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10 Best WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins (2022) Review

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If you’re an avid user of the WordPress storefront, you might have already stumbled upon a few plugins helping to make your e-commerce website more accessible and user-friendly.

While WordPress hosts a diverse array of themes to make any website look very professional, there are not really that many features enabled in the default setup.

So, a WordPress shopping cart plugin is an utter necessity if you plan to offer a comfortable, personalized experience for the visitors who would use your e-commerce website to purchase any goods or services.

An essential plugin that every WordPress e-commerce website should have installed is a shopping cart plugin.

So in this post, we will share the top 10 best WordPress shopping cart plugins for your eCommerce site to enhance shopping cart functionality and design.

10 Best WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins (2022) Review 1

What is Shopping Cart Plugin?

Shopping cart plugin is a small program that adds functionality to a WordPress-powered online store. When you add a shopping cart plugin to your website, users will have the option of purchasing goods and services from your store easily.

You can use several different methods to approach sales through your WordPress site. If you want an easier way to make sales from your wp online store, you can add a hard party shopping cart plugin.

The convenience of selling products allows customers to purchase goods and services directly from your website through using a shopping cart. The advantage of using a custom or premium shopping cart is that you are still in control of the design and content of your store.

Why Should You Use a WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin?

A shopping cart is essentially the first and foremost feature that differentiates an e-commerce website from any other website built using the WordPress platform.

While WordPress initially offers an intuitive approach to display the content on your website along with a beautiful visual layout, there are no default options to sell anything to a visitor directly.

That is where shopping cart plugins come in! A WordPress shopping cart plugin will allow you to directly offer a shopping experience to a visitor while they browse through your e-commerce website.

Also, with these shopping cart plugins, you can create the best-rated one-page Woocommerce shopping cart page of your online store.

It can convert visitors to significant customers and be able to choose the various products or services they want to purchase from your e-commerce website.

They can also review the selected items through a dedicated shopping cart page before making the final purchase.

The best WordPress shopping cart plugins even go as far as integrating courier services and processing with popular Woocommece payment getaways like PayPal & Stripe.

What Features Are Must in A Shopping Cart plugin?

Before jumping into the best WordPress shopping cart plugin, you need to ensure some fundamental core features.

All generic shopping cart plugins offer the basic one-way shopping-payment-delivery approach, but the best ones stand out by promising a slightly more personalized experience.

Here are some must-have features for a shopping cart plugin:

  • A modern, easy-to-use interface with intuitive button placement.
  • Options to process payments through multiple portals like PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • Sufficient flexibility to customize the appearance and functionality of the site owner.
  • Widespread compatibility with the most popular WordPress themes.

10 Best WordPress Shopping cart plugins



This widely popular shopping cart plugin brands itself as a complete e-commerce solution. It’s suitable for businesses of all scales and sizes.

Whether you’re starting new or planning to make a more developed online presence, WooCommerce has you covered. There are multiple custom configuration options, including dynamic pricing rules and payment portal flexibility.

The plugin also supports configuring a suitable shipping option and calculating tax ratios automatically.

Key Features

  • Completely open-source.
  • Widespread compatibility for WordPress themes.
  • Supported by SEO.

Price: Free.

WooCommerce Cart Plugin

WooCommerce Cart Plugin

This single-click shopping cart plugin boasts simplicity and minimalism to the finest. You can offer a mini-cart dropdown feature to any customer visiting your site where they can browse through their selected items.

The users can easily edit any desired item directly from the mini-cart dropdown menu without having actually return to the product details page.

There are also options to place the cart button anywhere on the site using shortcodes.

Key Features

  • Innovative shortcode for mini drop-down menus.
  • Three unique designs.
  • Support for custom CSS customizations.

Price: $25.

WooCommerce Popup Cart

WooCommerce Popup Cart

Along with extreme user freedom, this WordPress shopping cart plugin provides multiple innovative features. Real-time update compatibility means the user won’t have to wait until the page refreshes itself to see their chosen products appear in the cart.

Also, its super straightforward approach encourages customers to purchase more products intuitively!

Key Features

  • Ajax add-to-cart feature.
  • Designated an input box for the quantity of the selected item.
  • Fully customizable settings.

Price: $21.

WooCart Pro

10 Best WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins (2022) Review 2

This funky little shopping cart plugin is lightweight, fast, and responsive. There are multiple customization options with an ample focus on user accessibility.

Besides, its unique floating cart button feature allows users to add or edit items in the cart without having to navigate away from the current page.

