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9 Best WordPress Map Plugins 2022 (Compared)

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Finding the location of any business on a website makes it more trustworthy. For example, you create a post where you are telling about some of your favorite restaurants. Readers can be more benefited if you add these restaurant’s locations as a map.

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You can add a map to your site in several ways, like manually implementing code in your WordPress site. But for this, you need to know excellent programming skills. 

best wordpress map plugin

In that case, if you are not familiar with programming much, you have to follow another way. The easiest way to add a map is by using a WordPress map plugin.

In this post, I will share the best 9 WordPress map plugins, which are perfect for any location and well compatible with the popular WordPress themes. You can check our review of the famous theme named Enfold.

Top 9 Best WordPress Map Plugins For Your Dream Site

Here I make a reviewed list on the best WordPress map plugins. So let’s start to know

(1) Intergeo Maps

Intergeo Maps plugin

Intergeo map is an easily customizable map that provides a personalized map displaying multiple locations. It has included built-in features that make it more user friendly. You can easily set up positions, add multiple locations, zoom level of maps, add various locations and markers. Also, different colors and dimensions help you to select multiple locations easily without being buzzed. 


  • Visual builder includes. It helps you to add any element to your map. 
  • Multiple maps generating options that can help you to create several maps as you want.
  • Several types of map views help your site users to generate the location as they want. Including street, satellite, terrain, hybrid, there are more options to choose from.
  • You can make your custom map on it. This thing will help you to give proper detraction to your customers or clients.
  • Shortcode integration features, which display maps whatever you want. Also, you can easily find the location by using a shortcode.

Price: The incredible thing is that this map plugin comes with no cost. It’s absolutely a free plugin for frequent use.

(2) WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps

If you want to add a google map and embed style to your site, you can go with the WP google maps plugin. It offers more than hundreds of map styles to choose via Snazzy Maps. Further 500+ pre-designed markers help to display multiple routes along with distance.


  • Responsive templates make it more comfortable to use in any modern device. Also, It makes the map more beautiful and customized.
  • The custom filter adds on display for an accurate search. You can easily find your location by mentioning its surname or closely similar words.
  • You can create a map along with both satellite and standard views.
  • It includes multiple map layers for displaying traffic, bicycle, and transit view.
  • Marker animation on click helps to get realistic experience on the map.

Price: You can easily use this map plugin on your WordPress site. For this, you don’t have to pay any penny. It’s a free plugin to use.

(3) Maps Marker Pro

Maps Marker Pro

Maps Marker Pro is a popular and user-friendly map plugin among most of the users. It offers 600+ settings options, which helps you fix dimensions of the map, create markers, and choose layers. Also, you can pull in data from any source like Bing, HERE, Google maps, or Open street map.


  • You can simply share a real-time location and motion to your site or other places.
  • Includes augmented reality to create any scenario.
  • The custom map uploading feature is perfect for floor plans, mall maps, and other building locations.
  • QR code facilities help to share maps offline.
  • Marker animations and popups make maps more reality friendly.
  • Display date, name, and distance according to real-time location.

Price: This map plugin offers both a free and premium version. The free version has barriers on many features, but you can get a relevant experience through the premium version. The Premium version costs approximately $44. 

(4)Google Maps WP Plugin

google maps wd plugin

This is a good Google maps WordPress plugin that lets you create a map.

It is easy to install and use, as it requires little configuration after installation. It also has intuitive controls when adding the Google maps features on your website or blog post.

This plugin integrates nicely with WordPress themes that have built-in support for displaying custom HTML content inside posts and pages, which enables you to easily include a map in your content.

Key features

  • You can add multiple map layers to your map and display different colors for each of them.
  • You can add markers on the map so that you can pinpoint a specific location.
  • You can choose from different map types such as roadmap, satellite, or terrain maps for your project.
  • You can display a store locator on the map so that users can find your store easily.
  • It allows to set location and search for directions from one point to another.
  • You can fully control Google Maps API with the built-in controls.
  • It allows easily organize marker categories and subcategories.
  • If you want to start over with a new map, you can save and export/import your old settings.

Price: The price of STANDARD plan is only $45/year for up to 3 websites.

(5) Mapify

mapifypro map plugin

If you want to use a comprehensive map plugin with tons of cool features and tools, then Mapify is the best solution for your requirement. Through this plugin, you can upload a custom map with images and seamless zooming, and planning effect as real-time location.  


