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11 Best SeedProd Alternatives (2023) to Take Your Website to the Next Level

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WordPress has already made website building way easier with block themes and plugins. On top of that, page builder plugins give you the flexibility to design your website in whatever you have in mind.

So, if you’re searching for a good drag-and-drop website builder, you might have found SeedProd.

SeedProd is a little more than a website builder because you can create a theme from scratch with it. It is one of the easiest options for beginners to build a complete website and sales/lead generation page without coding.

Although it’s a great plugin, there are some alternatives if you think it’s not enough. Here is a list of SeedProd alternatives that might be right for you.

Price comparison table of the top 4 SeedProd alternatives

Plugin NamePrice for Basic PlanPrice for Higher PlanTop Features
Divi$89/year$249 (one-time payment)WYSIWYG editor, advanced customization, content modules, elegant themes products, export design, customizable 404 pages, maintenance pages
Beaver Builder$99/year$399/yearWYSIWYG editor, premade templates, responsive design previews, rows, columns, modules, hooks for custom code, user access control, dynamic content
Thrive Architect$299/yearDrag-and-drop visual builder, 300+ themes and templates, customizable buttons, seamless integration with other Thrive Cart Plugins and APIs
Elementor$59/year$399/yearLive page builder, multiple rows, columns, and sections, customizable forms, pop-ups, and sticky headers, premium widgets, visual and responsive editing

Note: The prices are subject to change and might vary based on promotions or discounts offered by the respective plugins.

What is SeedProd?

SeedProd is a website builder plugin for WordPress. It includes features like drag and drop editor, premade templates, email integrations, customizable color templates, and much more.

SeedProd is a one-stop solution for website builders who want to create a site from scratch. You will be able to create your whole website with pages like a maintenance page, a custom 404 page, and much more.

11 Alternatives To SeedProd You Can Try To Build Your Site!

Although SeedProd is a good choice as an easy website builder, you might want to consider some alternatives. Comparing similar tools can also heavily impact your buying decision.

1. Divi

11 Best SeedProd Alternatives (2023) to Take Your Website to the Next Level 1

Divi is a top-rated WordPress page builder that I have used and personally recommend. It is counted among the most popular themes for WordPress websites. However, Divi is not just a standalone theme, but it comes with a Divi builder.

Its ease of use helps you create attractive landing pages without any hassle. With a live and drag-and-drop editor, you can see instant changes you’ve made.

The WYSIWYG editor is filled with multiple content modules. You can use these modules in multisection and multi-rows to build your website. Moreover, if you want advanced customization, there is an advanced setting.

Divi is a handy page builder if your goal is to make a custom page. Especially, you can make a Custom 404 or maintenance page for your site quite easily. It allows you to save your work and use it for any page.

Also, if you have multiple websites, you can export your design and implement that on other sites. Although Divi theme uses the Divi builder for website building, you can use the Divi builder plugin on any other theme.

One of the features that make a great overall website builder is the extra tools. With the regular plan of Divi Theme and Divi builder plugin, you will get other Elegant theme’s products like Bloom completely free.

Pricing: Divi offers some lucrative pricing for any marketer. You can get it for a year for just $89 and enjoy all the Divi features with upgrades. But if you want to stick with this theme, getting the $ 249 lifetime deal is the best option.

2. Beaver Builder

11 Best SeedProd Alternatives (2023) to Take Your Website to the Next Level 2

Beaver Builder is an excellent choice for both beginners and professional website designers. Its WYSIWYG drag-and-drop editor lets you see live changes as you design.

With complete control over your website structure, you can use premade templates to speed up your work. Customize different landing page templates according to your needs.

Beaver Builder includes premium themes and over 30 premium landing page designs for quick integration, and you can also customize each part of your page from header to footer with its addons.

You can create a completely customized layout with everything from sliders, carousels, background images, and CTA buttons. Save your template and use it on any website that uses Beaver Builder.

Some of its top features include responsive design previews and settings, shortcodes for layouts, rows, columns, and modules, support for inserting JavaScript locally and globally, custom modules, hooks for custom code, user access control, and custom “theme” layouts, dynamic content, conditional logic.

Price: Beaver Builder offers a plan for $99/year to create a site from scratch. Still, if you need themes to get started in page building, you can get their Pro package for $199.