Key Features

  • Readily integrate into menus.
  • Unique light-box popup feature with a floating cart button.
  • Customizable colors, text, and cart icons.

Price: $25.

WooCommerce Cart To Quote Plugin

WooCommerce Cart To Quote

If you enable quotation inquiries for the users visiting your site, this WP shopping cart plugin can be your best bet.

This plugin basically adds a quotation form to the shopping cart menu using Gravity Forms. There is a significant amount of user accessibility control left with the website administrator so that you can customize it in almost any way you want to.

Key Features

  • Quotation inquiry options with Gravity Forms.
  • Extreme customizability for texts, including the price of products.
  • Extra features for registered users.

Price: $21

WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart

Featured as a total e-commerce solution rather than just a shopping cart plugin.

WP EasyCart is a free but powerful tool that can take on even the paid plugins for a battle of wits. You can set it up with a few simple steps and get the shopping cart feature enabled instantly on your website.

The entire payment process through this plugin complies with SCA and GDPR regulations, so it offers the most stringent security.

Key Features

  • Easy and intuitive setup that takes only a few minutes.
  • Multiple payment gateways including Stripe and Google Pay.
  • Premium extensions are available for Facebook and Instagram integration.

Price: Free.

WooCommerce One Page Shopping

WooCommerce One Page Shopping

This ultra-minimalistic yet powerful shopping cart plugin is specially designed for one-page websites. You don’t have to worry about redirecting the user to a different page while employing this plugin.

They can simply check out all their selected items from the shopping cart while still on the same page. It’s simple, fast, and elegant–all in one package!

Key Features

  • Instant one-click setup with fairly intuitive options.
  • Supports one-page e-commerce shops.
  • Compatibility with Stripe.

Price: $20.

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

If you’re not solely interested in hosting an e-commerce website, but just want to sell some products as a side-hustle on your blog, then this shopping cart plugin will cover everything related to the cart.

Besides, with this plugin, you can expertly display the shopping cart option on the sidebar without being too disruptive towards the blog’s natural flow.

Key Features

  • Dynamic shortcode support.
  • Good range of compatibility with themes.
  • Extremely lightweight in terms of resources.

Price: Free.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads

Specially designed for selling digital merchandise or any type of media file, this plugin is a lifesaver for many beginner e-commerce enthusiasts.

The learning curve for using this plugin is reasonably bland, while still offering many powerful features.

The visitors can make any purchase from the website with ease and be sure to receive instant delivery of digital goods. The localized translations are pretty good too.

Key Features

  • Front-end cart with “buy now” buttons.
  • Simple and clean interface with no distractions.
  • Support for multiple WordPress themes.

Price: Free.

Abandoned Cart Lite

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

If you’re already an experienced e-commerce enthusiast, you’re probably aware of the abandoned shopping cart issue that many websites suffer. This innovative plugin is specifically designed to tackle that issue with ease.

You can recover orders from shopping carts & stops cart abandonment before the payment. There is a handy option to send email blasts to existing customers.

This feature helps you to recover lost sales and reduce the abandonment ratio by over 25%.

Key Features

  • Works silently in the background.
  • Collects abandoned shopping cart data from users.
  • Good email support.

Price: Free.

How do I add a shopping cart to my WordPress site?

If you already have an online shopping store created by Wocommerce, then you know that the checkout process is different from buying a product at a local store.

A seller typically has an interface with multiple fields for collecting data and shipping information like billing address, delivery address, etc. It’s also up to the seller to keep track of payments and shipping logistics. The whole easy process can do a good rating Woocommerce shopping cart plugin.

What if you don’t have a third-party shopping cart solution? Or, what if you sell something as simple as individual blog posts or products with no variations to select from?

Well, there are multiple ways to implement an online checkout for your WordPress site without an internal Woocommerce default cart solution.

You can use a plugin from the above list that is able to create a simple shopping cart and checkout page with a unique filter hook containing the items for sale, and most popular payment options on your WordPress site.


The entire user experience of an e-commerce website depends a lot on the shopping part plugin used. It can cost you dearly if you can’t choose the most suitable shopping cart plugin for the website.

However, don’t fret. We’ve compiled the ten best WordPress shopping cart plugins that are available in the marketplace. You can choose anyone from this list and rest assured to get a certain level of a satisfactory outcome.

Nonetheless, we suggest you go through at least two plugins and check out their individual features one by one. Finally, choose one that fulfills all the criteria you need for your e-commerce website to get it up and running to full capacity.

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