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Salient WordPress Theme Review (Best For Multipurpose Use)

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Every website owner wants a good theme and plugins for their dream website. But selecting a WordPress theme from thousands is much more difficult than selecting other products. So if you are looking for the best multipurpose WordPress theme, choosing the Salient will be the right decision.

WordPress is an adaptable content management software, which is the major reason for choosing it to build a website. You can use WordPress to develop an online platform because WordPress offers vast customization options with no restrictions.

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I will share a Salient theme review that helps you know more about this theme in this post. Also, you can know why you should use it with more positive and negative things.

So let’s get started.

Salient WordPress Theme Review

It launched back in March 2013; since the launching date of the Salient Theme, it has achieved over 1,17,000 sales, preparing it more popular among other WordPress themes. Also, it is still empowering as the best multipurpose theme in ThemeForest.

Salient theme

The theme has gained popularity as a multipurpose WordPress theme if you notice its rating on Themeforest. If you are just getting started on a website and looking for a good theme that can stamp your personality or personalized style, the Salient theme would be the best selection.

It offers several pre-built templates, layouts, and theme settings. The developers have focused on building the theme for non-coders. So a non-coding person will be able to configure their website via a collection of visual controls & easy settings.

In the Salient WordPress theme review in 2022, I will explain some special features that will help you better understand it.

Who Can Use This Theme?

What type of WordPress sites you will launch there is no matter because Salient offers you every little thing you need. The Salient theme has a pre-built demonstration that perfectly meets your needs from business to multimedia profiles, even online stores.

If your requirements are more versatile, the vast collection of personalization offers you the freedom to choose the very best elements of the Salient theme to get the best feel and look for your website.

Now let’s see some features of the Salient theme and how those work.

Features and Specifications of Salient WordPress Theme

If you see its product sales page, you will notice a lot of features. But here, I will only review core features that must need a professional website.

Modern Design and Style

Since this theme was released, the Salient team has continuously developed and improved it until it’s a more enhanced, powerful, and responsive solution. It’s been constantly updated for several years, and the refined design gives it a modern, polished look.

You could easily say that the Salient theme is one of the best WordPress multipurpose themes available on the market because it has great aesthetics and an appealing design.

Designing And Customization

Salient theme has taken a lot of focus after the initial release. The eye-catching design and variety of features make it more acceptable to the customers.

Salient design customization

The style of layouts, options, and control boards are currently more powerful. The good thing is that it has been made in a manner that is not just for advanced users.

Any beginner can easily use this theme to build an attractive website without coding knowledge. Even if you do not have any layout concepts or are not really about exactly how your website should look, this theme is excellent for the beginning.

Besides, the theme developers are very personalized; that’s why they have included a page contractor that makes it super easy to recognize for design concepts with user-friendly options.


You will be able to create a standing website with over two hundred pre-designed templates and content. All of them are available to install easily with just one click.

You can quickly customize every pre-designed template with no changes in a single line of code. You can apply all settings through the theme’s settings.

Page Builder:

Salient page builder

The page builder option has added more comfort & adaptability to the theme. It has a lot of page designs and layout structures. The default page builder is perfect for creating layouts of your website with just by simple drag-and-drop feature.

Salient Studio Template Library

Salient template library

It offers you to add or move any template effortlessly. You can sort templates by categories. Using a pre-built template can make your task easy.

Salient Demos

The salient theme offers over 330 demos and template collections, ideal for various industries and niches.

Various design templates are available, ranging from simple one-page templates to eye-catching multi-page business websites. All you need to do is import these demo sites and replace them with your content.

Shortcode Generator and shortcodes

With the page builder, you can do everything and any editing on your theme. However, if you feel that you might need a shortcode for a special element, Salient also has that.

The theme comes with an inbuilt WordPress shortcode generator to cut the space for an additional plugin. It includes over 500 shortcodes, so you will never feel short in maintaining and customizing your website.

Salient Page And Post Options

Customizing page header and full-screen rows is more difficult in some themes, but these tasks are much easier in this theme because of its many customization options.

It allows you to set the background image and align it according to your requirements. There are some general options to style more uniquely like scroll effect, text effect, animation between rows, animate speed, adding row anchors to URL, etc.

Portfolio Custom Post Type

You will be able to add your projects or photos using the custom portfolio page. It is a simple portfolio page builder with minimal effort.

Salient portfolio option

You need to go to Portfolio >> Add New >> Select Category & Attributes >> Select Featured Imaged and publish.

Don’t forget to add the page title and edit the permalink.

You can do that from frontend page builder too. Just Create a page where you want to make the Portfolio. Click the “+” icon and then Portfolio. Select the image and category, then save.

Salient portfolio

You will see the new item has been added to the Portfolio page.

Salient Theme Custom Font & Library

The Salient theme has an advanced typography option that currently offers over 800 font families with different font-weight such as normal, italic, bold, heavy bold, etc.

So choosing the right font for your website makes it easy with its live font preview panel. Also, it allows setting different fonts for website body content, header, h1 to h6 tag.

Besides, you can add a custom font to your website if you do not find a font from the Salient font library.

Slider, page transitions

The theme comes with custom sliders with features like parallax scrolling, image support, and video support. With these sliders, you have a good chance of capturing visitors’ attention.

