engaged in content that includes at least one image.

Un-optimized images will make a bad experience and negatively affect your site’s SEO. So you should optimize the images by compression method otherwise your site will rank down. It is one of the Google ranking factors.

WordPress image compression plugins are the best way to optimize the images on a website. An image optimizer plugin can optimize the images in such a way that your page loading time will be reduced.

So in this post, we are going to share the 7 best image optimizer WordPress plugins for using one on your WordPress site.

Image optimizer WordPress plugin

Why You Need Image Optimizer Plugin?

You need an image optimizer plugin for a gallery site or even a simple blog page. It compresses the images in a way so that your site speed is not affected due to higher loading time.

SEO-optimized sites have minimum loading time which attracts more visitors. So, to get your site first in Google rank, you must use an image optimizer on your website.

There are a few most useful technical features that you can use in an image optimizer plugin. Let’s see the most commons features.

  • For selecting different compression level: With the image optimizer plugin, you will get the flexibility to choose different compression levels for images. It compresses the image and makes a perfect balance between the file size and quality.
  • For Bulk Image Compression: Compressing a group of images is a hassle and time consuming if you do it manually. With a plugin, you can optimize images in a bulk amount and with minimal effort.
  • For Resizing and Cropping: You need an image optimizer plugin to easily resize and crop any image for your website. With a plugin, you can precisely resize and crop the image according to your website layout.
  • Backups: You can backup your original images by using an image optimizer plugin. It is important to keep the backup image if you want to compress it again or in a different format.

Top 7 Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins

You probably already know that responsive images are a major part of SEO and user experience nowadays.

If you’re an owner of one or more websites, then you certainly strive to implement this method the soonest possible time. Therefore, to save both your website’s visitors and search engines from unnecessary files, you should consider using image optimization plugins.

Looking for a tool to optimize your website’s images automatically? Then you’ve come to the right place! Below are the 7 best WordPress image optimizer plugins. These tools will help you reduce initial page load times and other web traffic metrics in no time!


ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a user-friendly and popular WordPress image compression & optimizing plugin. This lightweight image compression plugin has an API that connects with your site. You can use it from the WordPress dashboard and optimize the images effortlessly.

This plugin offers two different image compression methods. With the lossless method, every bit of given data gets compressed and with the lossy compression method, the data or the image size gets reduced into a smaller file size.
The latest glossy compression method is an updated version of the lossy compression method. This image compression method is specially made for photographers.

Key Features of ShortPixel:

  • It supports mostly used image formats including JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and PDFs.
  • Perfect for Optimizing images from the WordPress media library in a bulk amount.
  • PNG to JPG conversion which enabled to automatically creates a smaller image size.
  • Compressed image files can be converted to WebP format.
  • The latest version is optimized for photographers with an option to keep or remove EXIF data.
  • Compress any size of images because there is no restriction on the file size.


Pricing of this plugin is based on images per month.


100 images per month.


5000 images per month.


12,000 images per month.


55,000 images per month.

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Lana Image Optimizer

Lana Image Optimizer

Lana image optimizer for WordPress offers you a way to save storage space on your site. You can compress several formats of images including JPEG, JPG, PNG, and GIF. This plugin also accepts RJPEG formatted files which is an added advantage.

You will get a small-sized JPG format of all images through this image optimizer. The automatic mode of Lana optimizer can save previously used actions for optimization. Your newly uploaded images on your site will be automatically optimized.

You can select a batch of images and apply compression to minimize the effort. With this image optimizer, you can optimize multiple images at the same time. You can also use this plugin on different websites with a single subscription.
Lana Image optimizer is a powerful tool that is compatible with the WordPress media library. It’s a user-friendly image optimizer for WordPress users that offers a great user experience.

Key Features of Lana Image Optimizer

  • The plugin accepts different image formats for optimizing.
  • Uploaded Images are converted into small JPG size.
  • Automatic mode is available.
  • Compress image batch-wise.
  • Can be used in multiple sites.


Unlimited Image Optimization

It has only a regular licensed version.

EWWW image optimizer

EWWW image optimizer

EWWW image optimizer plugin optimizes images and also increases page speed. It’s another simple plugin that is easy to use and saves your maximum storage space.

You can upload any size of files on your website without any restrictions. Get the best compression and quality ratio of the images through this plugin. It provides you 7.5% of the lossless image compression technique.

Optimize large images and also different file formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, and WebP. It’s a powerful tool that can optimize any type of image.

This plugin offers both lossless and lossy compression methods of image optimization. You can get your original images for 30 days on the external cloud backup. So you don’t need to worry about losing the original image and if any rework is needed.

It automatically optimizes your image after uploading it to the WordPress Media Library. All communication is secured by SSL encryption and pixel optimization is supported.

Key Features of EWWW Image Optimizer

  • Limitless loading speed and file size optimization.
  • Includes a lossless and lossy compression method.
  • Includes an Intelligent conversion method that Converts the image in a proper format.
  • 30 days of free cloud backup option is available.
  • File size can be reduced to 80% (Paid Version)
  • Comes with a CDN integration (Paid version)
  • Server load gets reduced (Paid version)


This plugin includes two flat-rate pricing:

Less Compression

Unlimited images with less compression.

Premium Compression

Offers up to 80% compression with many features.
$$0.002 /image

Premium Compression

Offers up to 80% compression with One-click Optimization and more features.

