Solid Affiliate Review: Run WooCommerce Affiliate Program With Advanced Features!

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Solid Affiliate WordPress plugin is an excellent choice for anyone looking to run an affiliate program on their WooCommerce store. Its purpose is to make running affiliate programs more manageable, and it succeeded in that goal.

It perfectly works with any Woocommerce store, so no matter what type of Woocommerce store you own. This review will learn what you need to know about Solid Affiliate, why it is a good product, and more.

Solid affiliate

Solid Affiliate: A Quick View of Core Features

With Solid Affiliate, you get access to a robust list of features. Each feature is designed to help you manage your affiliate program better and get more sales. Some of the core features include:

  • Manage affiliates: Manage affiliates through WordPress, helping keep things organized.
  • Detailed statistics: Solid Affiliate lets you keep track of all your affiliate activities. You can see all the necessary information about conversions, commissions, and more from one dashboard.
  • Pay your affiliates: It can be used to pay your affiliates, either automatically or manually.
  • Creatives/marketing assets: It lets you add creative marketing assets such as banners and images. These can be used in emails, creatives, and more to help boost sales.
  • Affiliate cookie life​: You can set the length of the affiliate cookie life.
  • Advanced affiliate filters: Solid Affiliate gives you access to advanced filtering options. This lets you filter for specific characteristics, such as the number of sales, last click date, and more.
  • One-click affiliate portal setup: You can setup your affiliate portal with a one-click setup wizard. This feature is convenient for people who are starting.
  • Signup options: It gives you the option to choose how your affiliates sign up.
  • Auto reject refunded referrals: This feature allows you to delete refunded referrals automatically.
  • WooCommerce coupons to Affiliates: The plugin allows you to assign WooCommerce coupons to affiliates. So that when a customer purchases any product through these coupons, affiliates will get a commission.

Setup Process of Solid Affiliate Plugin

First of all, Solid Affiliate is very easy to set up and use. The plugin comes with a one-click setup wizard, making setup as simple as possible for beginners.

Setup – Affiliate Portal & Registration

With this plugin, you can setup an affiliate page for your WooCommerce store. The whole process can be done through an automatic wizard.

Moreover, to setup manually, simply go to the WordPress admin panel. Create a new page called Affiliate Portal or whatever you like. Then enter shortcode [solid_affiliate_portal] and finally publish.

Now go to Solid Plugin >> Settings. Click the ‘Affiliate Portal & Registration‘ tab. Then set the affiliate portal page and other related settings.

Solid Affiliate Review: Run WooCommerce Affiliate Program With Advanced Features! 1

Settings – General

Solid Affiliate offers a general setting tab where you can choose a referral rate type by percentage or a flat rate. Also, you can enable credits for last affiliates, new customer commissions, cookie expiration days, payout grace periods, affiliate commission currencies, and more settings to create a customized affiliate program.

Solid affiliate settings

Payment Settings (PayPal)

Solid Affiliate has made it easy for you to set up a PayPal as a payment method. It just requires a few details which you will find in your PayPal account settings.

Payment Settings

Settings – Emails

This plugin makes it possible to configure email notifications to get & send notifications when an affiliate signs up and when they purchase something.

In addition, you can customize email templates like registration notifications, new referral notifications, and new application accept or reject notifications from the email tab setting.

Moreover, Solid Affiliate has a lot of affiliate template tags and referral tags that you can use to customize each template to suit your needs.

Solid affiliate email setting

Assigning coupons to affiliates

Solid Affiliate allows you to add Woocommerce coupons for your affiliates to use. You can do this for the first time from the Woocommerce coupon section.

Just go to Woocommerce Coupon and enter your coupon/discount details, then navigate to ‘Solid Affiliate‘. Next, enter your affiliates ID and finally hit the publish/update button.

Solid affiliate assigning coupon

If the coupon is redeemed and a successful purchase is made, the link affiliate will be rewarded. You can view all assigned coupon affiliates from Solid Affiliate >> Commission Rate >> Affiliate Coupon. You can control or set commission rates related to everything from the ‘Commission Rate’ page.

Solid Affiliate Review: Run WooCommerce Affiliate Program With Advanced Features! 2

Settings – Recurring Referrals

This is another excellent feature of the plugin. Additionally, you can enable recurring referrals and set commission rates if you have installed a Woocommerce subscription plugin.

To enable recurring referrals, simply go to the plugin settings page and select ‘Recurring Referrals‘. Next, you must enable the feature, enter commission rates, and select referral rates.

