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WooCommerce Product Filter Review: A Plugin for WooCommerce Advanced Search

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WooCommerce Product Filter is a plugin that lets you create advanced search filters for WooCommerce product stores. For example, it lets shoppers filter products in the WooCommerce catalog based on their specific brand, price range, gender, color, size, etc.

Furthermore, the plugin makes it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for by filtering search results based on these criteria. This plugin makes it possible to add custom attributes to the product filter, which customers can use as filters.

WooCommerce Product Filter has many features and is beneficial for both store owners and shoppers alike. Owners of retail stores will love how easy it is to set up a search feature and create unlimited filters for their inventory.

While shoppers will enjoy all of the filtering options available to them when looking for products on your online store. With the advanced filter in your store, customers can narrow down results based on their tastes, needs, and requirements.

In this post, I will review WooCommerce Product Filter’s features and functionality and how it can be used to increase conversion rates on your website.

WooCommerce product filter plugin

Core Features of WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin:

There are plenty of features in the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin that you and your customers will enjoy. One of the most popular features are:

  • Easy to set up and customize
  • Product search by text/Keyword
  • Fully automated integration with WooCommerce
  • 10+ filters/search tags
  • Ability to create a filter from meta field data
  • Filtering by attributes of variations
  • Easy drag and drop builder
  • Support for global and local attributes
  • Clear all search/filter button
  • Hide/Show filters button
  • Price slider with min & max prices
  • AJAX live search
  • Support for custom taxonomies ACF and CPT UI
  • Stock status search
  • Theme styles inheritance
  • Compatible with most page builders, including Elementor
  • Display on mobile/desktop & more.

Frontend View of WooCommerce Product Filter

WooCommerce Product Filter comes with an intuitive & easy-to-use frontend interface. Users can sort results based on multiple criteria, including:

  • Price
  • Colors
  • Category
  • Dropdown
  • User rating
  • Product attributes
  • Popularity
  • In-stock/out of stock and more.

In addition, the plugin allows for an Ajax live search option, which enhances the product filter user experience.

WooCommerce filter frontend
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How To Setup WooCommerce Product Filter?

The setup process is much more straightforward than its competitors, even for non-techies. Installation & activation are similar to any other WordPress plugin.

Initially, you just need to install the free version of the plugin, and then you have to install and activate its pro version.

The pro version is an addon to the Free version of the plugin, so the Free version must be installed and activated first. Then you need to install and activate the Pro version of the plugin.

In this case, you do not need to deactivate anything. If you activated Pro but Free was not active, you will see a message that you need to activate the Free version.

Once you complete the process, you must activate its license key(only the Pro version). The option you will get is under WooCommerce Product Filter→License.

WooCommerce Product Filter Backend

This plugin’s entire Backend dashboard provides you with an easy-to-use interface and lets you customize the plugin’s settings to meet your needs and preferences.

In the WooCommerce Product Filter setting, you can specify how many products you display in users’ search results.

Woo product filter settings

When you cannot find a product in your store after using the plugin search filter, you can show a custom message to the shoppers/searchers, such as “Product not found in this store.” or whatever you want.

It allows you to set the widget at the top of the mobile sidebar. The plugin has its own index tables, which allows it to process huge product databases very quickly.

By default, indexing occurs automatically when new products are added to the site database, and this button allows you to start indexing manually if you have disabled automatic indexing.

How To Create Customer Search Filter By WooCommerce Product Filter?

You can create your unlimited custom search filter with the most advanced features with a few simple steps. How?

Navigate to ‘WooCommerce Product Filter’ and click on ‘Add New Filter,’ enter your product filter name (it will not be visible on the store frontend), and save it.

Create a filter in WooCommerce product filter plugin

Now you can see some options in the ‘Show All Filters‘ section to customize your search filter with advanced fields or tags. However, add search filter tags/fields one by one according to your needs.

Select filters

It offers the following filters:

  • Price
  • Sort by
  • Price range
  • Product categories
  • Attribute
  • Product tags
  • Author
  • Featured
  • One sale
  • Rating
  • Stock status
  • Search by text

After adding possible filters, now is time to customize all. You can also change the position of each filter by simply dragging a filter and dropping it where you want.

Also, the plugin allows you to set the title and description of each custom search filter that appears after clicking on it.

Change filter title description

Design of a Filter:

For example, if you want to customize a filter called ‘In Stock‘ for your search field, click on the down arrow of the filter, you’ll see the available options.

Woo filter customization

The next step is to customize your desired filter and enable options that you wish to set. Most options can be enabled/disabled or set with a single click or checkbox.

