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This is an in-depth review of the Altitude Pro WordPress theme. The review includes Altitude pro features, benefits, and more.

StudioPress develops Altitude Pro, and it is a child theme of the Genesis Framework, which you can customize according to your preference. You can create your website’s homepage with big, bold, and full-sized images. All elements are computable with the Genesis framework, which is comparatively lightweight and faster.

You can enable or disable the below page elements.

  • Header
  • Primary Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation
  • Featured Image / Page Header
  • Content Title
  • Footer

StudioPress Altitude Pro WordPress Theme Review

To run the Altitude Pro on your WordPress site, both the Genesis framework and the Altitude Pro child theme are required.

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The child theme inherits the function from its parent theme. Let me clear the right concept, WordPress works as the working engine, the genesis framework works as the main body, and altitude pro or the child theme works as the decoration.

Genesis framework coded excellently with fast, flexible, and lightweight features. The security and SEO optimization of this framework are impressively strong. All the child themes under this framework are fully responsive.

Altitude pro offers huge background images, scrolling effects, and widget areas. You can customize your homepage area differently compared to other Genesis themes.

Design of Altitude Pro Theme

Clean, simple design is the hallmark of this theme. A website’s design is nothing special, particularly eye-catching or exciting. Depending on the type of business that uses the theme, this may be a blessing or a curse.

Altitude Pro will not be able to meet your needs if your company is a modern business looking for the latest trends. I wouldn’t say I like how it is laid out, as it is plain and boring. Typically, a more conservative business would find this theme a great choice if they want a professional website without fancy gimmicks or many modern trends.

Altitude Pro Features

As mentioned before, Altitude Pro is a lightweight and well-coded theme with some modern features and a UI design interface. It has many customization options that you can use to design your webpage with no overwhelming options.

Outstanding Homepage

The primary feature of the homepage makes it more outstanding than other Genesis themes.

altitude pro homepage

It offers a full-width background image that stays at the top of the page. You will also get additional 3 background images while scrolling the page. You can place the featured images with contents using widgets. There are seven widget areas on the front page that you can use to build a homepage of your website.

You can replace the images with your custom image that should be dimension of 1600 pixels wide and 1050 pixels tall. You can reduce the number of images on the front page by removing any image section from the front page customization option.

Homepage Scrolling Effects

The homepage includes a more effective and interesting design that is eye-catching. The image dims slightly while scrolling down the page to shift the focus on the current section.

Theme Options

You don’t need the default “skins” with the theme because you can choose a huge skin color from the theme’s custom color picker. You can also enter the hex code from the color picker option.

Thus, you will be able to choose colors to use in various sections of your website, such as links, hover effects, footer background, etc.

Altitude Pro theme settings

Menu Options

Altitude Pro has two header menu areas, which are very flexible and easily customizable. The header menu is located on the right side of the page and opposite the site, title, and logo. Another menu is located on the left side and placed just above the site title before the header.

Altitude Pro menu option

The menu placed before the header disappears while the user scrolls down the page and the header menu gets static on the top of the page. There is a footer menu at the bottom of the page placed above the credits.

Footer Widget Area

Altitude pro includes a footer widget area beside the 7 front page widget area. It displays these footer widget areas on every page on your website.

Altitude Pro footer widgets

The widgets will get stacked on top of one another if you add over widgets.

Page Layouts and Templates

You can display your pages and posts with a full-width layout from the Appearance>> Customize >>Theme Setting>> Site Layout option.

Also, you have an alternative way to choose either the left sidebar or the right sidebar to get the options needed to display page layouts and templates.

Altitude Pro site layouts

You will get the following templates while creating a page:

  • Default: This layout comes under the Site Layout options.
  • Archive: With this layout is a sitemap-style listing for your pages, categories, authors, archive, months, and more.
  • Blog: This section lists the recent posts and can be customized through the Appearance>> Customize>> Content Archives menu.
  • Landing (Full-width Content): It has basic landing page features without navigation and boosts conversions.

You will get more options under the new page section.

Default Breadcrumbs

Genesis themes come with a default feature of enabling and customizing breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs significantly improve the usability and SEO of the website

Lightweight and simple

Altitude Pro and Genesis are lightweight themes that are well-coded & user-friendly. It does not include overwhelming options like many other WordPress themes because of its simple construction.

Altitude pro loads faster and works perfectly with most of the third-party plugins. The overall performance of this theme is outstanding and significantly SEO optimized.

Header/Footer Scripts:

Altitude Pro Scripts section

This part is the most important for a WordPress site. Using the header and footer script option, you can easily add Google analytics code, AdSense code, or other codes to your WordPress site. So you never need to use an extra plugin separately to add those codes.

Entry Meta Control

StudioPress allows adding additional entry meta on the homepage, blog archive page, or single content using their built-in shortcodes.

Using this option, you can add or control the last modified post, author archive link, reading time, and more entry meta.

Documentation and Support

Altitude pro comes with step-by-step documentation, which you can go through and set up your site like a demo. It also comes with documentation that is specific to the Genesis framework. It also offers code snippets features that you can use to customize the theme with further options.

StudioPress offers the fastest and quality user support, which is mentionable.

Altitude Pro Set-Up

There are good points and bad points to the theme’s setup process. The first thing to know is that the main sections on the homepage are created using WordPress text widgets rather than using any Gutenberg blocks or page builders to build your website’s main areas.

According to the documentation, the widgets should be filled in since the process is not apparent. Some simple HTML may be required. Some users will find this a significant deterrent, but more experienced users will not have trouble.

As an experienced user, I found it to be quick and straightforward. Setting up themes this way is relatively easy, though it may seem a bit dated in an era of Gutenberg blocks or page builders.

Price of Altitude Pro WordPress Theme

You can get Altitude Pro with a one-time purchase fee, which is around $99, and use this theme on different sites for an unlimited time.

Altitude Pro price

Conclusion of Altitude Pro Theme

Altitude Pro offers contemporary features and lucrative designs that will increase your website’s conversion rate and visitors. The theme also offers enough customizable options that are easy to use and good for beginners and professionals.

The theme performs the same in different environments because of its lightweight and well-coded design. Moreover, users will get a lifetime update and unlimited support with a single purchase fee. Overall, the theme surely deserves 5 out of 5 stars.

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