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Top Rated 7 WooCommerce Donation Plugins

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There are many donation plugins available in the WordPress platform. Not all of them are user-friendly. Most of them do not have proper customization options. 

A donation plugin is necessary to get donations or raise funds on your website. Getting donation payment on your WordPress website is an easy and essential task.

You need a reliable donation plugin that is workable on different devices. The plugin should support different payment gateway, send receipts, and allow recurring donations.  The plugins should be customizable with different theme options. 

WooCommerce Donation Plugin

Get a paid donation plugin to get all the premium services and options. In a free version or paid version that meets your donation requirements.

With this article, we are representing the seven best WordPress donation plugins. These plugins will assist you in getting donations through the different payment gateways.

7 Best WooCommerce Donation Plugin


Charitable Donation Plugin

Charitable is a popular and easy donation plugin. It offers you options to get unlimited fundraising campaigns. You can set milestones per your cause for every campaign. 

You can select fixed, custom, and both as a donation amount. Besides, the donation can be embedded on your website pages, posts, sidebars, and popups. The paid version offers different payment gateways, newsletter signup forms, and other services. 

The initial installation is free, but the Plus plan costs around $100, and the Pro plan costs $249 per year. The pro plan includes recurring donations, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, donor fee relief, etc. 

YITH donations

YITH Donations for WooCommerce

YITH Donations for WooCommerce is an ideal option to collect donations in online stores.

You can run various campaigns to support your mission. After adding any product to the cart, the user will be prompted with an option. This option will request the user to make a small donation.  You can set the minimum and maximum amount of the donation.

This concept is also applied in the marketing world. You can add YITH Donations for WooCommerce on your eCommerce website. You will get detailed donation reports, which are as organized as WooCommerce.

The free version of the YITH plugin offers limited options. The premium version offers features such as donation from the cart page, amount variation, donation receipts, etc.

Woo Donations

Woo Donations

Woo Donations is a free plugin created by the famous WooCommerce. You can specify the donation amount on Woo Donation plugin options. With your specified settings, users can donate their desired amount. There is also an option to set products as a donation from a product list.

There are many essential features of this plugin that we are focusing on.  Users can donate to the cart checkout page on a donation form. Donations can be specified on any page by using a shortcode option. You can use a donation button text wherever you want. Woo Donation is easy to manage.

The user interface of this plugin is more interactive and easier to use. Customization is effortless and different variation is available. You can set the cause of the donation for the users. Overall, the features are straightforward because the users can operate them efficiently. 

Sumo WooCommerce Donation 

Top Rated 7 WooCommerce Donation Plugins 1

Sumo donation is a premium plugin developed by FantasticPlugins. Sumo donation can be added to your online shop for various donation campaigns.  

This plugin offers an option for users to make donations to the WooCommerce site. With this donation plugin, users can donate for charity purposes and good causes. They are allowed to choose any amount of their preference. 

Users can set the name of the person for whom the fund is being collected. People can also donate products instead of cash. You can set this plugin as a widget, and pages or post by a shortcode. 

All the WordPress themes and WooCommerce plugin is compatible with this plugin. You can ask the developers to fix any issue on updates and compatibility. 

Give WordPress

GiveWP Donation Plugin

GiveWP is one of the most famous WooCommerce donation plugins for accepting fundraising and donations. It is by far the most downloaded plugin for accepting donations. You can install GiveWP with additional features as an add-on to furthermore your site functionalities. 

GiveWP is standing on a top-ranking position due to its complete set of features and donation options. They have the best pricing options to make it available for every type of user. 

A wide variety of payment gateways are available in this plugin to get donations. You pay through Authorize.net, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Mollie, Paytm, Payfast, AmeriCloud, and many more. 

GiveWP allows you to customize the donation process in many different ways. You can add donation tributes for someone’s honor, multi-level donations, set donation goals, incentives. There is a currency switcher option for global users. Making a tax-deductible donation is also possible. 

GiveWP offers a unique donor management system with detailed reporting. Managing different donations is accessible through your site. It is integrated with all the top-rated email marketing services. You can communicate with your donors and update them about different campaigns. 

With the GiveWP donation plugin, you can add a donation option on the checkout screen. They also have Google Analytics integration, which helps with advanced eCommerce tracking. 

GiveWp is a free donation plugin for WordPress powered websites. It is recommended to have the full version to get out of the box features. 

Seamless Donations 

Seamless Donations

Seamless donations is another free donation plugin for WordPress. You can collect and all the donations from your WordPress dashboard. 

Seamless Donations offers an option to make one-time and recurring donations. Donors can select their preferred donation campaigns.

 PayPal payment gateway. So, PayPal users can donate through their account. Credit cardholders can also make donations with their cards. 

Seamless donation has various add-on options with one unique feature. It has a custom thank you page where you can manage the giving level of the custom donations. It allows the donors to get an email of appreciation. 

Tracking the donors, their selected campaigns, and the amount of donation is elementary.  The currency and language support of this plugin is fantastic. 

PayPal Donation 

PayPal Donation

PayPal donation is a well-known donation plugin in WordPress. It stands for what it is named on and gets payment through PayPal. This company is collecting different categories of payment and donations also. 

PayPal account holders can donate right away with this plugin. PayPal Donation is a user friendly and free plugin. People won’t think twice about donating due to the brand value it carries. 

The plugin offers a widget and shortcode which you can apply anywhere in your site. You can link any PayPal account through the plugin option with few clicks. 

This plugin offers you to add different donation button designs. You can also customize the donation button and use it sitewide. It has a translation option for different languages and currency for global users.


WordPress donation plugin is an easy way to get donations online using WordPress. These plugins will minimize your budget and extend the site functionalities. 

We’ve highlighted the seven best WordPress donation plugins that best suit in any WordPress site. With these recommended plugins, you can get donations and spread a good cause by WordPress.

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