3. Thrive Architect

11 Best SeedProd Alternatives (2023) to Take Your Website to the Next Level 3

Thrive Architect, which includes multiple WordPress plugins and tools, makes it a popular choice among marketers.

With its drag-and-drop visual builder and live view of changes, you can start from scratch or use any of the prebuilt 300+ themes and templates to design your website and customize your blog pages.

Thrive Architect has all the features of SeedProd premium and much more, including customizable buttons for driving higher conversions, seamless integration with other Thrive Cart Plugins and APIs, and easily customizable templates and buttons without the need for any coding.

It supports end-to-end website page-building needs and requirements. Also, Thrive Themes offers the Thrive Architect plugin in their Thrive Suites package.

Price: You can get the plugin with a theme builder for $167 a year. However, getting the suites is more affordable than buying single products.

4. Elementor

11 Best SeedProd Alternatives (2023) to Take Your Website to the Next Level 4

Elementor is the go-to page builder plugin for WordPress for both novice and experienced users. In fact, I believe that Elementor Pro is the best alternative to SeedProd premium for building websites and landing pages with ease.

With Elementor’s drag-and-drop live page builder, you can add your content in multiple rows, columns, and sections without worrying about messing up your page structure.

The plugin also includes every type of content and widget you could need, such as text boxes, sliders, media, testimonials, social icons, and more.

You can build your landing pages from scratch or use Elementor’s prebuilt themes and sections, including Header, Hero, Body, Footer, Pricing Table, Call to Action, and many other blocks.

What’s more, Elementor is incredibly user-friendly, with self-explanatory features and settings for each element. This makes it one of the best page builder plugins available for creating pixel-perfect web pages and landing pages.

Some of Elementor’s top features include a drag-and-drop page builder and editor, over 90 website widgets, highly customizable templates, ready-to-use templates, and hosting for your landing pages and web pages.

It’s also a no-code requirement builder, which means even non-technical people can easily use it.

You can read Elementor free Vs. Pro

Price:  Elementor is a bit expensive for the features it offers, with a yearly cost of $59 for one license.

Try to check out Elementor alternatives

5. OptimizePress

11 Best SeedProd Alternatives (2023) to Take Your Website to the Next Level 5

Another SeedProd alternative is OptimizePress, which is also a drag-and-drop builder but requires some coding for implementing advanced features.

The ease of use and template-saving feature makes it a great option for building landing pages. Plus, OptimizePress is a complete marketing solution that doesn’t require you to buy hosting separately.

Some of OptimizePress’s top features include a drag-and-drop page builder and editor, highly customizable templates, a self-hosted plugin, and seamless integration with other tools and APIs.

Price: The cost of the basic plan is $129 per year, which is relatively high compared to SeedProd’s basic plan.

6. Brizy – Page Builder

11 Best SeedProd Alternatives (2023) to Take Your Website to the Next Level 6

Brizy is a flexible page builder for WordPress that uses blocks to add new elements and widgets to the page. It has a decent UI and a small learning curve, making it a great option for beginners.

Brizy is also compatible with popular themes like WPAstra and GeneratePress. Some of Brizy’s top features include a flexible builder, an easy-to-use interface, customizable themes, unlimited cloud access, and a lifetime plan.

Price: The basic plan starts at $49/year for one website, and it’s just a one-time payment, which makes it a great option for those looking for lifetime access for a single fee.

7. Pagelayer

Pagelayer Page builder homepage

Pagelayer builder is an excellent option that boasts a similar user interface to SeedProd and many other features as well.

With its drag-and-drop page editor, you can easily make live changes to your website, adding elements and widgets like titles, columns, rows, media, sliders, and more.

One of the best features of Pagelayer is its ability to design a responsive website, allowing you to add or hide elements for specific devices.

Additionally, you can create a design and use it on multiple pages by simply copying and pasting the section wherever you need it.

While the plugin lacks pre-designed templates, its ease of use complements that for intermediate designers. Plus, it’s compatible with any WordPress theme you like.

Some other top features of Pagelayer include a real-time editor, inline editing, an option of duplicating content elements, and the fact that no coding skills are required.

Price: Pagelayer comes at a very affordable price range, costing only $39/year for one website.