After installing the theme, there are a few new menu options, including Nectar Slider and Home Slider. If you want to enable the home slider, you’ll need to set a homepage from WordPress “Reading Settings.”

Home Slider

You can create slides for the homepage by navigating to Home Slider » Add new. You can add images and videos as well as caption text and buttons.

Salient slider setting

Add images between 1600 and 2000 pixels in width and 700 pixels in height. They’ll be cropped in wider monitor sizes if they’re higher than 700 pixels in height.

However, the image width matters; it will be stretched to fit the whole screen; therefore, smaller images will look pixelated on bigger screens.

Nectar Slider

Salient nectar slider

Nectar Slider will allow you to create a slider anywhere besides the homepage. You can do that from the Nectar Sortcode or Nectar Slider Plugin on the newer updates.

On the left side of the dashboard, you will find the nectar slider plugin. You can create a nectar slider by clicking “Add New.” Choose the settings with Image/Video.

New Image

Now you need to click on Slider Locations and create a location to store your slider. The Location works like a category. You have to give it a name and slug.

Go to the frontend editor and choose “Nectar Slider when these are done.” Change the settings for animation type and duration. You can also add to half or full width of the screen.

If you want to do it from the backend, you need to go to the page and click on “Nectar Shortcodes.” Select Nectar Slider from the elements and a Column size for your slider. Click on Add Shortcodes after setting everything.

You will get a shortcode added to the page like this.

Salient nectar slider shortcode

Add your text between the two breaker spaces”] content Here[“and click update. You will need to preview the slider from the live URL.

Search Engine Optimization

Salient Theme features

The efficiency of a website affects the search engine ranking. Therefore, the Salient theme is good for search engines and SEO.

Many web developers and search engine researchers have confirmed that the theme is SEO-friendly. It supports popular SEO plugins like Rank Math and Yoast SEO. So you can use any of them with this theme.

Site Speed

The theme is ultra-light, which helps you get a good user experience and search engine benefits. It is more responsive to any dimension of a display. Overall, the theme is out of the box and offers huge features and directions to enhance it.

While testing the Google Page Speed Insights performance, I got a 98% page speed score. If you want to speed up your WordPress site more than the normal page speed, you can use the Perfmatters speed matter plugin.

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Salient WooCommerce Functionality

Salient WordPress theme smoothly works with the popular Woocommerce plugin. The theme offers customization options to make your e-commerce store stand out from other e-stores.

It enables a Woocommerce cart in the nav menu to create an Ajax shopping cart in the header navigation. The cart will be visible only if the users add any product to the cart.

You can easily allow users to set a single product page layout and gallery. It also allows you to set how the gallery shows look.

Depending on the screen sizes, archive pages will appear in different ways. You can also add a “quick view” button to show key single product pages on your site. This feature allows the customer to view the product without navigating to the product pages.

Salient Core Plugin

Salient core plugin

Apart from the “Salient WPBakery Page Builder,” the Salient core plugin helps you explore this theme’s full functionality. This plugin has been divided into three categories.

The Salient page builder, a collection of WPBakery page builder elements, is an amazing edition of a Visual composer.

Support And Documentation

The theme is well documented, so you can conveniently follow the guidelines for configuring your website. Even the configuring process of your entire site will not be much harder if you are a beginner.

So you will get help from their well-organized text and video documentation. They ensure that all documentations are always up to date whenever they upgrade a function or include extra features.

After purchasing the theme, you can get help from the support team. Somehow, if you need technical help while establishing your website, you can contact them.

Price Of Salient Theme

The Salient theme is completely functional and easy to use for multipurpose WordPress websites. The good thing is, you will get all these credits on a single theme of cost.

They offer to buy it only for $60/year, including six months of customer support. You can extend support from 6 months to twelve months by paying only $12 extra. This multipurpose WordPress theme puts the power in your hands at an inexpensive rate.

How to Update the Salient Theme?

Two ways you can update the Salient theme. Here I have shared the most convenient processes below-

Update without a plugin: Updating the latest version of a theme through a theme updater is much easier than manual. If you do not want to update via a plugin, you can apply the manual process.

Go to ThemeForest and login to your account, then download the updated version of the Salient theme.

Next step: go to the WordPress backend, then click on the Appearance tab> Themes.

Salient updating process

Now you will see the installed theme and the option named ‘add new.’ Click on the add new option, then upload the latest file. WordPress automatically replaces your old theme file with the new file. Now activate your latest version of the Salient theme.

There is another alternative way as well.

Update with Envato Market Plugin: Download the Envato Market plugin and upload it to your WordPress website.

Install the plugin and activate it.

Now go to the Envato Market plugin page & click on generate a personal token. Then Envato Market will create a token for you to get connection permission between the plugin and Themeforest.

Create envato key token

Now enter the name of your token and tick (enable) on the box after reading the terms and conditions, then click on create a token.

Envato token

Now copy generated token and paste it into the token field of the plugin.

Now you will see the Salient theme on the plugin page. Now you can update the theme with just a single click, making your task easier than a manual update.

Salient Theme Review: Final Verdict

Here is no question that Salient is not an impressive WordPress theme. The collection of eight pre-built trial settings looks different enough to build a multipurpose site.

In addition, thanks to the team of Salient theme because of adding drag-and-drop page builder, which makes tailoring any features. So finally, the theme is good for any website.

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