The remarkable thing is, you will have a lot of options to customize every filter. These options will make your store search more user-friendly. So you never have to use another plugin for your eCommerce site for the same purpose.

Note- While configuring each filter from the plugin backend, you can see a live preview in the right sidebar of the same window. That way, you can design your search filters without any difficulty.

However, configure each filter according to your preference, then click ‘Save‘.

Search Filter ‘Option’

You can configure the main settings for all filters in the WooCommerce Product Filter ‘Option.’ You will find the following group settings there:

  • Main
  • Buttons
  • Content
  • Loader

You can tailor each group of settings to meet your needs.

Filter options tab of Woo Filter plugin

-Main Setting of Option Tab:

Using this tab, you can choose where to display the Woo Filter search widget. The plugin makes it easy to show search filters on all WooCommerce pages, categories, tags, specific pages, posts & more places of your store.

Also, you can set filters for a specific device like a desktop, tablet, or mobile. One of the key features is setting a redirect page that redirects shoppers to a predefined page or post after filter selection.

Not thus, from the Main tab, you can set/enable or disable more advanced features like displayed products limit, allow Ajax loading, and more.

-Option Button Tab:

To configure the options of the search filter button, navigate to this tab and make your selections. There are several types of customization options that you can apply.

Option button tab of WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin

You can also set automatic or manual filtering buttons on each side of the search field. Moreover, you can add a ‘Clear‘ button to your search filter widget so users can quickly clear all filter items at once.

The more options are:

  • Filter buttons position 
  • Filter buttons order 
  • Display hide filters button & more.

-Content Tab Under ‘Option’:

Users expect quick display search results after hitting the search button. Hence, you can toggle enable or disable functions related to your search result & filters with this tab.

content tab under option

-Loader Tab Under ‘Option’

You probably understand what the tab is about. Yes, you can enable and show a custom filter icon in different animation styles on your store search before results appear.

Loader tab

-Design Option Tab:

The design tab is an essential part of the product filter design. Using this tab, you can customize your store’s filter in any way you like. In addition, there is a choice of styles you can apply to your entire filter or an individual filter.

You can set a search result filter’s width and height in pixels or percentages. In addition, it allows adding custom CSS if you know little about CSS.

General setting design tab

Besides, the plugin offers an option to set your theme’s default CSS. So, if you want to use that default CSS, turning on the ‘Use theme styles‘ option is good.

The following groups are available under the Design tab:

  • Blocks: You can set custom styles of your filter like font, background color, padding, margins, etc.
  • Titles: This tab is for customizing title styles like font, position, icon, title height, margin, padding, and more settings.
  • Buttons: You will find all settings related to the button’s CSS here.

How to Display the Filters Widget On Your Store?

The plugin works with both WordPress Gutenberg and Classic editors, as well as Elementor. Therefore, you can use shortcodes and blocks to display the products search widget/block anywhere in your store.

You can easily add the widget to your store’s sidebar by navigating to Appearance→ Widgets, then choosing a sidebar widget. Then, click on the Widget search icon & find the ‘WooCommerce Product Filter’ block and click it.

Add woo filter widget in the theme sidebar

Finally, select your Product Filter and save or update the widget.

Select & add filter

Note- After creating a filter for your store, you will find a widget shortcode in the ‘Show All Filters’ section. Using a shortcode, you can place a search filter widget anywhere on a page or post.

WooCommerce Product Filter Pricing

WooCommerce Product Filter comes with both free and premium versions. It has three pricing plans. Every plan has the same features, and the only difference is the license activation limit.

Features comparison between Free and Pro version

You can use all the features in the PRO version. In contrast, the free version offers some limitations. Hence, if you want to try its basic features, you can choose the lite version.

Pro version pricing plans:

  • One site – $49
  • Five sites – $99
  • Unlimited sites – $199

Remember that WooCommerce Product Filter is more reasonable than other plugins like WooCommerce product search extension or Yith WooCommerce Ajax search.

Note- The price of this plugin is same as the WooCommerce Search Extension, but when you compare features, WooCommerce Product Filter wins.

Final Thoughts on WooCommerce Product Filter

Overall, WooCommerce Product Filter is a simple and lightweight plugin for adding powerful product search functionality to a WooCommerce store. You can try the free version of this plugin on your store to see its functionality and performance.

Furthermore, the plugin is easy to install, configure, and manage. Mainly the Design tab provides different options for styling your filter.

In addition, you can customize it deeply with its premium version, which allows you to add demandable user features to your WooCommerce product search widget.

I believe this is a very effective plugin for adding customized search functionality to a WooCommerce store without sacrificing speed and performance. It will always be a pleasure for your customers to search with their desired filters.

If you have questions about WooCommerce Product Filter, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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