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WP Adminify – All In One WordPress Dashboard Customizer

Are you struggling with customizing your WordPress Dashboard? No worries, WP Adminify is here to make your task a lot easier than before. It is a powerhouse toolkit for WordPress having tons of features, lightweight size, and a user-friendly interface. 

In this review, I am going to break down every fact of WP Adminify with proper detail. So let’s hop in with me.

Key Features of WP Adminify

Adminify setting dashboard

WP Adminify is offering dozens of features for the users. Here, I am shortly showing the most exclusive features below.

  • Ready RTL
  • Available multisite support
  • Included 18 modules
  • White lebel
  • Dark & night mode, scheduled dark mode
  • Color control dashboard
  • Unlocked google fonts for dashboard
  • Fitter customization
  • BG Gradient/Slideshow/Video (Dashboard)
  • Both Horizontal and Vertical Menu for Dashboard
  • Various menu styles and modes
  • Available 60+ WordPress tweaks
  • Custom column style
  • Included floating menu
  • Footer & header scripts
  • Sidebar generator
  • Allow creating an admin page using any page builder.

Pricing & Plans of WP Adminify

WP Adminify is offering 4 plans for the users. Let’s get insight into the plans.

Free: Here you don’t have to pay any fee for using it. You’ll get basic support and features and a lifetime warranty. Download free version.

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Why Should You Go for WP Adminify?

Here, I am going to describe some major features with their benefits of having WP Adminify which will be enough to make you decide whether you should go for it or not.

Easily Organize the Admin Column

adminify Organize Admin Column

With Adminify you can easily create WP admin column into a straightforward & clear list as well as transform the WP admin screen into streamlined overviews. Luckily, there is no big hassle you have to face because the drag and drop option will help you in organizing smoothly.

Google Pagespeed Insight

Google page speed insight report

As a bonus, Google Lighthouse is included in this plugin. Therefore, it will give you insight into the speed of your site and let you determine how to improve it to make it faster than ever before. It will provide you with a complete history of your speed, allowing you to browse and compare it to how it was in the past.

No More Admin Notices

Most of us find it bothersome to face unstoppable notices on every page. You can disable the notices by enabling the “Disable notice module” and work with full attention.

Post/Media Type Folders

WP Adminify – All In One WordPress Dashboard Customizer 1

The organization will be easier with this another handy module. You can now easily organize the posts, pages, media, and others. Also, the plugin supports any post type.

Login Customization

Live login customizer

There are 16 log-in page templates and numerous options to design it your way. All you need is just a few clicks.

Menu Editor

WP Adminify – All In One WordPress Dashboard Customizer 2

No lacking in menu Editor! There are 2000+ interesting icons packed for your website. Besides, you can customize the name, icon, and URLs of the dashboard. In the case of the submenu, you’ll also get all the facilities just as the primary menu. 

There are also options for exporting, importing, and resetting the menu with a different structure. 

WP Adminify – All In One WordPress Dashboard Customizer 3

Disable or Hide comments 

Another module is here to help you in disabling the comments. Moreover, you can hide any comment and comment-related settings.

Header & Footer Script

Do you have a little experience with coding? If so, then you can use your knowledge and some JS and CSS codes to customize your WP site. Here you won’t have to modify any theme files or plugins.

Floating Menu

adminify floating menu setting

One of the major reasons to select WP Adminify is the quick floating menu option. Here you can edit all necessary pages staying or navigate anywhere in your dashboard. 

WP Adminify Notification Bar

adminify notification bar

The plugin offers an awesome notification bar that you can customize according to your need. It offers a live preview while customizing. So with this notification bar, you can promote your product/deal or any offer.

Activity Log

If you ever wish to know what was being done with your WP site, you can use the Active log module. You can call it a CC camera because it allows you to monitor what happens on your site. 

Duplicate Post or Pages

adminify post-page clone

Very often we need to create different pages using a particular structure. But to do so we have to create different pages with the same design. It is kind of boring and time-consuming.

No worries, WP Adminify will make it easier for you. It allows you to make a clone of any post or page. Here you just need a single click and you can easily create the same page. Now all you need to do is to change the info and title of the newly created page/post.

Sidebar Generator

dashboard sidebar generator

Do you want to create unlimited sidebars for your WordPress site? WP Adminify is here to help you, allowing you to create sidebars as much as you want. 

Server information

Sometimes, we require some necessary info about the server and fortunately, WP Adminify will provide you with all info related to the server. Plus, you can create your site debug log, refresh and clean the debug file. 

Reliable Support

If you are struggling with any issue related to WP Adminify, just create a support topic on the form. WP Adminify will find you a solution ASAP.

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The Verdict

I am completely impressed with their offering compared to their price. And the most reliable thing is you can go for a trial with their plans. They are offering a 14 days money-back guarantee. So by any chance, if you don’t feel it is ideal for you, there is a chance to get your money back in your wallet. 

So, don’t struggle with the customization of your WP dashboard and kill your precious time. Get the WP Adminify today and make the customization a breeze.

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