How To Convert PNG Image To JPG

How to Convert PNG Image to JPG In WordPress?

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We all know the PNG image format is better than JPG format. A PNG image gives you the best resolution with excellent color quality, whereas the JPG image will not provide. So to get a high-resolution image better than jpeg, there is no alternative than png that you already know. But you can use both formats on your WordPress site.

But on the WordPress site, most of the time, we upload images as png format because we need high-quality images without losing resolution. Sometimes we use screenshot tools that most support an image to save as a PNG format with a large image size. But do you know a large scale of images can slow your web page load time? 

It is a thankful matter if you are a serious webmaster to build business through websites.

In this step-by-step guide, we will be describing how to convert uploaded png images to jpeg format automatically from the WordPress dashboard.

How To Convert PNG Image To JPG

Why should you convert image PNG to JPG?

Nowadays, keyword rank on Google search engine is so tough. Google is considering web page speed for ranking keywords on the first page of the search engine in 2020 (This is one of the best Google ranking factors). 

So, in that case, if you continuously upload png images with a large file size in your WordPress site, after a particular time, your website will take more time to load. It is not useful for your web visitors, even search engines.

So considering all those benefits & negative factors, you should keep clean the website and increase web page load time to get a better user experience and search engine benefits. So one of the best ways to speed up a site is to convert a PNG image to JPG without losing original quality. You can check your website load time using the Google page speed tool.

WPBasic Pro Page speed

There are several ways you can do this. Most people use online image comparison tools and graphic design software like photoshop. 

But if you have a WordPress site and already upload so many PNG images, so what can you do? You have the best solution that we will show in this post. So let’s start.

Convert PNG to JPG Using a WordPress Plugin

In this plugin, you can easily convert your existing PNG images to JPG within just a few minutes from the WordPress dashboard even it works fine whenever you upload an image to WordPress.

First, Go to the WordPress dashboard and insert a plugin named PNG to JPG developed by KubiQ, then Install and activate it. We hope you already know this process of how to activate the WordPress plugin from the plugin section of the WordPress dashboard. 

Now go to the ‘Media’ located in the left sidebar of the WordPress admin dashboard and click on the PNG to JPG. After clicking, you can see a plugin setting interface. Here you can control your JPG image quality. The default percentage is 90%, which is better for image quality.

PNG to JPG setting

So check all settings before going to convert.

Note: in this setting section, we will another suggest never select a transparent background image to convert jpg like your logo or other images. Because when you switch a transparent background image JPG format, the converted image’s background color will become white after saving. So do not select your logo if it is a transparent background.

Now the next step is to convert existing PNG images to JPG. So to do this process jump into the “Convert Existing PNGs” section.

After clicking the next step, the plugin automatically will detect all PNG images. Sometimes it takes a little time but it will depend on your image quantity. So wait until it finishes detection.

Convert PNG to JPG

After completing the whole process now is time to select which png image you want to convert. Select all existing images instead of the transparent background images.

Then click on the ‘Convert Select PNG.’ In this step, wait until the converting process complete. When the plugin converts a png image to jpg, the saved image will be omitted from this part. After converting all photos, the window will become empty. Now you are done.

The whole process is very easy because there are no vast critical options for this plugin. You can do the entire process within just a few clicks. The plugin is suitable for beginner and professional WordPress users.

One thing is that PNG to JPG plugin will not be harmful to your WordPress site because it is a very lite-coded plugin. It works fine with any WordPress theme, plugin & caching plugin.

Top Online PNG Image To JPG Converter Tool

If you don’t use a WordPress plugin to convert your image, you can use an online image converter tool that can convert your PNG image to JPG or JPG image to PNG online then insert the converted JPG image into WordPress.

You can use a free online image converter tool to convert images for your site. Using these online convert you can optimize or reduce image size and quality according to your needs.

Some of these free tools are:

Tinyjpg: Tinyjpg is an online converter tool that can convert PNG images into JPG ( or JPEG to PNG ) with different compression ratios. You don’t have to create an account to use Tinyjpg tool. Just upload your image then it will start the conversion process automatically.

We use this tool when an original image size under 100kb. It compresses any JPG or PNG image without losing original quality. For example, If your original image size 100 kb then it will compress the image to at least 15kb or 25kb. Sometimes it will depend on the image quality and ratio.

Compressimage Toolur: This is another good image converter tool. You can use this tool if your original image size more than 200kb or 500 kb. It can compress any image with different sizes without losing original quality.

In Conclusion

Finally using PNG to JPG, you can convert all your images to the proper format and size.

It also helps save time when uploading new images into WordPress dashboard. It doesn’t matter how many images you have, this plugin will automatically detect them for conversion in just a click of a button!

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