Buy EWWW Image Optimizer lifetime plan

WP Smush

WP Smush Image Optimizer

WP Smush is another one of the most popular image optimizer plugins which is easy to use and very fast & lightweight. With the free version, you can optimize images up to 1 MB. The paid version of this plugin can optimize images up to 5 MB in size. You can optimize images individually or in a bulk amount.

This plugin is an ideal tool for beginners because of its user-friendly interface. After installing the plugin on your WordPress site, go to the Settings option, and get into the Media.

The plugin will automatically optimize all the images from the image media library. It will automatically optimize any unloaded image until it is installed and active.

Key Features of WP Smush

  • You can resize the image by changing its height and width.
  • Compresses images upon media uploads and in your preferred directory.
  • Compatible with different media library plugins such as WP Media folder, WP All Import, etc.
  • Offers a better privacy measure by maintaining minimal interaction with the users.


Less Compression

Unlimited images with less compression & features.

All Smush Pro Plan

Unlimited images with all pro features.
Free 7 days trial

Smush Pro Only For 1 Site

Unlimited images optimization with all pro features.

Performance Package For 1 Site

All pro features + Full site speed optimization (best for improving Google Page Speed score)

WPMU DEV Membership

For all your WordPress development and site management needs.



PNG to JPG is another simple image optimizer plugin that easily syncs with WordPress websites. With this free image optimizer plugin, you can set the quality of the converted JPG image. Your files will automatically be converted upon upload.

Besides, non-transparent PNG images will also be automatically converted upon upload as JPG in white background. All the original versions of the PNG image get uploaded to the server.

Also, the PNG images can be converted into JPG in a bulk amount. This image optimizer plugin offers a conversion statistic that includes a detailed report.

Read: How To Convert PNG Image To JPG In WordPress?

Key Features of PNG to JPG Plugin

  • Users can set the quality of the converted JPG.
  • Automatic convert option available.
  • Image backup option available.
  • PNG files on your media can be converted into JPG In white background.
  • Individual or bulk conversion technique available.

NB: Don’t convert sensitive PNG images like Logo or others. Because after converting the image it automatically sets the white background of the image. So you will lose the transparent background.


Convert PNG to JPG

Convert unlimited PNG images to JPG.


Imagify Image Optimizer Plugin

Imagify is another image optimization plugin that is very popular among WordPress users as a premium optimizer plugin.

It offers an automatic image optimization method that compresses your images and thumbnails. This plugin includes a very sophisticated image compression algorithm.

Imagify includes three levels of image compression methods that offer a better user experience. Users can flexibly balance between the image quality and size.

Besides, the backup of your original image is created before the optimization process. You can apply different image compression methods to your original image whenever you want.

Key Features of Imagify Optimizer Plugin

  • Works with different file-formats including JPGs, PNGs, GIFs, and PDFs.
  • Offers three levels of image compression techniques including Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra. The normal method includes lossless compression techniques. Aggressive and Ultra includes lossy compression techniques.
  • Backup of your original image before the optimization is applied.
  • Re-optimize your preferred images that are already compressed.
  • You can additionally create a WebP version of the image


Imagify offers a variety of monthly/yearly plans including one-time plans.

Limited plan/Free for use

All plans start out as a FREE Account which comes with25MB monthly plan on unlimited websites.

1 GB data per month

Optimize approx. : 10,000 images

2 GB data per month

Optimize approx. : 20,000 images

5 GB data per month

Optimize approx. : 50,000 images

15 GB data per month

Optimize approx. : 150,000 images

50 GB data per month

Optimize approx. : 500,000 images
$699.99/year Image Optimizer

reSmush Image Optimizer Plugin comes with some basic features of image optimization for WordPress. Like other similar plugins, it saves space and decreases page loading time.

The plugin includes API that compresses images through advanced algorithms. It can optimize different file formats including JPG, PNG, and GIF. This plugin can also optimize large-sized images.

The free version of this image optimizer can optimize up to 5MB. You can choose the level of image optimization according to your preference. Also, you can change the level of image optimization that starts from the default value of 92.

There is a reverse option available that lets you reverse back to the original format of the image. A copy of the original image format is always backed up by this plugin.

A bulk image optimization option is available for optimizing images in a group. Many websites and users pointed positive reviews toward this plugin that makes it worth a try.

Key Features of reSmush

  • It supports different formats of the image including JPG, PNG, and GIF for optimizing.
  • The free version optimizes file size up to 5 MB.
  • Image optimization level is customizable.
  • A reverse option is available.


It Allows To Optimize Image Up To 5MB

JPG, PNG, and GIF files up to 5MB.

Which Is the Best Image Optimizer Plugin?

The best premium plugin could be the ShortPixel plugin.

This plugin includes a very sophisticated image compression algorithm which is found to be more efficient than many other plugins. You can choose from different lossy and lossless compression techniques for the images on your website or blog.

Also, you can re-optimize your preferred images that are already compressed with this plugin.

Get ShortPixel lifetime licenses for $49

Another recommend premium image optimizer plugin is EWWW image optimizer that lets you take advantage of the lossy compression techniques such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

This plugin allows for a batch process to optimize your images with their own settings but you have the freedom to use different settings for individual images.

In Conclusion

We have collected all the information from, and the official website even we have tested all plugins on our website to check the working methods and actual results.

So our mentioned image optimizer plugins will surely enhance your user experience. If you use the above one especially the premium one, we sure, you will get the best page loading speed with optimized images on your WordPress website.

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