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InboundWP Review: A Complete WordPress Marketing Plugin

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Do you want to grow your business without having to spend hours looking up new trends? You should use InboundWP as part of your strategy! It has everything from SEO to Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, and more.

InboundWP is a plugin for WordPress that helps you create effective marketing campaigns. It has been designed to take your inbound marketing and turn it into an automated process, so you can focus on other aspects of running the business.

In this review, we are going to share its features that make InboundWP a great plugin for marketers and SEO professionals.

What is InboundWP?

InboundWP is a plugin that creates marketing campaigns to help you generate more leads for your business. It is a complete inbound marketing solution that includes lead capture, Social Proof, Spin Wheel, and more. The plugin requires WordPress so if you are not using it then this may not be the best option for you.

Plugins like Thrive Leads and OptinMonster both offer some similar features, but they differ when it comes to pricing plans, design options, and the capability of easy use & more unique features.

InboundWP review

Why should you use it?

You can use InboundWP marketing plugin for growing your marketing strategy, sales, and lead even for saving time to design all marketing-related actions. You can also use it for marketing pop-ups that convert visitors into leads and getting more subscribers.

The plugin is a complete marketing solution, so you will find some essential marketing features in one place which will give your business an edge over competitors who may not have the same functionality or capability of their inbound marketing website.

With this plugin, you can easily create:

  • Lead capture forms and lead lists
  • Spins for prizes (coupon code )
  • Customer testimonial
  • Real-time social proof notification
  • WhatsApp chat and more

InboundWP Review: Features, Price & Documentation

It has awesome marketing features for WordPress. Below are the features of InboundWP plugin.

InboundWP Dashboard

The dashboard of this plugin is easy to use and has a clean interface, which is good for both beginner and professional inbound marketers.

For the first-time user, you have to enable all modules to use with just one click enable button. Then go to the configure option under each module to customize. 

Inboundwp modules

Every widget has easy configuration options, so you can easily add and remove any features from its dashboard.

Modules setting

Marketing Popup:

It has an excellent marketing pop-up feature that is useful to convert visitors into leads. It displays the subscription form, contact form, Call to action, Exit Intent Technology, Announcement, Social Traffic, etc.

inboundwp marketing popup

You can customize and design your marketing popup form and page according to your needs with its lots of options.

inboundwp popup settings

Some core benefits of this module/feature

  • Display popup based on cookies
  • Track data for conversions
  • Enable/disable globally and individually
  • Customize the look-and-feel to match company’s branding

Spin Wheel

The plugin has a WordPress Spin Wheel module that allows you to generate prizes (coupon code) for your readers. It is a spin wheel that has the prize with coupon codes, and you can set it by rotating its dial.

inboundwp SpinWheel

Some core benefits of this module/feature

  • Fully responsive module to display Spin Wheel with custom design options
  • Support: Woocommerce, EDD. 
  • Able to set multiple spin wheel with specific designs
  • Able to track google analytics event of website 
  • Able to add a spin wheel globally or specific pages 
  • Send email notification to user about coupon code


InboundWP offers a testimonial/review module that lets you add testimonials with reviews from your customers.

InboundWP Review: A Complete WordPress Marketing Plugin 1

This feature is really helpful if you are running an eCommerce website and want to promote your products/services or just build trust among the people about your business. This review widget allows visitors to know what other users think about the product/service they have bought.

Some core benefits of this module/feature

  • Easily create a testimonial section on any page
  • Create custom designs to match your brand
  • Show customer reviews in stylish layouts
  • Fill out a form for customers to post their own testimonials or review

Social Proof

It is good for displaying real-time customer activity that helps you establish your brand and bring credibility to your business.

The social proof widget displays visitors to make a decision on your products or services. This widget creates trust among the users and shows that they are accepted by other people in the community.

Inboundwp social proof

Some core benefits of this module/feature

  • You know nothing about notifications! Social Proof will cover it.
  • Customize your notification popup to suit your brand!
  • Easy for visitors on every device with a fully responsive design. 
  • WooCommerce and EDD sales won’t feel lonely in the notifications either!
  • Save time by automating the task
  • Stay updated with your latest sales and products without having to check manually
  • Timely notifications that will be useful for customer engagement

WhatsApp Chat Support

WhatsApp Chat Support module of this plugin makes it a more one-stop solution for marketers. This widget starts conversations with visitors on your website with just one click of the button. Also, you can chat and follow up quickly without having to worry about switching between platforms.

inboutwp whatsapp support
  • Automatically connects to WhatsApp for live chat support.
  • Customers can be reassured by having a live chat agent available through the app without leaving their browser page.
  • Make it easy for customers to contact you. 
  • You can set your own auto-reply messages and status so customers will know when they are talking to someone who is in the office or on their way.

Deal Countdown Timer

It offers a Deal Countdown Timer widget that helps you to create deals and updates. You can simply choose the countdown time in days, hours, or minutes and can add scheduled discount deals to your site’s sidebar with a custom title, date of sale end, message text, and link to purchase item.

inboundwp deal countdown timer
  • Get a beautiful countdown timer to promote your product.
  • A stunning countdown module for your website with multiple unique designs.
  • Add a progress bar to show visitors the stock on hand before they buy.
  • Generate more sales by highlighting onsite products at an early stage and make it easy for potential customers to see when the deal expires.

Better Heading

It has a better heading & post module that lets you create outstanding headings & post grids with different styles. You can add up to 10 headings for a single article. Also, using this heading widget, you can use the same title for multiple articles.

Better heading module
  • Ability to fully customize titles.
  • Increase ROI on your ad campaigns.
  • Boost reading and increase traffic on blog posts.
  • Save time by choosing a title that converts the best for posts. 
  • Never have to fret over mismatched or underwhelming headlines again.

Price of InboundWP Plugin

Inboundwp plugin price

The price of this plugin is very reasonable. It costs only $149/year for unlimited sites and one year of updates and customer supports. But the good thing is that with this price you will get a bundle of WordPress plugins that you can use to fulfill your needs for your marketing purpose.

InboundWP Plugin Documentation:

It has a vast collection of documentation that is a complete solution for step-by-step tutorials. 

online support and doc

WP Online Support team offers documentation for both its free and premium version. So you don’t have to worry about any guides or tutorials. Even if you face any problem while operating this plugin, you can contact the team using its support center. 

Along with free plugin support, they will provide you premium support if you use their premium product.

In Conclusion of InboundWP Marketing Plugin

This 100% WordPress-compatible all-in-one marketing suite makes it possible to reach more people, generate better leads, and make more sales on your website with an easy setup process that doesn’t require any coding skills at all! The best part about this plugin is that it will work with any theme without much hassle.

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