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Top 5 WordPress Client Portal Plugins In 2022 (Reviewed)

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Phone calls and emails were the previous media of communication for business purposes. But too many phone calls and emails are distracting rather than growing business. So keeping all communication channels faster and manage from one platform, the client portal is the secure solution.

You should use a sustainable client portal to keep safe your business data to avoid any negative impact on enterprises or customers. Customers prefer an ordinary but quick service that can be accessed smoothly from different devices.

The client portal plugin effectively meets customer requirements by handling different communication channels. You can manage your business needs and also provide great customer service.

In this article, we will be reviewing the 5 best WordPress client portal plugins & services for your website. You can use these plugins/services according to your type of business.

What Is A Client Portal?

A client portal is an application used by a company to interact with potential customers. This can be done using emails, newsletters, contact forms, online chats, or just about any method of communication.

The main goal of a client portal should be to provide a way for customers to get information about the company and have them interact with it. You can interact with people on the site in many ways. You can upload files, send emails, or talk to customer service representatives. You can also ask questions of other people who are registered on the site.

A WordPress client portal is a website that is based on WordPress software. The reason you can use this type of portal instead of going with some other application. The core features can easily be modified and customized as needed.

When Should You Use One & Benefits of a WordPress Client Portal?

Since WordPress is an open-source application it is free to use. With the use of plugins, you can add additional features in order to enhance your experience on the site.

To make a client portal using WordPress there are two ways you can go about doing this. The first way will be installing some free or premium plugins that are available through wordpress.org and the premium marketplace. The other way is to hire a WordPress SEO expert and developer to create your site so it has all the features you need.

When doing this type of development work, you will need to find someone who has experience using WordPress for client portals. It is also best if they have had some experience working on sites that are similar in nature to what you want them to develop for you.

There are many advantages of using a WordPress client portal. Some advantages of a WordPress client portal are:

Up-selling and cross-selling:

Using a WordPress client portal is an effective way of up-selling your products and services. You can offer additional items to people who are already customers or give them access to other information that they may be interested in purchasing.

When you use a WordPress client portal, you can also build a community around it. This creates a social media-type environment where users not only ask questions but also answer questions for other users. This creates a way for people to interact with each other and your company, which can lead to more sales.

Advanced functionality:

When you are developing a client portal using WordPress, you have access to many features that are not available if you were going with another type of application. There are also plugins and additional features that you can use to create a great user experience.

WordPress is updated regularly, which means if you are going with this type of development, you won’t have the worry about your client portal being outdated or having functionalities that do not work.

Easy to use:

WordPress makes creating a client portal easy to use. The interface is simple, and there are many features that can add more functionality. These include themes, plugins, widgets, shortcodes, page builders, and other tools.

Search engine optimization (SEO):

WordPress is known as being an SEO-friendly application due to the fact that it has built-in search engine optimization. This makes it easy for people to find your client portal when they are searching for something.


With the use of responsive themes, a WordPress client portal can be viewed on mobile devices just as easily as it is on computers and laptops. This makes it convenient for everyone who wants to access your site.

Easy installation:

Since WordPress is an open-source application, you will not have to worry about paying someone else to install it. You can either do this yourself or hire a developer to do the work for you.

Reducing support costs:

When you create a client portal using WordPress, you are reducing your costs in providing support for your users. If they have a problem with their site, they can figure out how to fix it on their own because the platform is easy to use.

User experience gets better:

WordPress is very customizable. You can add features and functionalities that will improve your client portal’s user experience.

5 Best WordPress Client Portal Plugins

Ultimate Private Member Portal

Ultimate Private Member Portal

Ultimate Private Member Portal is a bundle of features to create a member portal for your business website. This affordable plugin gives you exclusive features within the $40 price tag.

This plugin comes with a simple interface suitable for different administrative privileges. With a secured backend interface, administrators can look over the private contents. They can also customize the contents if they need to.

There is a private message option to communicate through the discussion tab with the users and clients. Users can communicate through the frontend portal which is specified for them.

Besides, users can share files privately through the private tab specified for the users. Administrators can use the backend to share files also.

The backend private portal tab interface is used by administrators to create multiple custom tabs. So admin can create and manage all user access to the contents on the custom tabs with predefined settings.

