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What Is Real Simple Syndication? RSS Explained

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RSS syndication is a process of distributing content from a website to other websites. It is also known as real simple syndication or RSS feed. In this article, we will explain what is RSS syndication and how it works.

What Is Real Simple Syndication?

RSS is a technology that enables you to share content with others using a simple XML file. When someone subscribes to your RSS feed, they will receive updates when you publish new content.

This is a great way to keep your followers up-to-date on the latest happenings on your website or blog. Also, using RSS on a site, you can generate more traffic by syndicating your content to other websites.

How Does RSS Syndication Work?

When you create an RSS feed, you will first need to create an XML file. This file will contain all of the information about the RSS feed, including the title, author, and date of publication.

Next, you will need to submit this file to an RSS syndication service. This service will create an RSS feed for your website and distribute it to all of the RSS readers that are subscribed to your feed.

Once your RSS feed has been created, you can use it to share content with your followers. To do this, simply publish new content and include a link to your RSS feed. Most RSS services do this automatically so you never have to submit the URL of your content manually.

Besides, you can use the RSS app to create, manage, and publish your RSS feeds. RSS app is a great way to easily create and manage your feeds, as well as publish them to different websites.

RSS Feed

Example of RSS Feed:

An RSS feed is a way for websites to share new content with users. When a user visits a website that has an RSS feed, the website can automatically update the user’s RSS reader with the latest content from the website.

An example of an RSS feed is the news feed on the website Politico. Politico has an RSS feed that publishes the latest news stories from its website. When a user visits Politico’s website, the user’s RSS reader will automatically update with the latest stories from Politico.

Top RSS Syndication Service:

There are a lot of RSS syndication services out there, so it can be hard to decide which one to use. Some popular are…

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

FeedBurner is a well-known RSS syndication service that lets you easily add new content to your blog or website. You can add new feeds or subscriptions within FeedBurner, or you can use the FeedBurner RSS Subscription service to automatically add new feeds to your blog or website. There are many Feedburner plugins for WordPress, so you can easily add RSS feeds from your WordPress blog to your Feedburner account.

What are the Benefits of RSS Syndication?

There are many benefits of using an RSS syndication service. The most popular benefits are…

  • You can easily keep up with your favorite blogs without having to visit each one individually.
  • You can read new posts as they’re published, without having to wait for a scheduled time.
  • You can read blogs that are relevant to your interests, without having to search for them.
  • You can read blogs in any order, without having to worry about missing anything important.
  • You can save articles for future reference.

What Is Another Name For Real Simple Syndication?

Real Simple Syndication is also known as “Rich Site Summary” like RSS, is a format for distributing content over the internet. It is a way to keep track of new content on websites and allows users to subscribe to updates from specific websites.

How to Create an RSS Feed?

Creating an RSS feed is easy. Just you have to select which RSS service you will use. After selecting your RSS service, you will need to create a Feed Subscription.

You can either use the Feedburner service to add new subscriptions for you or you can create a feed subscription yourself. Once you have created your subscription, you will need to provide the RSS URL (feed name) and the Snippet Title for your feed.

Here is the video about how to create a Feedburner RSS feed.


RSS syndication is a great way to distribute content from your website to other websites. It is easy to create an RSS feed and it only takes a few minutes. You will get lots of benefits using an RSS service. Even a website owner will get many benefits from using a RSS service to their website.

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