Craft CMS Vs WordPress

Craft CMS Vs WordPress: Which Is The Best?

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WordPress is the populer content management system that takes place almost 63.6% share in the CMS market whereas the Craft CMS is another content management system that takes place only 0.2% share as per the statistics of 2020.

The key difference between Craft CMS and WordPress is the approach of the development and features involved in it. WordPress started as a blogging tool for website and started exploring into different third-party publishing solutions and Craft CMS has a very much focused approach towards content management.

To make your decision easier to understand which content management system is suitable for your website, we have compared the popular WordPress platform with the less popular one. Let’s discuss the key differences in a detailed manner one by one.

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Craft CMS Vs WordPress: Key Differences

Speed of the Website

If you are spending time browsing or working on the WordPress website, you are likely to deal with the slow loading speed. It’s the issue which many WordPress users face the problems with loading time.

If you are neglecting the issue of WordPress’s slow speed time, then it can be a huge loss to your business. Also, on mobile devices about half of the world’s website visits originate – 53% of pages are abandoned if they take more time above 3 seconds to load.

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Craft CMS

Also, website conversion rates fall 12% for every extra second that it takes your website to load. bounce rates increase 50% for every 2 extra seconds.

On the other hand, sites that are built with Craft CMS are some of the fastest websites to load. The sites which are built with Craft CMS are scored 99% on Google PageSpeed Insights for Desktop and 90% for mobile which is way too higher than the average websites which are built.

The websites which are built with the Craft CMS don’t come with prepacked unnecessary plugins along with poorly written code. The Craft CMS also comes with some of the specialized tools to increase the website performance which makes the user more comfortable to use.

Flexibility of Website

WordPress has larger choices for templates and plugins availability leading it with the largest community of developers. This makes the WordPress CMS platform is a flexible solution to the business with all the functionality to achieve primary basic goals. The downfall of WordPress is that multiple sites look like a similar website leading to the closing of the business opportunity to stand out unique from the multiple global competitors.

On the other hand, Craft CMS has superior design flexibility and continuous consistency that Craft brings to the business. Craft keeps customization of the website at the forefront with the content first approach leading to develop from the scratch as per business needs instead of using predefined templates.

The Craft CMS provides more flexibility when it comes to adding or rearranging new elements as well as existing elements on a web page which are often limited from WordPress.

Security and Stability Concerns of Website

WordPress holds around 27 percent of all websites on the global Internet. From a stability view, this makes the CMS a strong competitor of the year leading with a strong community of developers to support users who are facing issues along with many experienced WordPress developers around.

From a security concern, the popular WordPress platform is mainly targeted by hackers due to every installation of plugins that makes an entry point to hackers and thus leading to security at high risk for a website.

Both stability and security point of view is taken extremely concern by Craft, with regular updates cycle set up for handling the bugs efficiently. While they are newer to the CMS platform compared with WordPress, Craft CMS developer is well known for having a highly qualified as well as skilled community of developers.

Usability of Website

The default WordPress comes with many predefined components. The issues with this are that many unnecessary and unwanted comes along with it that complicate the interface view. It also involves the process of training the clients to use the newer cms platform.

WordPress CMS

On the other side, Craft CMS is known for its highly user-friendly platform. The interface view is simple which is built and developed as per the needs and requirements of the business. The seamless experience of updating as well as adding content makes the Craft CMS easier to approach.

The further extraordinary feature is the handy live preview which is offered by Craft CMS. Admin can view the content edit section as well as the preview of the live website for editing in real-time which makes the content updating easier in quick times.

Search Engine Visibility

As you might know, WordPress is an SEO Friendly Platform. Many effective SEO plugins will guide you properly when things like metadata title, description, and other basic SEO requirements come into the picture.

Craft CMS also comes with a basic and effective SEO Plugin that provides greater opportunity and streamline your SEO, particularly with an auto generator metadata. This is especially useful when the larger sites need regularly adding new pages.

Last Words

So which are the best options for your Website? Choosing the best CMS for making a website is depends on the requirements. If you are looking for a quick solution to fix the testing product for business or want to add so many features using plugins then you can go with WordPress CMS which is the ultimate solution to it.

However, if you are looking for flexible and sleek website solutions for the long run into the current as well as future offerings for the businesses, we would highly recommend you to go for Craft CMS. But in the Craft CMS, you have to purchase their subscription which costs only $299 per project for building a professional website whereas you never need to spend money in WordPress CMS. You just need a domain and WordPress manages hosting to start a professional website.

So from the above discussion, it is mentioned that the Craft CMS is the ultimate winner for the choice of selection when compared to the other platforms. But it solely depends on you which one you should go for your betterment of the business.

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