Admin can easily add a contact form in the desired custom tab because it includes contact form 7. Also, users can send messages or emails to clients or other users by using its contact form.

Personal License

Personal License plan offers 1-year update and 6 months support from the plugin author.

Extended License

Extended License plan offers to use you and your one client, 1-year update, and 6 months support from the plugin author.

Get started with Ultimate Private Member Portal

WP Freshbooks Client Portal

WP Freshbooks Client Portal

WP Fresh Books client portal offers a Freshbook invoicing platform to their clients. This platform can be used for different purposes of the WordPress website. It is the best invoice management tool you will get only $45 from the popular Codecanyon market.

Freshbooks offers a dynamic and adaptive invoicing system to their clients to view and manage an easy invoicing process. Clients can payout right away without searching the email that includes the invoice.

This plugin is integrated with the WordPress user system with advanced features. Users will get the privilege of an online payment system through this tool. It supports clients who are involved in multiple businesses at the same time.

Freshbooks perfectly syncs itself with different devices automatically. It helps to create your invoice from different devices that include a detailed invoice and current status. You will get a link to the invoice that can be shared via the Freshbooks platform.

Personal License

Personal License plan offers 1-year update and 6 months support from the plugin author.

Extended License

Extended License plan offers to use you and your one client, 1-year update, and 6 months support from the plugin author.

Get started with WP Freshbooks Client Portal



Clinked is another best option if you want a variety of business software in one plugin. One of their product includes a client portal app. Clinked integrates the app with the WordPress website and allows the users to control the portal.

It offers such a platform to interact with clients that are fully white-labeled. The discussion tools of this plugin allow you to share files and communicate flawlessly.

This app expands its functionalities beyond WordPress with some additional tools. You can handle your files through Google files and get update notifications. You can also get the benefits of different tasks, projects, and join live chat sessions.

Maximum three users can use this app freely until switching to the paid version of the app.

Clinked Small Business Plan

White-label Client Portal and Teamwork Platform
Start from $99/month

Get started with Clinked

Client Portal

Client Portal

Client Portal is a good WordPress plugin that provides you a secure storage place for business. This plugin offers access to do everything online that your business requires.

You can manage your client information, project operations, final deliverables, and different contracts without hassle. Effortlessly you can manage criteria, get your invoice receipt, and more options from a single dashboard.

It allows customizing different sections depending on your business requirements directly from the beginner-friendly dashboard. It includes a similar environment for you and the client to supervise any project.

Clients will get automatically generated estimations and invoices that they can pay online. Also, customers can keep track of their projects and get access to files if they grant access as an admin.

It comes with two different pricing plans with customized features.

Single site license

Use on 1 site, Unlimited Portals, Free one-on-one live setup, and more

Multi-site license

Use on unlimited Client sites, Unlimited Portals, Free one-on-one live setup, and more

Get started with Client Portal.io


wp client

The WP-client plugin offers an extensive web portal management system for WordPress. You can easily handle and monitor the progress of your projects because managing and creating a portal for clients with this plugin is easy.

You can create different client areas, separate staff pages, and more options by entering few data. You can also define different user roles and manage the access permissions directly from the dashboard. WP-Client is good for grant permission for secured file sharing and uploading.

Using this plugin you can create online payments for your clients and create invoices. You can also edit the invoice, and send it to your clients in a preferred format.

It is suitable for communicating with clients by sending private messages through emails. All the transactions and communication history get saved in the dashboard.

By using the advanced file sharing option of this plugin, you can share downloadable files with a speed-up process. The portal plugin allows you to manage and categorizes your files with different filters & options. This tool offers you settings to create a customized logo, messaging, and more.

You will get a 14-day free trial with full features and there are four different price plans for the paid version.

WP-Client Pricing Plan

UNLIMITED Clients, Fully Customizable Portals, Updates FREE for 1 year and more
Start from $59

Get started with WP-Client

In Conclusion

Choosing the best client portal WordPress plugin for your business would be a hassling task. Clinked is an excellent plugin that offers white-labeling, team collaboration tools, and more to make your job easier as a marketer or business owner.

This app can be customized with different features depending on what you need for your business needs. If you are looking for additional file-sharing options, WP-Client may be worth checking out!

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