Solid affiliate recurring referrals

Note: To enable this feature, you must activate the Woocommerce subscription plugin/extension.

Custom Commission Rates

With Solid Affiliate, when the default commission rates do not meet your needs, there is an option to set custom commission rates. Commission rate overrides can take priority over others.

Custom Commission Rates

Per Product Base Commission

With this feature, you can set the amount of commission based on a product. This feature allows you to set a commission rate for each product. You can even enable/disable referrals for specific products.

Suppose you want to give more referral credit to a specific product. For this go to the Woocommerce Product page and create a new product or click on an existing product. Next, navigate the ‘Solid Affiliate’ tab. Here you will find all options. Very simple.

Per product base commission

How to Manage Affiliate Program?

By using this plugin, anyone can create and manage affiliate programs for their Woocommerce store. Listed below are some details.

Admin Dashboard

Solid Affiliate has a completely dedicated dashboard for the store admin. It includes all the important metrics and reports to help them get a good overview of their affiliate program.

From the admin dashboard, you can check total revenue from affiliates, top affiliates, recent referrals, new affiliates, and more.

Solid affiliate admin dashboard


The plugin offers to view multiple reports and data. You can find all the critical data on a single dashboard. There is no need to worry about affiliate programs’ daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports. Instead, you can analyze affiliates, referrals, payouts, and visit stats.

Solid Affiliate Review: Run WooCommerce Affiliate Program With Advanced Features! 3


You can create a unique affiliate URL with the help of its creative feature. It allows you to add promotional materials such as a banner, text with a link, and a description. Affiliates can use these creative assets to promote your products with their affiliate links and earn commissions.

Solid affiliate creatives


You can manage affiliate payouts under the ‘Payout‘ tab. Additionally, the plugin allows filtering of referrals by paid or unpaid even by referral grace periods. You can pay affiliates through PayPal automatically using an advanced feature called ‘PayPal Bulk Payouts‘.

Pay your affiliates

Additionally, it allows manually exporting unpaid data based on a custom range for payout affiliates. So it will help you if you offer other payout methods apart from PayPal.

payout final steps

Visit Tracking

Solid Affiliate allows you to track affiliates’ visits to your Woocommerce store. You can do this by creating a unique affiliate click id URL. When an affiliate visits your site through this link, it helps to track their visit automatically.

Also, in the manage visits section, you can view the affiliate link and more data to see which products or pages have been converted to sales.

Solid Affiliate Review: Run WooCommerce Affiliate Program With Advanced Features! 4

Frontend Dashboard For Affiliates

Let’s see how affiliates can gain experience from their dashboard.

Affiliates Dashboard

Solid Affiliate provides a detailed dashboard view for all affiliates. Affiliates can quickly check their stats and details of any specific option or campaign. In addition, they can view many data like:

  • Approved referrals
  • Visits
  • Payouts
  • Coupons
  • Creatives assets
  • Default Affiliate link (including a tool to generate affiliate links for specific products)
  • Settings for payment email.
Affiliates dashboard

Affiliates Registration & Login Form

Affiliates can easily register with Solid Affiliate by filling out a simple form. It is designed to collect affiliates’ basic information and settings. Also, affiliates can add a payout email during registration.

affiliate register form

Solid Affiliate Price & Customer Support

At the time that I’m writing this Solid Affiliate review, it offers a very simple pricing plan. The price of the plugin is very reasonable when compared to all its advanced features.

Solid affiliate price


When it comes to customer support & documentation, it provides very efficient customer service & in-depth, step-by-step tutorials for all its options. 

The support team is always ready to help their customers. Furthermore, as the plugin is constantly updated and has many positive reviews on its official website, we can consider it a trusted affiliate plugin for a Woocommerce store.

Final Thoughts on Solid Affiliate

Overall, Solid Affiliate is an excellent plugin for integrating an affiliate program with Woocommerce. I like its features, including accurate commission tracking, multiple reports, creative assets, payouts management, etc. With these features, running an affiliate program for a Woocommerce store is easy.

Also, its dashboard is handy and clean for both store owners and affiliates. That’s why store owners can easily manage settings, and affiliates can also manage their affiliate links and creative assets.

Another thing that is the reason to buy Solid Affiliate is customer support. The plugin’s team is very committed to providing the best service to customers.

Finally, if you compare its advanced features with other plugins for the same purpose, the price of this plugin ($99/lifetime) is very reasonable. So if you’re looking for an easy way to run your WooCommerce affiliate program, I recommend you try Solid Affiliate today!


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