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10 Best WordPress Security Plugins For 2022 (Compared)

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Let’s start with a story. Imagine that you own a jewelry store. It is filled with gold, diamonds, and valuable stones. You store them in a vault. That’s why the shop has such a locking system that makes access impossible for anyone. So what is to be done?

Maybe you are assuring yourself that nothing will happen. But, yes, everyone should take steps to protect their assets. Your website is one kind of asset that you should protect.

However, take a moment to consider your website. It costs a significant amount of money to maintain a website, due to several terms and services, such as hosting, themes, plugins, website development, etc.

Best WordPress Security Plugins

No website is 100% hacker-proof. Consequently, your website is also at risk of being hacked. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. The popularity of WordPress draws hackers’ attention to websites using it.

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The purpose of this article is to discuss WordPress security issues to safeguard our website.

Best WordPress Security Plugins Comparison

Plugin NameFree VersionPrice of PremiumOur Rating
Sucuri✔️Starting from $199/yr⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
WordFence✔️Starting from $99/yr⭐⭐⭐⭐
Malcare✔️Starting from $99/yr⭐⭐⭐⭐
All In One WordPress
Security And Firewall
IThemes Security Pro✔️Starting from $80/yr⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
BulletProof Security✔️$69/yr⭐⭐⭐⭐
Google Authenticator✔️N/A⭐⭐⭐
SecuPress✔️Starting from $60⭐⭐⭐⭐
Astra Web Security✔️Starting from $24/mo⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
WebARXFree trialStarting from $152/yr⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why Should You Use a WordPress Security Plugin?

Due to a lack of security and improvements. There are many valuable assets on your website, such as data, user information, money, and so on.

Cybercriminals break into your website and collect what they require or crash your website’s system without leaving their couches.

Approximately 90 thousand websites are hacked each day, and 83 percent of users are using WordPress. Hackers most commonly access WordPress-powered websites through plugins and themes developed by third parties. However, some steps can be taken to prevent this from occurring.

The elements are…

  • Plugin security.
  • WordPress Theme security.
  • Hosting and FTP vulnerabilities.
  • Users permissions.
  • Peak weak passwords on both the website and computer.

Security plugins for WordPress fall into three categories

  • You can harden your security by limiting login attempts, enforcing strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, modifying your login URL, adding a CAPTCHA, and more.

Hardening a website’s security includes

  • monitoring its core files for changes,
  • disabling WordPress features like XML-RPC, and
  • stopping user enumeration.

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  • A firewall is another security measure that sits between your website and its visitors. As a result, users can use your website without experiencing any difficulties. When the firewall detects malicious activity via IP address, it will block the user or visitor before any problems occur. Firewalls protect your website from cybercriminals.
  • A malware scan is the most effective and practical aspect of WordPress security and malware removal. It works like a run-time scanner operating on your computer. This tool will scan your website for malicious code and report any issues if found.

Malware scanners identify malware based on “malware signatures,” but they cannot detect hidden malware on your server.

Therefore, for the highest level of security, you should use a malware scanner that scans all the files on your server.

You should protect your website with the most effective security plugins. You can use the following list to make your purchasing decision.

Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins In 2022

(1) Sucuri

10 Best WordPress Security Plugins For 2022 (Compared) 1

There are many security plugins on the market today. However, you must pay to use a well-rated WordPress security plugin. If you want a trial before purchasing or wish to have a free security service for your WordPress blog, you may choose the Sucuri security plugin.

A free version of this plugin comes with file integrity monitoring, blacklist monitoring, security notifications, and security hardening.

Sucuri’s premium package includes customer service channels, firewalls, and frequent scanning. Sucuri’s firewall is available for $19.98 per month, and the entire platform costs $199.99 per year.


  • Auto cleans up if it gets malware.
  • Effective malware scanning.
  • Monitor every change that happens on your site, including file changes, logins, failed login attempts.
  •  Reduce server loading time and improve the site’s performance.
  • Protection against SQL Injections, XSS.