8. Visual Composer

11 Best SeedProd Alternatives (2023) to Take Your Website to the Next Level 7

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive alternative, Visual Composer is a great choice. It’s a complete website builder, rather than just a page builder, allowing you to edit any section of your website from header to footer.

With its drag-and-drop builder, you can easily add every element, including media, carousel, slider, slideshow, and much more.

Visual Composer also comes with a parallax effect feature, which adds a lively touch to your website. Whether you want to build a landing page from scratch or use any themes or templates.

It makes it easy to switch to any theme you want and use your design as it suits you. This plugin is suitable for both professionals and beginners who want to make their dream website with attention to detail that presents their brand.

Some of the top features of Visual Composer include a combined frontend and backend WordPress editor, 40+ built-in content elements, and 200+ add-ons designed to take your website to the next level.

Also, it has a template library in which you can access hundreds of high-quality layout templates.

You can use its skin builder which can rapidly change the theme’s visual appearance, and an advanced grid builder for posts, portfolio, media, and custom post types.

Price: All of this comes at an affordable cost of only $49/year for one website with all updates and support.

9. Ibtana

Ibtana Website builder homepage with multiple themes


Ibtana WordPress website builder is another excellent choice. It mostly features a Gutenberg website editor, making website designing easy, even for those who aren’t experts in the field.

You don’t need to add a single line of code with this plugin, as only a few clicks of buttons are enough to make your complete website/page design.

The Ibtana WordPress website builder comes with 14 necessary blocks for WordPress, which you can simply drag and drop onto the section you want to use.

These blocks include an advanced gallery, multiple sliders, a countdown, Google Maps, a progress bar, and much more. One of the most significant benefits of this plugin is its simplicity and affordability, making it a great alternative to SeedProd.

Price: Free.

10. WP Page Builder

11 Best SeedProd Alternatives (2023) to Take Your Website to the Next Level 8

In the realm of lightweight page builders, WP Page Builder has carved a niche for itself. While it doesn’t boast all the robust features of heavy-weight page builders like Elementor or Div, it still offers some features that are worth considering.

For those who want simple yet attractive output, this page builder works wonders. One of the good things about WP Page Builder is that it is a front-end drag-and-drop builder.

The WYSIWYG editor makes it easy for everyone to fine-tune their website just the way they want it. Moreover, the plugin offers 60+ block elements to build a landing page.

Although most professional website designers prefer to build websites from scratch, WP Page Builder makes it up to beginners by offering pre-made templates that can be easily edited.

Also, the plugin allows for reusing designs. You can create a template, save it on your website, or export it, and then use it on other pages or a different website.

Price: Free.

11. Themify Builder

11 Best SeedProd Alternatives (2023) to Take Your Website to the Next Level 9

If you’re looking for a SeedProd alternative that offers both a front-end and backend website builder, Themify could be a great option.

This WordPress theme company provides some excellent themes that are ready to use, but it also offers a theme builder plugin that allows for the customization of those themes according to user preferences.

Themify’s plugin comes with ready-to-use modules for every page, and you can use any of the 40+ templates if you’re not a veteran designer.

You can build a landing page using the drag and drop editor or import a whole landing page and edit it.

You can use Themify’s drag and drop editor, which offers 60+ pre-designed builder layouts and 60+ animation effects.

With its custom styling and multiple modules, Themify can help you create a landing page that’s exactly what you want.

Price: The core plugin is free, but to use its add-ons, you’ll have to pay $39 per year.

Which is the Best SeedProd Alternative for you?

Determining the best SeedProd alternative for your needs can be a challenging decision. Without a doubt, SeedProd is a top-notch page builder with a basic price that is more affordable than its higher competitors.

However, if you are looking for an alternative, you should consider your preferences before making a decision. If you enjoy using drag and drop and inline editing on a page builder, Elementor or Divi are the best options for you.

On the other hand, if you prefer using blocks to create web pages, then Brizy or WP Page Builder are great alternatives to consider.

To Sum Up

I hope this list of SeedProd alternatives has given you a comprehensive understanding of the available options. Each plugin comes with its unique features and capabilities, allowing you to create your landing page precisely as you imagine it.

Don’t forget, you can also try out the free/lite version of some of these plugins before making a purchase decision.

Regardless of which plugin you choose, you can be assured that you’ll be able to create a landing page that matches your vision with ease.

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