  • You can add video content and photo galleries where you want.
  • You can create an entirely new address by just clicking on the map.
  • Toggle zoom facility improves the experience of locking map in place.
  • Beautiful custom tooltips for every location that show to your site visitors to view.
  • Ability to enable or disable popups for every pin.
  • Custom map making is so easy through this plugin. Moreover, you can easily access the custom maps API.

Price: This user-friendly and customizable map plugin costs an affordable price. It comes at $7 only.

(6) WP Store Locator

WP Store Locator

It is a simple location management system that allows you to customize the map’s appearance, add custom fields and labels. You can also present a detailed driving direction to those who need help to find nearby stores. However, you can add an unlimited number of stores by providing details like phone number, fax, URL, email, description, and other information.


  • The different language supports—display map and driving directions in the various languages according to the user’s current location.
  • It provides the geolocation API through which you can determine the user’s current location.
  • GDPR compliant opportunity lets user’s agreement to load the map.
  • Simply build any custom map styles as many you want.
  • The plugin includes nine retina marker icons.

Price: This map plugin is a freemium plugin. You need not pay any money to use it.

(7) Google Map Easy

Google Map Easy

This map plugin gives you exclusive tools to create a custom google map for your WordPress site within just a few minutes. You can add any media to your map marker, including images, links, text, and descriptions.  


  • Includes an unlimited number of markers and locations which able to build a custom location with directions.
  • Exposition slider or table view of markers brings more customization.
  • The built-in social share button added on the map.
  • Heatmap layer included with alternate routes and steps.
  • Import and export feature along with marker clustering.

Price: The Google map is a lite plugin that offers both free and premium versions. The free version includes basic level customization. Besides, the premium version comes at $39 for one site.

(8) Flat 360 Degree Panoramic Image Viewer 

Flat 360 Degree Panoramic Image Viewer

This plugin is the unique mapping plugin for WordPress sites. It uses a static flat panoramic image on WordPress to add hotspots and scrolling to provide a realistic visual experience. You can access to view maps at right and left rotations, so it is a good feature for getting a clear location’s idea. 


  • It’s a Gutenberg ready map plugin.
  • It supports the 180-degree and 360-degree vision.
  • Includes an auto-scroll with a sliding control feature.
  • Lightbox plugin is compatible to create popups of hotspots with details.
  • Auto-generated translation supports. The language displayed according to the user’s current location.
  • It supports easily with mobile and touchpad.

Price: This map plugin costs a little bit high. If you want to grab it, you need to pay $20, respectively.

(9) Mapplic

Mapplic plugin

Mapplic comes with display images and vector graphics with high-quality interactive maps design. This plugin lets you input your vector drawing or map instead of OpenStreetMap or Google Maps. Various types of maps are available, including temporary maps, illustrated maps, historical maps, and so on. 


  • Any image or vector drawing files can be added easily.
  • Unlimited landmarks and locations for better customization.
  • Around 15 geographical maps included the world, continents, and individual counties.
  • Referenceable location through its URL.
  • It is optimized for touchscreen.

Price: This all in one map plugin charges a higher price to provide unlimited service. It’s about $34. 

Buying Guide of the Best WordPress Map Plugin

There are both free and premium map plugins. But always, the premium one contains extra features and improved structure. If you are willing to grab a premium plugin, you need to be concerned about its service quality, relevancy, structure, and much more. 

A Few Things you should remember before buying a map plugin for your WordPress site.

  • Before choosing any product, check its trustworthiness. There are many frauds to capture your money by just telling some false information. So be concerned about companies’ customer support and promises.
  • Take a look at the product’s features that they are providing. You can compare with other product features to evaluate the best one—some products charge more than what they are offering.  
  • A well customized and easily accessible map plugin can help you through getting more traffic on the site’s page. So choose a plugin, which can display the exact location smoothly to users. If users get satisfied, then they will share your website with their surroundings. Thus more traffic comes to your site.
  • Map clarity is one of the most important things. People want to see the exact location on the map. So, if that map won’t show a clear view of its user, it will not be able to satisfy them.
  • There are different types of maps like world map, individual country’s map. So you have to decide which is more relevant for users. You check a feature in which map plugin delivers the exact location without taking much time to load.

Now you can choose any one from this list to use for your WordPress site. But if you ask me what I prefer to use as the best WordPress map plugin, then my opinion goes to Mapify.

It’s a low-cost premium map plugin that comes with tons of features and tools. You can easily customize it as your need. Adding video content and photos to every location is the most beneficial feature of Mapify.

Finally, people are getting a physical location about what things you are briefing. So using a WordPress map plugin helps your site get more reachable to users.

These plugins can make your site more trustworthy and friendly. So use a map plugin to make the user of your website engaged and comfortable.

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