Get started with Sucuri today.

(2) WordFence


WordFence offers a powerful malware scanner, exploit detection capabilities, and threat assessment features that do not cost a dime. In addition, this plugin automatically scans your site for common threats several times per day.

You can launch a full scan at any time. In addition, WordFence comes with a built-in firewall. However, it runs before WordPress is loaded. Because of this, WordFence is less effective than a DNS-level firewall.


  • Monitor visits, hack attempts, including their origin, IP address, time of the day, and time spent.
  • Free to use for many websites.
  • Protection against brute force attacks.
  • Provide some unique tools like cell phone sign-in and password auditing.
  • Well-customized firewall suite includes country blocking, manual blocking, real-time threat defense, and brute force protection.
  • Force to use a strong password for an upgraded protection layer.

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Get started with WordFence today.

(3) Malcare


Malcare is another cost-effective WordPress security plugin on the market. It was developed following extensive research on more than 24 million WordPress websites. This is a comprehensive WordPress security solution.

It protects your website against sophisticated and hidden malware as fast as possible, preventing your website from being blacklisted by Google.

To utilize their security service, you must pay $99 per year. However, if Malcare cannot remove malware from your site, it will refund your money three times.


  • Keep away from unauthorized personnel for getting access to your website.
  • Provide unlimited scans for continuous monetization to prevent malware.
  • Make regular backups on a real-time basis up to 365 days of access.
  • Provide easy navigation for update plugins, themes, and WordPress core.
  • Offers white-labeling and client reporting options if you manage websites for others.

The free version is enough for basic WordPress security, but you can keep WordPress more secure using its pro version.

Get started with Malcare today.

(4) All in One WordPress Security and Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall

Another free security plugin is All in one WordPress Security and Firewall. It has a user-friendly interface and is well known for its powerful firewall. This plugin is designed to enhance the security of small business websites.

It will improve the security of your website by adding a firewall to prevent malicious scripts from altering the code of your WordPress website automatically.

To provide an extra level of security to cybercriminals, it forces users to provide a unique and robust password.

This plugin scans your WordPress website for several vulnerabilities using malware scanners. In addition, it will assist you in implementing changes to enhance security.

Additionally, its grading system measures your site’s security level, and it continually monitors for enhanced security.


  • Login lockdowns on attempts a specific number of failed attempts.
  • Provide security into basic, intermediate, and advanced categories.
  • IP address filtering to prevent specific users and locations.
  • User account monetization.
  • Security notification while something wrong happens.
  • Offer manual blacklist for block suspicious IP addresses.

Get started with All In One Security And Firewall today.

(5) iThemes Security Pro

iThemes security plugin

The developer of this security plugin is iThemes, a well-known developer of WordPress themes and plugins. A WordPress-friendly security plugin offers users a wide range to secure their websites.

It provides daily backups through its plugin, BackupBuddy. You can easily use it from its dashboard and protect your site from automated attacks and common vulnerabilities.

This plugin offers more security services if you purchase the premium version, protecting WordPress sites. iThemes Pro costs $80 per year for a single website.

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  • Scheduled WordPress backups.
  • Offer 404 detection and plugin scans.
  • Two-factor authorization provides an extra security layer.
  • Sends emergency email alerts to notify you of any recent changes that occur.
  •  Login attempts preserved.
  • Force users to build an inaccessible password.

Get started with iThemes Security Pro

(6) BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security

BulletProof is one of the newest plugins to hit the market. For this reason, it is not as popular as other plugins. However, you can consider it as a top choice for your website.

No site that has installed this security plugin has been hacked during the last seven years. It is so easy to install and run in just a few clicks. The plugin provides access to security logs, monitoring, malware scans, database restoration, and backups.

The Bulletproof Security plugin includes a maintenance mode. Through this mode, your website will remain secure while being maintained. It is also worth noting that this security solution is free. Therefore, using this plugin will not cost you anything.


