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BlogVault Vs VaultPress: Which one Is The Best?

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When it comes to the two most popular WordPress backup plugins, you are bound to get confused about which one to choose. While both of them have some excellent features, they are not all good for your site.

So, to help you choose one from the ‘Blogvault vs Vaultpress’ battle, we have presented this article with a comparison between the plugins.

Go through the whole content and then compare the features to come to a decision about which one is the best.

What is Blogvault?

Blogvault is one of the excellent backup services for WordPress that takes day to day to backup your site automatically to save your entire site.

Blogvault vs vaultpress

Also, it will perform real-time backups for your sites that change frequently like news sites or forums. The feature that makes Blogvault different than others is the Test Restore feature which allows you to test your changes before getting them live.

The migrate feature is another unique feature that lets you change your site’s URL in case you want a different hosting service.

What is Vaultpress?

Designed by automatic, Vaultpress is another backup plugin of the WordPress that also offers a security scanning service. With Vaultpress, the migration problem is not a problem nor costly.

BlogVault Vs VaultPress: Which one Is The Best? 1

It doesn’t matter if you forgot to save your changes, Vaultpress will save everything for you. Moreover, it detects any kind of malware or viruses that might attack your site.

You won’t have to worry about any kind of spammers since this plugin will save your brand, SEO, and readers from anything spammy.

Blogvault VS Vaultpress

Most new users get extremely confused about which one to use and end up searching for help on the internet! Though both of them do the same thing, some things are different in them and one of them is better than the other.

So, let’s look at the comparisons to decide which will win this “Blogvault vs Vaultpress” fight!


If you are looking at the basic plan, Blogvault is actually cheaper and costs $9 per month. Whereas, Vaultpress will cost you $15 per month. You might be wondering about the reason behind this difference.

In truth, there isn’t that much difference between these two plugins and they do almost the same works.

However, Vaultpress does come with some advanced features like updating comments and plugins with real-time backup.

But those are the things you can go by without having. So here the wining backup plugin is Blogvalut.


While Vaultpress is developed by Automattic, the famous builder of WordPress and many other useful plugins. On the other hand, Blogvault is made by a brand based in India called Inactiv Media Solutions.

So, if you go with the developers, Vaultpress is sure to win because of the popularity of the builders.


Everyone wants to trial the product they are looking into before purchasing it permanently. WordPress plugins are not an exception. Keeping this in mind, Blogvault offers a 7-day free trial before you pay for it. In this way, you can get familiar with the features and test the quality of the work.

However, unfortunately, Vaultpress doesn’t offer any service like that. So here you can try with Blogvault.

Real-Time Backup

Vaultpress has a great backup system that saves each and every second you make any kind of change on the site. It can work even when you are sleeping.

On the other hand, Blogvault takes a daily backup and keeps the most recent 30 days of history. So according to the first backup process, here win is Blogvault.

Test Restore

This is a feature that Blogvault has and Vaultpress hasn’t. This feature helps you to test run the changes you have made on your site before making it live online.


This is one of the most important points that you need to consider whenever you choose any kind of plugin. Blogvault maintains the security system by saving copies of backups in different locations.

Vaultpress will alarm you of any kind of threat, malware, or virus attacks that might be dangerous for your site. In this feature, we highly recommend using Blogvault

Site Migration

You won’t get this feature on the Vaultpress basic plans. On the other hand, Blogvault offers this feature from its starter and offers an excellent service in this case. You can undoubtedly try the Blogvault backup plugin.

WordPress Sync

Vaultpress is a plugin that works every second and takes backup every time the WordPress syncs or refreshes. Every activity you do each second is recorded by this plugin.

Blogvault, on the other hand, doesn’t work like that and don’t necessarily take data as soon as you make any change.

The all-time sync process is very bad for a web server, so here you should not choose the VaultPress plugin.


Both of the plugins come with excellent customer support that will help you with any problem as soon as possible via email or chat.

Which One Should You Use?

So, you might be wondering about Blogvault vs Vaultpress, which one is better? Well, if you ask us, we recommend using Blogvault. Not only it comes at a reasonable price but also offers some extra features and options that you won’t get with Vaultpress.

However, Vaultpress is not totally unworthy either. We have mentioned all the differences between them. Now, it’s your turn to choose which one might be the best option for you.

Blogvault features

Why is BlogVault better than VaultPress?

The most 10 reasons to consider this plugin for your site.

  • Great features list.
  • Compared to others the price is reasonable.
  • A contender in WordPress Migration Plugins.
  • A category leader in WordPress Backup Plugins.
  • A contender in WordPress Security Plugins.
  • Has 11 highlight features.
  • Has View Logins and Logouts.
  • Has Remove Website Malware.
  • Has Website Hardening.
  • Best for Ease of use.


Finally, In Blogvault vs Valutpress, you have understood which backup plugin is the best for your WordPress site to keep backup automatically. You should remember, backup is very important for every site. So you can choose any of the backup plugins but our recommended plugin will save your site from lots of data loss, unwanted threads, and saves money.


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