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How To Enable Sidebar in Learndash? Step By Step

Learndash is one of the best LMS you can use if you’re creating a course website. If you’re trying to build your site on WordPress, you should use their paid plugin to get maximum benefits and features.

One of the common issues new course site builders face when using Learndash is enabling sidebars. If you’re also in this category, then this post is for you.

I will show you how you can create, add, and enable different types of unique sidebars for your courses, lessons, and quizzes.

Let’s get started.

Create A Custom Sidebar in Learndash

Before you know how to enable the sidebars, you need to know how to create them. With Learndash, you can custom sidebars for your courses.

  • Get the free Content Aware Sidebars WordPress plugin. It’s a powerful and versatile solution for creating and customizing sidebar widgets on any of your web pages.
  • From your dashboard, navigate to LearnDash LMSLessons
learnDash lessons option
  • From the filter option, choose a course you want to create a sidebar. Press Filter. You now have all the lessons you need for an individual course.
learnDash coures filter option backend
  • Select all the lessons by checking the Title box. Choose Edit from the Bulk actions dropdown menu. Press Apply.
learnDash coures edit
  • Create and add a lesson tag on the Lesson Tags box. I will add “smoothies” for this tutorial. Press Update. This makes it easier to add sidebars according to the tag I added.
create learnDash lesson tag
  • From the dashboard, go to Content AwareAdd New.
  • Tap on the New condition group menu and start scrolling until you reach Taxonomies.
  • Choose Lesson Tags.
content aware lesson tags
  • Put your cursor on the Lesson Tags box. You will get autosuggestions. Choose the lesson tag you just created. For the tutorial, I will choose ‘smoothies’.
add content aware lesson tags
  • Now that you’re done with putting the conditions, go to the Action tab.
  • From the Action menu, select Replace.
  • From the Target Sidebar menu, choose the sidebar you would like to replace.
set target sidebar
  • From the Design tab, you can perform any design customization.
  • From the Schedule tab, schedule it from when you want it to appear. If you want to temporarily add the sidebar, put a deactivate time on the Deactivate box.

Adding Widgets to Your Sidebar

Now that you have a custom sidebar, it’s time to add widgets to it to make it your own.

  • From the dashboard, go to AppearanceWidgets.
  • Scroll down to find the sidebar you just made.
  • Start adding widgets
add widget to sidebar

Enabling The Sidebar in Learndash

Depending on the theme you’re using with Learndash, you already have the sidebar enabled. I have been using the Kadence WP theme in this tutorial

 To change it to the one you just created –

  • Go to AppearanceCustomize from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to LearndashCourse Layout.
  • Scroll down to find Course Default Sidebar.
  • Choose the sidebar you created from the dropdown menu.
learnDash course layout
  • Hit Publish.
  • Check to see if everything is in action.

Focus Mode Sidebar in Learndash

Learndash offers a focus mode sidebar option so that students can learn distraction-free. You can enable focus mode from the settings.

  • Go to LearnDash LMSSettings.
  • From the Design & Content Elements menu, turn on Focus Mode.
learnDash layout design settings

You can also customize the content width and sidebar position from this menu.

Why Should You Enable Sidebar in Learndash?

After going through this process, you might be wondering, if it is even worth enabling a sidebar in Learndash.

Having an interactive sidebar helps your learners navigate easily through your content. You can also add additional content such as quizzes, assignments, exams, study group links, maps, and so on.

Depending on the course you’re selling, you can add relevant content for your students so that they don’t need to search for it outside.

They can also monitor their progress on the sidebar. This makes it effective for them to work harder.

If you’re facing too many problems creating or enabling a sidebar, just use the Focus Mode sidebar. It’s cleanly designed, elegant, and best for students to study without getting distracted.

Final Thoughts

Learndash is an amazing platform for hosting your courses. If you’re accustomed to WordPress, their WordPress plugin makes you feel at home.

Learndash makes it possible to use their default sidebar or create and add your own. This flexibility makes it a top choice for course creators. You can also use their Focus Mode sidebar if you’d like.

This post shows you exactly how you can do each. If you’re stuck somewhere, don’t forget to let us know in the comments down below.

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