  • One-click installation.
  • Login protection through restricted attempts.
  • Keep database backups.
  • Notify through email when a user locked out for failed login attempts.
  • To prevent unauthorized users from using antispam, anti-hacking tools.

The more features are available in the premium version starting from $69.

Get started with BulletProof Security today.

(7) Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator

The name Google is unbeatable on the Internet. Google has introduced a security plugin called “Google Authenticator” for keeping your website secure.

The new system enables two-step verification; the first step involves only a username and password and the second step consists of a voice call, a text, or a mobile app for every new device.

This second verification method must be performed once for each new device. Additionally, the Google plugin supports USB-portable security keys.

There is no charge for using Google Authenticator. It is a free, easy-to-use, and highly secure authentication system. Nevertheless, it is not suitable for advanced WordPress security.


  • Adds an extra security layer to your every login.
  • Moderate for easy-to-use with a simple interface look.
  • Offer shortcodes on custom login pages.
  • Block bad bots from entering as a visitor.
  • Includes CAPTCHA and simple security questions for preventing robotic login.
  • Deployable for entire User-Base in minutes.

Get started with Google Authenticator today.

(8) SecuPress

SecuPress Free

SecuPress is one of the most widely used security plugins today. The plugin is available for free as well as a premium version.

By purchasing its premium version, you will have access to PHP malware scanning, country blocking, task scheduling, and much more security features.

A single site costs $59.99 per year. This cost will decrease if you buy a license for multiple sites. There are no other hidden costs associated with the plugin.


  • Protect login from brute force attacks.
  • Option to hide login page, WordPress, and WooCommerce version.
  • Antispam, anti-hacker features.
  • Two-factor authentication for login security.
  • Backup files and data continuously.
  • PHP malware scan provides extra security.
  • Provide a report in a PDF file.

Get started with SecuPress today.

(9) Astra Web Security

Astra Security Suite

Astra web security plugin has an easy-to-use interface and a one-click option for malware removal. As a result, there is no need to wait until your site has been cleaned up. Instead, click the “Clean Malware” button, and you will have a malware-free website.

If you use the free version, you can enable basic protection features. However, the premium version of Astra web security offers you additional features for comprehensive WordPress security.

Pricing for this security solution starts at $24 per month for the basic plan, $45 per month for the advanced plan, and $149 per month for the business plan.

The essential pack can assist if you require protection for a small website or WordPress blog. Otherwise, the business plan is more suitable for larger projects.


  • Navigation option on the dashboard.
  • Block specific country and locations.
  • Lots of security tools.
  • WebApp firewall.
  • Scan uploads to prevent malicious files.

Get started with Astra Web Security today.

(10) WebARX


Most users are familiar with WebARX’s Advanced Web Application Firewall Engine. Firewall updates automatically to prevent theme vulnerabilities, and it can be installed in a few minutes.

With WebEx, you can prevent malware infections, prevent malicious bots and hacking attempts, and protect your website against brute force attacks.

This solution is available for free. However, its premium version offers unlimited scans, security tools, and more. It costs $14.99 per month.


  • Up-time, SSL monetization.
  • Provide security reports in PDF.
  • 24/7 security monitoring.
  • GDPR Cookies and Privacy Policy included.
  • Keep information up-to-date to avoid any type of vulnerabilities.

Get started with WebARX today.

Which WordPress Security Plugin Is The Best?

The plugins mentioned above are the highest quality security plugins for WordPress that I have tested. You can now decide which one is suitable for your website.

I would strongly advise you to select iTheme Security if you ask me. For a starter, you can also use the WordFence security plugin. These are the proper solutions for any newly launched website, ensuring adequate security.

If you have difficulty determining which security solution to use, you may want to read our comprehensive comparison of iThemes Security and WordFence.

This article has covered the most effective security plugins for WordPress websites. I hope that you will now make a wise decision.


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