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How to Customize WordPress Dashboard (Admin Interface) In a Super Fast Way?

You can customize your dashboard by changing and arranging widgets and menus accordingly. With a few clicks of the mouse, it’s possible to customize your WordPress dashboard’s menus, sidebar widgets, and posts area, and more!

As a result of customizing your dashboard, the content will be organized in a way that best suits you or your clients. This will provide ease of access to the most important content to you.

In this article, I shall discuss how to personalize your WordPress dashboard and why it is worthwhile to do so.

Benefits of customizing your WordPress dashboard

Having a customized WordPress dashboard has many advantages. The most obvious benefit is that it streamlines the process of managing your website, making your life easier.

With a customized dashboard, you can drag and drop widgets to create a layout that works best for you, and you can add or remove modules as necessary. In this way, you can save yourself from spending hours trying to sort through the default dashboard.

Also, you may be able to speed up your site by utilizing a custom WordPress dashboard. Most widgets on the default dashboard are not required for most users, so you can find what you need quickly and delete what you don’t.

Furthermore, you can control who has access to information with a customized WordPress dashboard. You should consider this if you have a team of people working on your website. For example, you can give certain people access to specific modules while hiding others from view.

Overall, a customized WordPress dashboard offers several benefits, including improved efficiency, speed, and security. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to start utilizing this feature if you have not already done so.

WordPress Admin Interface Customization Methods:

wordpress custom dashboard
WordPress custom dashboard (Basic Interface)

There are two ways in which you can customize the WordPress dashboard. First, with the help of WordPress core functions and hooks, you can create your own plugins (requires a developer). Another option is to purchase a pre-made plugin.

Using the first method is a more complex procedure, and you will need some coding skills. You must create a plugin to add the customizations that you desire. Taking this approach can be complicated, as you must be aware of all existing hooks and functions in WordPress to not break anything.

In this case, you can hire a WordPress developer who can create a plugin that will fulfill your requirements.

Where can I find a WordPress developer?

The easy way to find a developer is to use a website such as UpWork, Freelancer or get recommendations from friends or colleagues.

Problems: It is difficult and time-consuming to find the right developer in some cases, and it can be costly.

Using a WordPress Plugin:

This second method is much easier, and all you need is a plugin. Many plugins are available that allow you to add custom menus, widgets, and other features to the admin interface. Here are some examples:

Plugins for WordPress dashboard customizing:

  • WP Adminify: This plugin allows you to add widgets to the WP-Admin sidebar, top bar, and bottom bar. Moreover, you can rearrange the order of the widgets and add or remove them as required. You can customize the WordPress login page to your liking. The most convenient part is configuring each section of the WordPress admin interface, including automatic night and day modes.
  • Ultimate Dashboard: This plugin offers several features to your dashboard but is not better than WP Adminify. It allows you to add or remove modules as needed, making it easy to customize your WordPress dashboard. You can also place widgets in the footer of your site, which is helpful if you don’t want to clog your interface with them. It allows you to set the URL for redirecting users upon login.
  • Custom Dashboard and Login Page: This plugin provides you with the capability of creating custom login pages and dashboards. Adding your own logo, changing the colors, and adding your own widgets are all possible. It is helpful to build a more personalized login page for your website.
  • Ultimate Client Dash: It allows you to create a separate administrative interface for your clients using Ultimate Client Dash. The feature can be useful if you wish to grant them access to only certain parts of your website. You can also use it to create a dashboard for someone such as an affiliate marketer, allowing them to see only the statistics that pertain to their work.

Which is the best plugin among those listed above?

In my experience, WP Adminify is the most effective plugin for customizing the dashboard. It is easy to use and offers a wide range of options to customize the admin interface.

However, you may also wish to try the other plugins. They are easy to use, and most of them provide several options for customizing your dashboard.

It is ultimately up to you which plugin you choose to use. My recommendation is WP Adminify, which has many options and is very easy to use.

You can read our review of the WP Adminify plugin.

Custom dashboard widgets setting using Adminify plugin
Custom dashboard widgets setting using Adminify plugin

Is it better to use a plugin or to hire a developer to customize the dashboard of WordPress?

WordPress users often ask, “How do I make or change my dashboard?”? There are several reasons why this question appears again and again in the community.

It depends on what type of user you are and what you would like your dashboard to accomplish. If you are a user who wants more control over your website and has no programming experience, then using a plugin is the right option. With plugins, you have more control over how your dashboard looks and functions.

However, if you are unfamiliar with plugins or have a large budget, you can hire someone to customize your dashboard. Many developers and designers can assist with this task, and they do an excellent job at keeping your website running smoothly.

One difficulty is that you have to spend more time and money to find the most suitable one. It is not easy for first-time users to hire a developer or designer who can do this job. You may also have to pay your developer regularly. Therefore, I recommend that you use a plugin.


WordPress plugins are one of the most cost-effective ways for you to customize your dashboard. Many plugins are available that can help you customize the way your website functions.

If you need to customize the dashboard on your WordPress site for clients or other reasons, choose one of the above plugins. You can use a lite version for testing purposes. In order to use it professionally, it is advisable to purchase a premium version.

If this sounds like something you would like but doesn’t have the experience coding or money to hire a developer, then WordPress plugins might be the answer.


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